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August 12, 2017 18:07

Cart for pictures Garden

owners of country houses deliberately chosen for the decoration of your garden authentic items made of wood, clay and other natural materials. This is not surprising, because in each of us lives the idea of ​​awareness of their origins, and that gives us the mother nature.One of these decorative elements that adorn the infield and introducing in its share of serenity and comfort, can be a cart to the garden.This item carries not only a decorative function, often it is quite working and functioning mechanism that can be moved around the garden without any special effort, if desired.Want to know how to use the cart on your site?Let's look at options for its use.

wooden cart in garden design

Decorative wooden cart for flowers

wooden carts under a decorative flowers

An old wagon in the garden photo

old wagon in the garden Photo

easiest way, which does not need to think of something and invent - is to put a decorative cart inthe garden or in the garden.Inside, it has a lot of free space, which can be used for their own purposes, such as flower stands.If the cart has a lattice skirting, then land it is impossible to fill, but to put the barrels or cans - easily.For example, if you put the barrel on its side, cut the top of the hole and cover it with dust, then the hole will grow flowers.No need to plant a lot of flowers, a pair of branching stems, which eventually zakustyatsya, would be sufficient.It is necessary also to be seen not only flowers, but also the very barrel!

wooden barrel and wooden cart blend perfectly, but not least, the best combination would be a cart of wood and metal cans installed in it.Again, if the lid of the cans and to fill the ground, you get a great place to grow flowers.But as garden flower pots can be placed around the cans in a cart, and metal containers do not use, they just stand there.

general in the cart, you can put anything you like, for example, decorative sculptures, and put grandfather with a woman or a large doll.And another option, which occurs less frequently - is to use the old carts as a warehouse for wood.What could be simpler than to put a device near the original stationary barbecue and put it wood?The main thing to make sure that the cart does not standing too close to an open flame source.

Cart-flower garden

Well, now move on to the options of using garden carts as a flower garden.If it is to fill the ground for at least half and put flowers in it, you get a very vivid and expressive flower garden.At the same time pick up diverse plants that bloom in different colors - in the cart can be planted vysokorastuschie flowers, and on the sides - curly and ampelnye plants that will hang from ledges.Perhaps the cart with the colors most often used in the design of a garden plot.

Cart with flowers for photo Garden

Cart with flowers for the garden Photo

If you tilt the wooden cart to the ground (the shafts to the top) and renew planting flowers in the ground, you get a kind of stream of flowers.This option looks amazing, if streams arising from the carts have different colors: red blends in blue, one in turn orange, purple, etc.At the same time, make sure that all the plants were about the same height and do not obstruct each other.

A flower bed in a wooden cart photo

flower bed in a wooden cart photo

And finally, another use is not so much decorative garden carts as small trucks.They can establish a "locomotive" one after the other and grow in their flowers.And it looks particularly interesting option, when one kind of flower is grown in each wagon: in the first - petunias, in the second - three-colored violet, in the third - marigolds.

Without a doubt, a complete holistic composition always looks much more attractive than a freestanding disparate elements, which is why the village is better to surround the cart with a wicker fence hung on support clay pots, benches from edging boards, wheel and a scarecrow on a fence.

Decorative cart with flowers photo

Decorative cart with flowers photo

Trolley for flower photos of the garden

Cart flower garden photo

wagon wheel as decorative element for the garden

If you purchased a decorative wagon wheel and do not know how to use it, then our advicehelp him find a profitable use.The easiest way - to put the wheel somewhere in the vicinity of the cart, or to rely on the wicker fence or a decorative windmill.

next option will appeal to those who grow the seedlings in the garden - the wheel used as fences for beds, while in each sector can be grown separate species seedlings and they will not interfere with each other.

From wheels is a beautiful lamp and even a chandelier that can hang on the street, not only over the dining table or in the gazebo, but also in the house, if it is decorated in a rustic style.The simplest option - it is to fix a lamp with the help of a thick rope on a tree branch on the rim and fix a few light bulbs.Option is more complicated in the formation of wheel chandeliers.There act as suspensions massive circuit and the lamps are fixed to the wheel or rim, or a forged rings.If there are wheels of different diameters, it can get a two- or three-tiered chandelier.

Chandeliers from the wheels of the carts

chandeliers wagon wheel

Another good option can be considered the use of wheel to use it as a railing for oversized garden tools or the crossbar for pots with flowers.In this case, the wheel is hung on a pole or a tree and attached hooks on the rim of the circle.

Flowers in pots on the wheel of the cart

Flowers in pots on the wheel of the cart

Decorative wagon wheel photo

decorative wagon wheel photo

For the following method will need more than one wheel, but two.With their help, we will do the bench.Wheels we serve as handrails, among them fasten the seat of the boards, and if desired, you can still do the back.This variant of garden benches many will like.

Next idea is not used too often, so it can be safely to adopt, if you really want to create an original design of the garden.It consists in the fact that from the big wheels delivered to one or more supports, do outdoor table.You may ask, what about him to dinner, all the plates fail down?The answer - that it does not happen, you need to put on top of the wheel corresponding diameter transparent glass.

Garden table made of wheels of carts photo

Garden table made of wheels of carts photo

How to make a decorative garden cart

If you need a smaller copy of the crafts in the form of carts can be made from matches.If you want to build a real decorative wagon for the garden, it can also be done by hand.

So, how to make a decorative wagon?It is best to take a ready-made elements and connect them to each other - a wooden trolley, two finished wheels and two thin timber for the shafts.With the help of nails and screws, these elements need to hold together, then clean and lacquering.

Of course, you can take the cart, as they say, "from scratch", but in this case need carpenter skills - must be able to work with wood, cut and processed to the desired roughness of the board, to make the wheels.

We hope that at least one of the above ideas will you prefer, and decorative garden cart will be an inherent part of your site, because the options for its use quite a lot, and the most unimaginable.

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