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August 12, 2017 18:06

What to do in the kitchen floor

Which floor do in the kitchen is best?On this issue, many are looking for the answer.If you also ask them, then you should know the basic requirements for the flooring in the kitchen area.So, it should not be afraid of moisture, fat stains and scratches.It is important to make it easy to clean.In order to meet these requirements the floor, there is little to choose the appropriate material, still need to prepare the floor correctly.For example, if you want to make room in the kitchen floor heating, you will need materials with high thermal conductivity.

in some cases it is better to use two different floor coverings in one room - one of them will be for the cooking zone, and the second - for the eating area.In the first case the suit lined with ceramic tiles, and in the second - it is possible to lay parquet.Typically, the division cuisine such areas can afford only the owners of the premises a large area.For small kitchens, most preferably a uniform coating of one tone.This room will visually appear larger.Anyway, before you opt for a kitchen or that the flooring, you need to examine more closely the question of what floor coverings exist, and it is important to clarify all their pros and cons.

Which to choose for the kitchen floor


laminate for the bath - room

many as flooring for the kitchen use linoleum.In many ways, this contributes to the reasonable price of such material.Considerable importance in the selection of plays lifetime - a modern linoleum can last up to 8 years.In addition, it has good wear resistance and good sound and heat insulation.It is also important for the kitchen that this material is not fastidious in the care.linoleum models differ in thickness of the protective layer.For the kitchen is recommended to choose the most durable and wear-resistant coating.To date, the sale is a linoleum of different colors and textures.Therefore, everyone can choose for themselves the material to your liking.So, quite popular linoleum model, which simulates the look of wood, stone and metal.

In general, if you want to put in the kitchen linoleum, you should not buy this cheap options.The fact that this material can not be called environmentally friendly.Cheap low-quality linoleum is impersonating a strong odor, which is unacceptable for the kitchen.It is advisable for this room to choose one of the options linoleum with natural substrate.

In choosing the material be sure to pay attention to his marking.Linoleum should last for quite a long time.Therefore, you should choose the appropriate model.Most are considered strong cover with a thick protective layer.To wear such models are almost impervious.

floor - to - kitchen - 6

Cork flooring

This is another suitable option flooring.Cork floors, in the first place, some of the most environmentally friendly.They are usually made of cork oak.Cork floors are very comfortable for the feet and reduce the load on the spine and joints.This can be crucial in finding an answer to the question of what to put in the kitchen floor.

Cork flooring is good by the fact that it is not slippery.In addition, cork is a natural antistatic, and consequently, the material does not attract dust.This same property makes such an optimal coverage for apartments, where people live with asthma or prone to allergies.It is also important that the cork floor is resistant to stains and while wet cleaning is not a problem.Even a small amount of liquid spills such coating is not afraid.But this is only on the condition that the floor has been laid correctly.In general, sex of this material for the kitchen is recommended to cover a layer of special varnish.Today, there are different shades of a cork and textures.Because of this it can fit into almost any decor.


in the dining area as floor covering it is possible to use wood.In the working part of the kitchen so the floor is not suitable because of the nature of this material.In particular, the tree does not tolerate changes in temperature and exposure to moisture.Perhaps, the only option when it is possible in the work area to lay the tree, if it is to treat it with special structures, oil or varnish.And then after that it is desirable to complement the surface of the floor tiles.Due to the surface treatment of wooden protective mixtures it is not so much will be exposed to moisture and different pollution.It is important to that process the wood floor will need special gear regularly.One time is not enough.Moreover, wooden floor requires constant maintenance.

material itself is afraid of stains.Many liquids can create dirt on it that it will be difficult to eliminate.The disadvantages of such a floor is more attributed the high price.Expensive not only the timber but also work on its installation.But it is very beautiful and eco-friendly material.


laminate - for - kitchen - 2-1024h7z9

A good material as the flooring for the kitchen facilities is a laminate.Because of its advantages is worth noting resistance to scratches and other external influences.The outer surface of the laminate can be decorated by many well-known wood species.Some of this material can mimic granite, tile and marble.In addition, the laminate is suitable if you want to build in the kitchen heated floors.The price of this material is acceptable for many.

