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Children's Room Design

August 12, 2017 18:06

Design a child's room for a boy ( 39 photos )

Children's room for a child becomes a prototype of a world where he does not just spend time and rest, but also get acquainted with the life.Making child's room should correspond to the inner world of the child, so the priority criteria in the arrangement of the premises are gender and age of the child.

There are many ways to create an attractive and comfortable design children's room for a boy, but note that this task is by no means easy, so in the process of everything you need to consider a lot of details."Dream House" offers a very detailed look into what should be a room boy, depending on the age and interests, as well as to equip the room in which two or more boys live.

design children

Design a child's room for a boy

Room boy newborn photo

Room boy newborn photo

The color of the walls in the room the boy

color of the walls in the room the boy's photo

Design boy's room and the age of the host

As children grow rapidly, not only in the physicalbut also psychologically, furnished room boy, it is important to take into account that approximately every three years, it is desirable to change its design and added new features that will meet the needs of the child's age.

Room newborn boy

Children's room for a newborn baby boy in the first place should be comfortable for the baby's mother.At arrangement of the room arrange the furniture so that it may be convenient to use the most necessary items - a cot, a changing table, chest of drawers for storing clothes and accessories, etc.

Since the baby at such a young age can not yet talk about their design preferences, in the design of the room refer to the general recommendations of psychologists.For example, the traditional "boyish" colors are all the blue shades.However, on a par with blue shades good for the baby room decoration are all muted pastel colors, which have sedative properties.

But, at the same time, the color scheme of the room, where he lives a young child, should not be too impersonal and faded.The fact that it was in the first months of life the child develop visual skills: he learns to distinguish between objects that are far away or close, to focus on their eyes.To help your child will cope with this task, it is necessary that in the design of the room there were some interesting pictures: pictures of animals, birds, cartoon characters, etc.

Pastel shades in the room newborn baby boy

pastel shades in the room newborn boy

Furniture and interior nursery for a newborn baby boy

Furniture and interior nursery for newborn boy

Room newborn boy in blue shades

room boy newborn baby in blue shades

And, of course, the most important criterion for registration of newborn boy's room isits safety.All items of furniture and accessories, ranging from cribs and toys finishing, should be made only from environmentally friendly materials.In addition, pay special attention to accessories, which will contact the child - mattresses, bed linen, etc.It is important that these products do not cause allergies.

Making room for the boy

Making room for the boy's photo

Room for a newborn baby boy Photo

Room for a newborn baby boy photo

Room for a little boy in bright colors

room for a little boy in bright colors

room boy preschooler

addition to the above requirements, design of children's rooms malchika-preschooler should include zoning elements.At the age of three to six years, the boys tend to exhibit unprecedented hyperactivity, so it is not necessary to load the room with unnecessary pieces of furniture.

If the room is spacious enough, prefer compact transforming furniture, or modules, to simultaneously perform multiple tasks.For example, there are lots of interesting modules that combine and bed and play area, and a place to store things.

Bed - machine in the boy

Bed-machine in the room boy

The bright design of the room for a boy

bright room design for a boy

Room three boys

room three boys

Besides recreation area, in the preschool age boy's room is necessary to issue area for games, study, andand sports activities.Zone can be combined with an area for sports.Equip this zone, you can use the compact sports grounds, wall bars, swings, toys, tents, maze and other exciting products.

To protect the baby from injuries, choose items with no sharp corners, and in the design of the floor, give preference to the most soft and non-slip coating.Educational area in the toddler room is best to equip the opposite corner of the gaming area.It is sufficient to establish a comfortable table with a stool and a shelf with books.However, the regeneration of the training area should pay close attention to its illumination.

Thematic boy

Thematic Decoration boy's room


Children's room for a boy Photo

Zoning child

Zoning child's room for boys

At preschool age all children already have their own hobbies, so the interior of the selection for the boy's room sure to askhis opinion.Now there are plenty of opportunities to recreate a particular theme.

