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August 12, 2017 18:06

Facing a cast iron bath with his hands

Baths made of cast iron - the most expensive among all types of baths.Their high cost is due to a number of advantages.Cast iron has a remarkable property not to succumb to moisture - it practically does not rust or rot.At the site of cleavage of enamel, the protective film is formed, and the rust does not extend into the metal.Its properties of heat preservation, known to all.No wonder radiators make it out of iron.Products made of it are constantly active and aggressive environments - practically eternal.


But over time, the cast-iron bath loses an attractive appearance.Enamel is not as durable as the base material.The outer covering of yellow, rust streaks may appear, chips and scratches.In the studio, lined cast iron baths is a lot of money and involves the dismantling, transportation and subsequent installation.This is time-consuming and costly process, consuming a lot of time and effort.


Minor repairs and decoration of the iron bath

Depending on the nature of the damage and the state of the bath, there are several ways of facing the iron bath.Recovery with liquid enamel acrylic enamel application of a new layer or in the home setting plastic tab.

  1. Chipped enamel on the sides of the cast-iron bath, are easily eliminated by using cold welding.You only need to clean and degrease the damaged area and close up it like clay, but in accordance with the instructions.After curing, cold welding, it is amenable to mechanical processing.Grinding, milling or drilling.After sanding the surface enamelled or decorated with liquid acrylic.
  2. for individual small cracks or scratches, there are special decorating pencils and polishes different colors.Scratch degreased in isopropyl alcohol, trimmed sandpaper, if necessary, and is decorated according to the application by means of decorating instructions.

Preparing the surface to be treated cast-iron bath

bath - enameled

Surface preparation, following method is required for the restoration of the iron bath by any method.

  1. Please carefully processed surface grinder or electric drill with an abrasive nozzle.It is possible to use a special fine powder grinding.It is important not to overdo it and not to make deep depressions.Grinding is done in a circular motion with light pressure.
  2. Bringing the entire surface to a perfectly pure state, and eliminating all signs of rust, dust and the remains of abrasive products are washed with warm water and soap.Bath cleaned with a soft cloth and dried.The entire surface to be treated to the best setting with the new coating.
  3. surface is degreased, and you can use industrial alcohol or a special detergent and wipe with a soft, lint-free cloth.Try to remove all the little speck of dust and lint.Capacity can even handle the vacuum cleaner.

Restoration of cast iron tub by enameling


Enamel for the restoration of the cast iron tub is a two component product consisting of a liquid epoxy resin and hardener.It is different consistency, so decide the method of surface coating - a brush or spray.

  1. Mixing, make according to package directions.The best mix for the beginning portion of the primary coating to the remainder of the second layer enamelling thickens until the bath will dry out.
  2. bath is recommended before starting to warm up.To do this, type the full bath of hot water and allow time for the heating of the metal.Drain the water, wipe dry with a soft cloth.The first layer of enamel is applied with a brush or spray.After enduring the time period according to the instructions, apply a second coat.The service life of the cast-iron bath upgraded from 7 to 9 years.

The inlet repair a cast iron bath liquid acrylic


This method appeared relatively recently, thanks to the invention of cold liquid acrylic or stakril.It also is mixed with the hardener to form a polymer film on the surface.

  1. old cast iron bath is prepared by the above method.We clean the damaged areas, treated the entire surface grinder and degreased.Polimezirovanny acrylic bath surface creates a protective film having a thickness of 4 to 6 mm.
  2. acrylic coating process is somewhat easier than the enamel coating.Fill, start with the top point and by turning and rocking bath distribute it across the surface.Then pouring the opposite side is made and the process continues until a complete and uniform coating stakrilom surface.Excess polymer is removed through the drain hole.The service life of such a bath for at least 20 years.

repair cast iron tub with a plastic liner


now began to produce ready-made plastic tabs bath.Most importantly, this tab is approached in size and consistent design, cast-iron bathtubs.

  1. inner surface of the bath is cleaned and degreased in a conventional manner.Damaged places are treated with water resistant sealant.Acrylic liner to fit the drain and overflow hole and the center.On the surface of the iron bath to apply a two-component polyurethane foam.
  2. liner is inserted into the bath and mounted drain nodes.This should be done quickly, before the foam grabs.After installation of the bath it is necessary to completely fill the water for more dense pressing the insert to the base.Perimeter on a side treated with sealant to avoid moisture penetration, this repair cast iron bath is completed.After 6 - 8:00 bath is ready for use.