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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to make an apron for the kitchen made ​​of MDF with his own hands

main place any food - it certainly stove, it is there are born exquisite culinary delights.But cooking involves pollution not only of the plate, but the space around.Smoke, steam, grease and oil splashes left quite an imprint.To make the process of care for the stove as comfortable as possible, use an apron for the kitchen.


  • advantages of MDF
  • Choice MDF boards
  • Preparations
  • How to make an apron made of MDF
  • on the use of MDF Tips apron

advantages of MDF

This material is known enoughlong.Receive it with sawdust pressing under high pressure and temperature.Celebrate following its positive properties:

  • no exposure to changes in temperature,
  • practicality,
  • durability,
  • naturalness,
  • resistance to moisture with proper treatment.

Earlier MDF were monotonous and used more in construction than in the production of furniture, but now technology has leaped forward.Firstly, it was possible to make the thickness smaller plates, now it varies from two to five sentiment, secondly, the outer side is laminated, giving it an aesthetic appearance and makes it possible to use the exterior.


Standard tiled aprons are no longer in vogue.The use of PVC is undesirable since the material is exposed to mechanical damage, in addition to it there fast enough spots that can not be derived.The same is true with respect to the tree.Consequently, only two options remain:

  • artificial stone,
  • MDF.

The technical characteristics are about the same, but the apron for the kitchen made of MDF is much cheaper.

Choice MDF

Despite the fact that the construction market there are many different variants of MDF panels are suitable for decorative works only two:

  • laminated MDF,
  • veneered MDF.

Alternatively, apron MDF decorate their own, but this procedure has nothing to do with the economy, because the total cost will be much higher than the price of finished plates.

laminated MDF on the facade is covered with special melamine, which makes the surface not only beautiful but also practical.In order to damage it, you must really make an effort version of accidentally breaking the integrity of the cover removed.


These boards are pressed block, the rear of the building pasted cardboard or pressed paper, and the front covered with decorative vinyl.On sale there are a variety of options, from simple monotone drawings to real works of art.Create a visual idea of ​​what looks like an apron made of MDF, photos will help.

Veneer MDF is much rarer.Since its front side is covered with natural veneer, most often it is used for furniture production.Use it in the kitchen - this is a controversial issue.If the cooking takes place 1-2 times a week, then the material will withstand the load, but in everyday use veneer plates quickly lose appearance and begin to crack and peel.It has nothing to do with the quality of products, and is due to purely physical properties of the material.


Before you carry out the installation of the apron of the MDF, it is necessary to spend some starting work:

  • draw drawing,
  • make the calculation of necessary materials,
  • prepare tool,
  • align the surface of the wall.


drawing means not abstract drawing of the future apron, with the size of the instructions, and full-scale graphical visualization of the updated kitchen.This is necessary in order to understand how much the selected option will fit into the interior.Quite often, the goods on display look much more spectacular than in real life.

Except for the MDF may need:

  • plaster,
  • primer,
  • SCREW,
  • liquid nails.

It is advisable to buy everything you need at a time, especially if the order delivery.

From tools handy:

  • spatula,
  • utensils for breeding of dry filler,
  • level,
  • set of hexagons,
  • drill,
  • gun for liquid nails.

Although apron made of MDF does not need a perfectly flat surface of the wall, some work in this area will still have to perform.Most often, too protruding elements just throws, but if there are too many, it is easier to plaster wall.

Kitchen apron DFM is a one-piece panel and theoretically allows any irregularities to play using shims.Thus the distance to the wall is increased by 7-15 cm and the upper edge used as shelves for storing spices and other small vessels.This embodiment is applicable only in a kitchen or a square shape close thereto.In extended premises where work space is usually on one of the longer walls, this technique to steal too much space and will transform the room into a subway car.

How to make an apron made of MDF

In fact, for this to work you will need only a few hours of time and minimum of effort.Plates are extremely easy to install, but given their Overall require two people, one of which will help support the panel, and the second to strengthen it.

Installing a kitchen apron of the MDF is carried out in three versions:

  • konfirmat the wall,
  • konfirmat to a wooden skeleton,
  • liquid nails.

Kitsch batsksplash - IDEAS - MDF - Toolbar1

Even if you buy a sheet of minimum thickness, it will still take two centimeters square.Therefore SCREW mount directly to the wall is the perfect solution for small kitchens.The work is done so:

  • at a distance of 60 cm in length and 15 in height marked and drilled holes under the SCREW (at the base, they should be a little wider, so that the bolt went flush),
  • further panel is applied to the wall and through the holes mademark (despite the fact that this method has a lot of years, it still remains the most reliable and eliminates the possibility of error),
  • into the holes in the wall plugs are inserted into which are screwed SCREW.

Among the shortcomings of this method are the following:

  • requires a perfectly flat surface,
  • not perform sound insulation.

Nevertheless - this is the easiest and fastest way to further this apron is very easy to dismantle.From a visual point of view, the only problem - the cap screws, it decided with the help of decorative overlays.

Mounting apron over a wooden frame held on the same principles.To support beams used bars with a cross section 5x5 cm. The output of this allows you to remove the front of the apron from the wall for at least seven centimeters and use the top part as a shelf.

News is for large and medium-sized kitchens, with an area of ​​10 square meters.m. The technology eliminates the need to align the walls.In addition, the space between the apron and the stone is filled with construction foam, which allows for perfect sound insulation and creates the effect of additional insulation.

mount the apron of the MDF may be and with the help of liquid nails.This is the only method that eliminates the need for visible violations monolithic surface.By and large, all the technology is described on the adhesive label, which states how to use it.

The general rule is as follows:

  • cause liquid nails on the back of the MDF sheet,
  • check on the level,
  • rented for 5-10 minutes,
  • make back,
  • fasten stand and leave this state on12-18 hours.

Alternatively, some masters are advised to divide the continuous sheet of 3-4 separate unit, which saw through grooves.This allows you to hide SCREW, but instead of decorative overlays appear seams.Therefore, the choice is purely aesthetic.

Another option - mount cantilever when screwed to the wall a special attachment, which is worn on a kitchen apron.The total weight of the theory of MDF enough to make the design reliable, but in practice there may be different situations.Furthermore, this embodiment is suitable only for walls with a thickness of 15-20 cm as in the narrower masonry console will produce a simple brick, while the wall thoroughly destroyed.

Tips for using MDF apron

MDF panels for kitchen apron - it's the fast, inexpensive and stylish way to decorate a room.Performing is not only practical but also aesthetic functions it should look as beautiful.Therefore, a few words should be said about their decorating and the process of care.


The only additional element that may need - a pad on the top edge.More often than not put aluminum corners.On sale there are many varieties to suit every taste.If the apron is decorated in the form of shelves, the clearance will need regular wooden board or flat casing to the door.To mount the base should be bolted to the wall on the corner of every 30 cm shelves.By the plate board mounted with screws, and parts just lying.

Caring for MDF is quite simple, fit any detergents, except abrasive.It is best to launder money problem area for washing dishes.As a preventive cleaning tools are ideal for windows, as they create on the surface of melamine anti-static film repels dust and dirt.