For example, if your child is interested in the adventures of pirates, he will enjoy sleeping in a bed-ship store their toys in the chest, as well as to study the geography of the beautiful maps and globes.

If a kid is interested in the technique, pick up his bed in the form of a car or locomotive, trunks and ottomans in the form of tanks, as well as decorate the walls with bright posters with the image planes, trains, and other technological advances.

Thematic interiors for boy's room is endless.For example, you can use a safari style elements, wild jungle, sea world, etc.Whichever design you choose, try to keep it a single concept.

Pirate children

Pirate children's room for a boy Photo

Room for two boys

room for two boys

Room for two boys photo

room for two boys photo

room for a boy of school age

In the nursery school-age boy special attention should be paidtraining area.Planning, where there will be a writing desk child, pay attention to lighting conditions.Ideally, you need to organize a training place near the window.However, in addition to natural light and central light, draw in this area in the form of additional illumination lamps, built-in or table lamps.

Besides, grown-up child will need more space to store your belongings and school supplies.If the room does not offer a spacious and you can not put it in a roomy wardrobe, pay attention to the multi-functional, modular kits.Alternatively, you can arrange the room the boy built-in closets or hidden shelves and drawers.

should also pay close attention to textile design.To the boy was comfortable to be in his room, pick up the maximum blackout curtains.However, choosing rugs and bedspreads, discard the coarse wool products, which gather dust too.

furniture for children

Furniture for children's room for a boy

Great room for the boy

more room for the boy's photo

The bed for the boy with the workplace

bed for a boy with workplace

curtains for baby boy

Curtains for children's room boy

Furniture for children

Nursery Furnituretwo boys


Children's furniture for the room boy photo


Children's furniture for the room boy photo

room for a teenage boy

teenage boys certainly want to completely change the design of your child's room and create somethingsomething more respectable and serious.Because it tastes already formed, most likely, the teenager will decide which design it more to their liking.However, still we should not forget about the convenience and comfort.

Zone has grown guy for anything, so instead it is possible to organize an interesting area for receiving guests.For example, there may be placed inflatable bean bags, computer desk, stereo, etc.If desired, for the reception area, you can enclose a suitable screen or a decorative panel.

also to maintain order in her room and did not throw things anywhere, the boy will need a large wardrobe, shelves, chests of drawers, etc.

As for the interior design of the room for a teenage boy, then it all depends on his hobbies:

  • many teenagers are fond of music and fun to decorate your home with posters of idols, vinyl records, musical instruments, etc .;
  • if a guy is interested and involved in sports, organized in his room open shelves, on which he will set their cups and medals to hang.

If a teenage boy has full confidence in you in matters of registration of his room, give preference to withstand cool design in the spirit of the English schools.This style is characterized by restrained colors in gray, beige, blue and brown tones and a simple but high-quality and accurate furniture.

Room for a teenage boy

Room teenage boy

Room for a teenage boy photos

Room teenage boy photo

The stylish interior of the room for a teen boy

Stylish interior room for a teenage boy

room design for teen boys

room design for a teenager boy

room design for teen boys

design room for a teenagerboy

room design for two or more boys

Making room in which lives a few boys, it is very important to preserve for each zone of personal space.To save space, prefer bunk beds or convertible, are easy to hide in the closet.

When the room live children of different ages, it is necessary to make sure that their interests do not interfere with each other.If possible, Draw the line room with decorative folding screens, curtains, panels or blocks.Proper zoning boys room will create the illusion of separateness and privacy.

Room boys

Room boys

Beds machine for two boys

Beds machine for two boys

Furniture in the room for 2 boys

furniture in the room for 2 boys

Furniture in the room for 2 boys

furniture in the room for 2 boys

Loft beds in the room boys photo

loft beds in the roomboys photo

Rooms Designed for boys

room design for boys

Thinking design children's room for the boy, do not try to implement it in their ideas about the beautiful interior.Making the room where the child lives, must exactly reflect their interests, as your goal is to help your child make your home a cozy, comfortable and safe.

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