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August 12, 2017 18:07

Photo Wall Mural hallway in an exotic style and the style of " retro"

Photo wall in the interior of the hall, which is better to choose?

If you still think, as it were originally making your hallway, then why not consider the option of photo wallpapers?Today, they are significantly different in design, size and drawings from those made previously.Current Mural hallway may look not only stylish, but also elegant.One only has to choose the right colors and image form.

To make really the right choice, you need to properly evaluate the space.Take a look around: how lit corridor, what a hallway area that I want to add style and design?It is possible to make the interior more extravagant, or, conversely, warm and cozy.After this analysis, we can safely go to the store and make a purchase.

below describe some selection rules:

  • shade should be selected in accordance with the property of each color.For example, warm colors create a sense of comfort, as well as "lighten" the room.Cool colors help to increase the space.To warm colors include: yellow, red, orange.To cool: green, blue, cyan, purple, blue-green, indigo, turquoise.
  • also matters covering style, the plot and the shape of the figure, which affect the general perception of the room.Images from the streets receding into the distance visually lengthen the corridor.Pictures with larger flowers or abstract figures designed to focus on a single object.
  • Texture material is selected depending on operating conditions.If you intend to frequently wash coating, the suitable adhesive wallpapers.If the organic materials are important, it will look good paper webs, which are applied to the entire wall.

Photo wall in the hall interior in the style of

There are many styles that can be incorporated in the coating.It is possible to arrange a corridor in an avant-garde, classical and other styles.Also popular and style "retro".For example, it can be pictures from favorite movies or musicals 60-70s and the image of the legendary group.Mural will allow to decorate the wall paintings by famous artists of the XIX century. It all depends on your preferences.

addition to the usual modular wall coverings can be done in the same style and self-adhesive wallpapers on the door.But you should pay attention to the fact that they are likely to make a black-and-white.Carefully inspect your space, how much is right for you, this coloring.If everything is OK, and the room does not become obscured, we can get down to business.

Photo Wall Murals on the wall in the hallway in an exotic style

Not everyone loves the classics.Many like exotic landscapes, where tropical birds, large flowers, oasis and sunsets can be depicted. especially popular figures with different wild plants.This coating will not only attract the attention of your guests, but also to harmonize the space.

Plus, depending on the shape and size coat can "expand" space, make it visually more, especially if everything is executed in cold tones (flowers, waterfalls are depicted more often in cold color).

Someone will have no liking exotic nature, and Russian expanses (forests, mountain rivers).This is also a good idea.For example, there are wallpapers "The River" or "forest expanses."Thus, the data wallpapers for walls in the interior are able to create a unique sincerity and warmth, reminiscent of Russian, native.