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August 12, 2017 18:06

The green bedroom (photo ) : bedroom design in green

Changing environment has beneficial effects on health, mood, creates a joyful perception of the world.If you decide not to refer to professional designers and invent and do everything with your hands, go for it. But the recommendations of experts did not neglect.Today, the "House of Dreams" a few of these tips for bedroom decoration in green.

Typically, the bedroom is not just for sleeping.This is a place of rest, privacy, relaxation, private quarters.Of course, it is also a meeting place for couples or spouses who have been married for many years.So, bedroom interior, its design, colors have to like both.But due to the fact that tastes may not coincide, need to seek a compromise, because the man and woman still "from different planets."Let's see how may look green bedroom and focus on various interior items.

Decor of bedroom in green color

decor for the bedroom in green

Green color in the interior of the bedroom: with what to combine

Designers recommend to beat in the design of any room no more than 2-3 colors.One - the basic, dominant, and one or two will create shades or half-tones.In this example, we recommend that as a basis for bedroom interior green color - it is a living, natural, does not cause, blending in with human nature.

Green calms, always pleasing to the eye, creates a romantic atmosphere, especially in combination with pastel colors lime green, olive, green tea.It goes well with a yellow or brown color.A green shade, you can express the accents of emerald hue or malachite.

green bedroom design photo

Green bedroom picture

Green bedroom photo

Green bedroom picture

Which to choose curtains in the green bedroom

If your bedroom is a sun itself, blinded eyes from bright light that completely unacceptable, because a nap want to sometimesday, we advise to choose curtains darker shade than say the color of wallpaper or painted walls.Let's bedroom is located on the north side, and you often feel a sensation of cold.This is not allowed in the bedroom because the doctors write, healthy and deep sleep may be just warm.We advise to choose curtains for the bedroom warm tones of green, until the bright yellow, sun shades.It is necessary to look at them, and at once it becomes warmer.

Yellow curtains for the bedroom in shades of green

Yellow curtains for the bedroom in shades of green

Curtains for the bedroom, decorated in green color can be white, black, dark blue and even brown.They can overlap with color blankets or bedding, carpet and other interior items.

White curtains for green bedrooms pictures

White curtains for green bedrooms pictures

Beautiful green curtains for the bedroom photo

beautiful curtains for the green bedrooms pictures

original curtains for a green bedroom

If you want the curtains to the green bedrooms to choose the same color, then play with shades- a lighter color of the walls with curtains of dark green color, and vice versa.

Green curtains for the bedroom

Green curtains for the bedroom

Green walls in the bedroom: the right to combine

furniture Thinking green design bedroom, it is better to leave the natural color of the walls and some of the details, but the furniture to choose a different color.If you set the bedroom dark, possibly black, should not be used in the interior of the room screaming green colors.Make them muted, pastel.If on the contrary, white bedroom furniture from oak or other wood species, safely play on the contrast.

White- green bedroom photo

white and green bedroom photo

Green bedroom photo

Green bedroom picture

Design a bedroom in shades of green

bedroom design in shades of green

sometimes decorated bedroom in shades of green is fully realized with the help of furniture - bed with high upholstered headboard, green ottomans, chair, upholstery chair for a lady's table, etc.

Green bed with upholstered headboard Picture

green bed with upholstered headboard picture

Bedroom furniture green

bedroom furniture green

green bedroom:. knacks and decor

an important role in the interior of the green bedroomdesigners assign subjects decor.Its various elements are also selected based on the basic color schemes.They can be very diverse.Original bedspreads and decorative pillows, wall lights and local lighting lamps, ceiling and floor clearance - all preferably in the same style.This is succinctly considered decision, good taste, and nothing more.

The bedroom in green color photo

bedroom in green photo

Bedroom interior in shades of green

Bedroom interior in shades of green

lighting for bedrooms in the green, pay close attention.The light should be bright.Let it set off some corners of the room.Functional Light-night-light will allow to read in the evening in a pleasant atmosphere.

Green color in the interior of a bedroom Photo

Green color in the interior photo bedroom

Green walls in the bedroom

Green walls in the bedroom

The bedroom in shades of green Photo

bedroom in shades of green Photo

A perfect solution would be to place in the green bedroom, fresh flowers.Beautifully will look, for example, orchids reflecting in the mirror.

Bedroom interior in shades of green

Bedroom interior in shades of green

Above the bed can make an air curtain of flowing tulle tender pistachio color.There is no limit to your imagination!

Let unusual mural or poster will stand out in your green accent the interior, attract the eye, causing a desire and fantasy.

Green color in the interior of a bedroom

Green color in the interior bedrooms

And finally, practical advice before embarking on the procurement of materials and direct work, do not be lazy to look through magazines and find pictures of green bedroom online.You should thoroughly think over all, present the results of your work.

And suddenly you realize that not cope with the task?Then it is necessary to address to experts.Check out the designer usually free.And for the projects provided you pay according to the price list of the company or a particular designer you choose.But what will be your green bedroom in the end - after all you decide for yourself!

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