The disadvantage is the sensitivity of the coating to the high humidity.When laying laminate floor is very important quality seal the tie.If the floor in the kitchen is made of laminate, it will be necessary to see to it that on the surface does not leak excessive fluid.Although today there are already water-resistant types of laminate.


Sometimes people are thinking how to lay flooring in the kitchen, prefer greater comfort than practicality, and select the appropriate materials, such as carpet.This material can not be considered suitable for the kitchen space.First of all, its use is unhygienic.Spot fat and pieces of food will be difficult to clean with a similar surface.In addition, this material is very afraid of moisture.Moreover, the liquid stains from it will be very difficult to withdraw.

Carpeting is permissible to lay only in the area of ​​food intake, and in the working part of the kitchen space from it should be abandoned in favor of more practical materials.The advantages of carpet can be attributed only to the simplicity of its installation.After all, it is not necessary to stick to the floor, and only need to fix the edges skirting.This will allow it to quickly replace if necessary.


Luxury floor can get from natural stone.Of the advantages of this material is worth noting the high strength and beautiful appearance.In addition, the stone is very durable.The kitchen of this coating can maintain its attraction for decades.During this period it will be the same as it was immediately after installation.Among the shortcomings, especially worth mentioning the price.Natural stone is much more expensive than other types of flooring.In addition, the stones uncomfortable to walk without shoes, becauseit is almost always cold.But this problem is solved by installing underfloor heating systems.The stone floor is complex to install and to maintain.More we can not forget that the stone itself is quite heavy.Because of the large weight gain may need to overlap.


Another option to address the issue which lay on the kitchen floor is concrete.For the kitchen it is good because it is resistant to moisture and is not valid fever.Furthermore, it is not afraid of a variety of mechanical damage that occurs during cooking or eating.Such floors can be made even warmer if desired.It will have to invest a screed floor heating rolls.Concrete screed itself outwardly attractive.Therefore, it is used for the acid dyeing process.This treatment allows the concrete to simulate a variety of materials, such as granite, slate, marble, wood and ceramic tiles.

self-leveling floor

linoleum - for - kitchen - 3

One of the most expensive floors are polymeric floors, they are called tankers.They have good resistance to wear and moisture.Such coatings are easy to care for.In addition, they are very beautiful and make it possible to realize different interesting design solutions.Thus, under the floor surface it is now possible to place a three-dimensional image, or any small objects, such as colored stones, shells.


In the kitchen room cleanliness must be maintained.This means that the floor should be easily cleaned of adherent fat and dirt.If the kitchen is often cook food on the surface of the flooring, especially next to the stove, the fat forms a sticky film.From it you need to get rid of.By the way, to do it is not difficult.To this end generally use brushes, scrapers and abrasive mixture.But the frequent use of such funds can sustain, not every floor.Therefore, it is desirable to choose food material on which the oily film is formed.This material, in particular is a ceramic tile.You can not say about the linoleum.Although, if you do wet cleaning the kitchen after each cooking, this will prevent the formation of a film.


a half- good- to - kitchen - 06

A good option for kitchen flooring is granite.This material, and outperforms stone tiles on some parameters, such as operating characteristics.The fact that it is less porous and thus has a high density.It has no cracks.On the plus side it is worth noting more durability, high strength, fire safety, and decorative.It is also important that the granite does not lose color under the influence of sunlight.And, of course, easy to care for him.Cons are not many, but they do exist.Thus, this material is fairly expensive and complex to install.In addition, he is like a stone, almost always cold.Therefore it is necessary to insulate it further, and this is - the additional costs.

What do the kitchen floor: important requirements

a half- good- to - kitchen - 01

As is known, food - pretty specific room.Here there is a high humidity and a high probability of contamination.Therefore flooring in this room must meet certain requirements:

  • So, it is important that floors are water-resistant.After all, the kitchen is often exposed to moisture in different forms.This evaporation during cooking, spray from the dishwashing, frequent washing floors, etc.
  • Furthermore, the kitchen floor must be impact-resistant.After all, there are often massive pots, cast iron pans and other utensils, the weight of which is rather big.And no one is safe from accidental dropping of such dishes on the floor.
  • Sex in the kitchen should be durable.Sometimes still have to use cleaning agents containing abrasive elements.Therefore, floor covering, of course, must accept these "tests".
  • Since man when cooking a lot and often moves, it means that the floor must be resistant to abrasion, so he served longer.