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August 12, 2017 18:06

Restoration of enamel cast iron bath with his hands : cover , restoration and repair

Restoration of enamel cast iron bath with his hands
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  • Preparation
  • enamel Application
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cast iron bath - something almost eternal.Iron - is one of the first materials that have started to be used for the production of sanitary ware.The cast-iron plumbing has high wear resistance and is used for decades.That is why santehpriborov iron still prefer to install in public bathrooms with a large flow of users.

Bath cast iron, installed flat, after many years of operation remains the same robust and stable.The only thing that comes into disrepair - enamel coating.Even with a very gentle treatment, after some time to appear enamel chips, scratches and indelible stains.

Typically, in this case there is a question about the product replacement.But does it make sense to change the high-quality cast-iron bath, which can last more than one decade to the new sanitary device of questionable quality?We offer you first try to restore the enamel coating on their own.It will cost much cheaper than buying a new bath, and the result can surpass all your expectations.

Restoration of enamel cast iron bath with his hands


acrylic liner.The easiest way to update a cast-iron bath - acquisition of acrylic bath-insertion.According cost is similar to buying a new cast-iron bath, but you do not have to think, how to dismantle and where day old bathtub and install a new one.Acrylic liner is made to order, and install it on your own can be a bath - all the details of the installation will tell you the manufacturer.

acrylic liner consists of two layers: a plastic, is responsible for the elasticity of the insert and acrylic, which provides rigidity and excellent performance products.Acrylic liner pleasant to the touch, it does not slip, retains heat well and is easy to clean.It should be noted that the bath insert acrylic order only for the standard size and shape of the bath.

Updating coating cast iron tub - acrylic insert

stakril . acrylic to restore the enamel used in the "bath filler" technology.It involves drawing on the prepared surface of the old layer of liquid acrylic baths, which is called "stakril".Restoration of enamel in this manner can be made independently from the beginning to the end, you only need to buy the necessary materials.

Acrylic bath poured on the edges, moving around the perimeter.The liquid flows from the ledges on the wall and gradually fills the bottom.Irregularities and unfilled areas dub rubber spatula.The main thing - to do everything quickly, until the composition is not grasped.The technology is complex and requires some experience, but will be able to cope with it, anyone who is even slightly acquainted with the repair and finishing works.Restored thus bath will have all the advantages of acrylic bathtubs.

Updating coating cast iron tub - stakril

Enameling. This method is the most budget as components necessary for the preparation of the composition of enamel, are cheaper than the liquid acrylic, and even more so - acrylic tub insert.The composition of the enamel contains two active ingredients: base and hardener.That they have reacted, the mixture must be heated to a temperature above room temperature.Read more about the technology enamelling cast iron bathtubs, see below.

Updating coating cast iron tub - enamelling


Regardless of the method used for upgrading the iron bath, the first thing to do before you begin the main work - is to prepare the surface. Training includes:

Removing rust stains. Rust is formed by the oxidation of metals.Make invisible traces of oxidation can, treating acid contaminated sites (for this purpose, suitable acetic acid or oxalic acid).It is necessary to pour the diluted acid with rusty spots and leave for half an hour.If, after washing off the acid rust persists not completely, the remains can just scrape off with a stiff brush.After this bath should be thoroughly washed with hot water and the usual detergent.

Grinding. When all the dirt will be removed from the bath, should level the surface well.grinding method depends on, what tools do you have at hand.The most convenient way to do this with the help of grinders, but the fit and a drill with a special nozzle or sandpaper.At the end of the bath, rinse with warm water.

Grout . Even after careful surface treatment on the font still remain dents, deep scratches, chips and cracks that can not be sanded.From getting rid of this kind of defects using putty and a trowel.When the plaster dries, it should be sanded again to the bath surface is completely smooth.

degreasing. At the final stage of preparation of the surface to be cleaned font.You can use special cleaners or alcohol solution, soda, thinner, or other available means.

Preparing the iron bath prior to coating with enamel
Prepare a bath of cast iron coated with enamel before

Topcoat application

  • Before starting shut the water for safety.Remove the drain system, clean and dry the drain hole.Under the sink enclose a small bowl or tray that will drain enamel.
  • Now, pre-prepared surface of the bath, you need to be primed.Many enamel bath manufacturers release more and priming mixtures, so it is possible it is recommended to purchase the enamel and the primer of one brand.It can also happen enamel, which can be used as a primer (application methods typically printed on the packaging).After the primer coat dries, you can begin to enamelling.
  • for enamelling components were mixed in the proportions recommended by the manufacturer.In addition to the base and curing agent in enamel color mixture can be added if you want to achieve any specific color enamel.
  • enamel is applied using a broad brush or roller.Proceed carefully, the movement must be fast and accurate.Enamel - is not oil paint or wallpaper paste, it dries very quickly.
  • Covering the surface of the bath enamel, distribute part of the top down to the bottom of the flanges.Move around the perimeter, emaliruya sector by sector.After the first layer of enamel hardens, apply in the same way the next.
  • enamel is completely dry, not earlier than 3 days.If you made several coats, the drying may last a week.During this time you can not use the bathroom.When the coating has hardened, refit the drain.
Application of enamel on cast iron bath
Rules applying enamel on cast iron bath
Features of the enamel on cast iron bath


  • Quality materials for enamelling baths produce both domestic and foreign manufacturers.Among the enamel of the Russian producers obtained good reviews "Svetlana" systems and "Aqua-Color".From foreign enamel mixtures should be noted ¬ęTikkurila Reaflex 50", which can also be used as a primer.
  • While drying enamel, there should be no construction work in the bathroom.Finishing materials, dust and dirt trapped in the fresh coating will remain indelible spots on it.In addition, throughout the drying time of enamel, the bathroom should always be aired.If the room humidity is maintained, the enamel can crack.
  • to finish more durable and will serve as long as possible, apply more than two layers of enamel.Ideally, the number of layers should be from 3 to 5. Such a coating will last for more than 10 years.When it comes into disrepair, enamelling procedure can be repeated.
Tips to restore the enamel cast-iron bathtub with his hands


Extend the life of the new coating can be, adhering to a few basic rules of operation of enamelled bath:

  • To wash plumbers use only a soft, sparing detergents that do not contain abrasives.Choose a soft sponge or cloth, avoid hard brushes (especially metal).
  • If you are used to soak in the bath linen, then in any case do not fill it in bleach and other harsh cleansers.
  • Do not expose the bath enamel sudden changes in temperature: not pour alternately hot water and cold water.A sharp change in water temperature can cause the appearance of cracks on the surface of the bath.
  • In an enamel wash tub with caution.Try not to drop it in heavy bottles of shampoo, do not drop to the bottom of the bath shower heads.
Caring for a cast-iron bathtub

Children and elderly people like to wash, sitting on a low stool.In this case, attach the legs to the stool rubber blotches.