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August 12, 2017 18:06

The Cabinet of the head: the right look and feel

Each room has its own energy.For example, the bedroom should winnow comfort, living - hospitality, food - convenience.As a rule, in the arrangement of living spaces, we can be guided by their own preferences and tastes, but the design of the workers and the industrial areas should be subject to strict rules.

most difficult and at the same time it is important to draw the head office.Since this space is a kind of "calling card" of the company, at the same time its design should be presentable, stylish and cozy.How to achieve this today will tell your readers, "Dream House."

Head office

Cabinet head

Colors chief office

Often, it is in the head office to solve the most complex business issues and serious negotiations.All parts of the premises should not just blend in with each other, but also to create a favorable impression on visitors.

According to psychologists, the first thing we notice when entering into any room is its color scheme.Absolutely all of the colors in any way affect our mood.Since the specificity of the head of the Cabinet commits to concentrate, psychologists recommend the use in the design of the room as much as possible natural colors - brown, terracotta, beige and gray shades.But from pastel and, especially, whites should be abandoned, becausesubconsciously, these shades are associated with hospital wards.

the color of the walls in the head office

color of the walls in the office of the head of

Head office interior photo

Cabinet head photo

Interior chief office

a win-win option for the decoration of this room is the classic interior, gravitating to the natural finish, discreet colors and of good solid furniture.But, at the same time, the design of the boss's office can submit the specifics of its activities, as well as personal preferences.

For example, if the classical style in the interior of the cabinet is completely satisfied with the head-man, the woman probably wants to make to the design of his "second home" notes of comfort and convenience.In addition, it is logical that the design engineering plant manager's office will be slightly different from the Office of the Director of concert agency.

Photo head office design

minimalist design chief office photo

design head man photo cabinet

Design office head man photo

Interior head office woman photo

head office interior woman photo

Typically, office chief is divided into several zones: the work area, meeting areaand a relaxation area.

Cabinet Making everything must start with a working area.Optimally, if a space is arranged in the center of a room or a wall, so that at the entrance into the study looked through it immediately.The main piece of furniture in the working area of ​​the office is a desk.Table leader, usually made of wood.By design, it should be spacious, wide and comfortable.Except for the work surface it is very important that in the table there were extra compartments for storage of documents and office equipment.If necessary, you can choose a table with built-in the brief, which extends the working area, transformed into a place for negotiations.

table for the head office

Desk for

The office manager photo

chief office worker office manager photo

important element of the room and work area in particular, is an office chair for the head.Traditionally, for its production uses natural or ekokozha.In addition to representative design, a chair should be comfortable.It is very important that it be fitted with an anatomical backrest and wide seat and sturdy armrests.Some models are equipped with a seat head of additional features that facilitate workflow - built massager, vibration, oscillation function, heated, etc.

chair in the head office

chair at the head office

in negotiations zone, as a rule, set a long table and chairs for visitors.The furnishings of this area should be in harmony with the furniture and decoration cabinet as a whole.If the specifics of the activities involves holding informal negotiations in this area you can set a comfortable leather sofa, armchairs and concise table.

Head office decoration

head office decoration

Head office furniture

furniture Office of CEO

office furniture office manager

Office Furniture for the head office

The recreation area manager's office often has a sofa, chairs and a table for tea.If desired, and opportunities, you can arrange some entertainment element, for example, table hockey, table with chess, etc.

Sofa for the head office

sofa for

head office Additionally, for comfortable work in the office of the head should be roomy racks or cabinets for storing the necessary files and documents.

contemporary executive office

Modern office manager

the interior of the head office

Interior chief office

details Head office: lighting,

important component of interior accessories head office is properly organized lighting.First of all, you need to take care of a comfortable work area lighting.If the room is used by a central chandelier lighting can be supplemented with suitable floor lamps, sconces, table lamps and lighting fixtures.If the cabinet design allows the use of built-in fixtures and lighting, lighting is desirable to evenly distribute throughout the room space.

The lighting in the head office

lighting in the office of the head of

The fact that the design office for the head to be sustained and rigorous, not to say that in this room you can not use beautiful accessories and decorative items.Often it is accessories complement the interior presentable and respectable.To this harmonious room accessories include the Office of quality, expensive paintings, original wall clocks, fine vases of flowers, etc.

Accessories for the head office

Accessories for chief office

As for the curtains, the most commonly used in the office of the head of laconic blinds and roller blinds.However, if the design allows, the window in the room it is possible to arrange suitable textile curtains.

curtains in the head office photo

Curtains in the head office photo

Feng Shui

head office According to the teachings of Feng Shui, the correct arrangement of the head of the office helps to establish the state of health and success in professional activities.Thus, according to this doctrine, a desk in the office should be in front of the front door.This arrangement increases the boss credibility in the eyes of employees and makes its decisions wiser.

To improve the financial situation in the south-west sector of the cabinet is recommended to put some element of water.It can be a decorative fountain, the picture with the image of the ocean, aquarium or any other suitable accessory.If the activity is dependent on the chief of active operations and make important decisions, Feng Shui recommends that you install in the operating room fire element - a candlestick with a candle, light a torch, etc.

head office on Feng Shui

How to make the head of the office feng shui

design office manager photo

Proper design office manager photo

In addition to all the above, regardless of the activity of the enterprise, to the success of the head office should be clean and spacious.Do not store in the room things and accessories that do not belong to the working process.Successful and competent you ideas!

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