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August 12, 2017 18:06

Weight of acrylic baths, on what kind of load it was designed

Weight of acrylic baths
  • What determines the weight?
  • What weighs a hot tub, and without it?
  • What does it affect?
  • What load can withstand?
  • plus a small weight
  • Cons

Consultants in the store with one voice praising acrylic bathtubs.One of the advantages is considered low mass products from acrylic.Definitely it is convenient if the rise and installation of the bath is done on their own.And whether such containers are durable enough?This is important, because the repairs in the bathroom for a long time and decided to do fundamentally.Furthermore, in the host by weight, a bath will also retain water.As such if the acrylic load forces?

What determines the weight?

Of course in physics is known, that the mass of objects depends on the density and specific gravity of the base material.In the case of an acrylic bathtub correct to say that her weight is made up of the surface area, the thickness of the product, its size, shape, presence of additional equipment and options.

What determines the weight of the acrylic bath

What weighs a hot tub, and without it?

most simple acrylic bathtub factory settings weighs a maximum of 25-30 kg.Normal capacity for 1.5 m long considered weight of 15-20 kg, for the standard length of 1.7 m weight - 20-25 kg.

If you choose a modern model with additional options in the form of hydro and air massage, you need to take into account that its weight will increase about 2 times.Additional equipment, pipes, plumbing and electrical systems heavier construction for a maximum of 30 kg.

Weight simple acrylic bath
Weight of acrylic baths with additional equipment ( hydro-massage , air massage )

What does it affect?

Ease acrylic - his dignity.However, any LBW design with a light shift the center of gravity can easily tip over.It is this prospect frighten our fellow citizens, causing very heavy to choose samples of steel and cast iron.

In addition, the standard weight of acrylic bathtubs - an indicator of quality.Too light tank with the same weightless price - a cunning marketing ploy.Rather, the material thickness is small, and therefore, even a large standard load is unlikely to survive.

If you intend to buy a custom acrylic bath or place it in the order, then ask about the weight of competitive peers.samples of similar weight with the same set of functions or volume settings can not be much different.

What affects the weight of acrylic bathtubs ?

acrylic baths Weight can affect the complexity of the delivery, the lift to the apartment and its installation. logical that simple models can move and 1 man, and to bring the bath room need a maximum of 1 assistant.The situation can become complicated when non-standard parameters.Although this question a buyer is unlikely to worry: most likely this will be the order, which means the cost and installation services budget has already been allocated.

stability in acrylic is counted and verified. Standard samples are not much different, except that there are plenty of options to give additional security in the form of stands and podiums. In this case the chances to turn over in acrylic bath is not much higher than the ponderous iron pots.Transfer the latest from place to place (with a weight of about 150 kg) alone is difficult, even strong men, and make it a great staff just uncomfortable.

What affects the weight of acrylic bathtubs ?
Weight of acrylic bathtubs - what does it affect ?

What kind of load can withstand?

a qualitative performance acrylic bathtub length 170 cm easily withstand the weight of half a ton. So if you want to collect 100 liters of water (it is 100 kg), and then climb itself weighs 150 kg (it's all hypothetical), you still have a decent safety margin of 250 kg.

This serious preparation is possible due to manufacturing techniques: from acrylic should be the foundation (for this use glass and resistant plastic), which lay acrylic layers.As the main load falls on the bottom of the bath, it is strengthened by additional layers, the base material, and a special acrylic base.

What kind of load can withstand acrylic bathtub ?

plus a small weight

As mentioned earlier, there is no need to hire a team of porters, because to move a conventional acrylic model is enough for a pair of people, and not athletes.

Small bath weight becomes an advantage to use the floor and ceiling: they load will be less, so these products can be safely placed in the cottages and cabins on the second floor and above.Placing hygienic rooms in the house at the bottom was the fashion trends, taking over from the well-equipped European private houses.

Advantages small weight acrylic baths
The advantages of light weight acrylic baths


thickness of products for the bathroom - a very important parameter.After installing the application process begins in the home, and here, in addition to the weight of the host, is a ruthless time.Acrylic bathtubs can not boast of "eternal" lifetime, they will last for several decades.

But you can make a correction coating and continue to use the product of acrylic.But the possible deformation over time - it is a real threat.It does not manifest itself soon, so the next 10 years, you can enjoy a bath.

Lacks a little weight acrylic baths

This bath has a significant disadvantage in the form of poor tolerance to high temperature. almost boiling water into it to gain is not necessary. Again, acrylic can simply "story" of such neglect.

Due to the thinness of the water cools down quickly, but many receive water procedures - this is an amateur.

Cons acrylic baths
Disadvantages of acrylic baths

To avoid failure in the choice, we must remember the simple rules:

  • Trust the professionals.Low prices on the market novices can turn adversity.Ask for certificates of quality and conformity of products, compare these characteristics with the seller words.If they disagree, then you are looking for another shop.The market for such services is huge.
  • Look for acrylic top layer: 4-8 mm it's recommended thickness.
  • Foundry acrylics last longer.
  • Unpleasant chemical odors - low-quality evidence.Trust your nose.
  • models with vertical and straight outer walls due to design more stable than spherical and asymmetric.

When you find your perfect acrylic bath, you will know how to check its quality.Have fun shopping!

Tips for Choosing acrylic bathtub