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August 12, 2017 18:07

The yellow color in the interior

Creating a certain style in the interior of your home, apartment, or even houses - a very pleasant and exciting experience , carrying the joy and satisfaction.From what style you specify your abode certainly will depend on your life, in all its respects.And one of the main components in the design of interior spaces - a color or a combination thereof.Then just right to have a saying, "As the ship name, so it and go."After all, every color has an individual significance, a deeper meaning, a different impact on us.Therefore, each person has a favorite shades of which he feels most comfortable.

sunny and warm yellow in the interior - one of the most in harmony with many other shades of colors, and it is primarily a positive effect on almost everyone.

Yellow refers to the classification of "warm", associated with summer and the sun, causing a sense of light, heat and absorbs negative energy.In the interior it is easily combined with other colors.

If we talk about the impact of the whole palette of yellow paint on man, here it occupies leading positions:

  • stimulates - and in our time without the stimulus sometimes discouraged.
  • Improves memory and becomes an excellent remedy for adults.
  • Manages and organizes what is sometimes ride.
  • encounters new ideas, and as soon as possible, and not least, correct, decision-making.
  • Yellow shades contribute to openness, sociability, freedom, which sometimes do not have enough to understand each other.
  • combination of yellow in the interior even develops intelligence and becomes a great help in learning to your children.

But there is a slight contradiction - too much yellow or solid yellow over a large area in the interior will be very intense and saturated.In addition, his human touch in pure form too inconvenienced.It is therefore not recommended to be used without combination with other yellow shades of this color in the interior.Besides, the yellow color easily come into combination with many other color palettes, so they combine easily.

The combination of yellow color in the interior

combination of yellow in the interior

As a rule, each room will look good with different combinations of yellow.Let us dwell on how to apply yellow color in the interior different rooms.

combination of colors with a yellow tint in the hallway

combination of yellow and red - a joyful and harmonious connection.In this spirit, will miraculously appear hallway or corridor.Add yellow colors help brown hues: cinnamon, coffee with milk, caramel.Choosing the finish of the walls or furniture for the hallway, stick to such a combination, and you're sure to be happy with the result.

Yellow wall in an interior hallway

Yellow wall in an interior hallway

The yellow color in the interior hallway

yellow color in the interior hallway

living design in yellow

If you like to often invite guest house, there is yellow - your indispensable assistant.However, a lot of yellow for the living room would be boring and wrong.Decorate your living room with yellow accessories: lampshades, candlesticks and gold photo frames, paintings.But the design of the living room walls in shades of yellow is still possible, if we turn to a sand color palette or use a gentle yellow hues.

for living a good solution would be an option, if you dilute the yellow color pink and beige tones.On the other hand, if you take the yellow, bold orange and red colors for the decoration of the living room, the result is a cheerful, full and elegant interior.

The yellow color in the interior of the living room

yellow color in the interior living

The yellow color in the interior of the living room

yellow color in the interior living

bedroom in shades of yellow

But for a bedroom fit more muted tones of yellow, as bright can trigger insomnia.If you so desire to communicate with yellow in the bedroom, then choose for this bed linen appropriate coloring, bathrobes, bedspreads, curtains.

most suitable combination for bedrooms yellow and brown shades.Against the background of the brown walls and furniture perfectly perceived yellow objects, harmoniously complementing each other.The most calm and gentle combination of bedroom - a range of yellow and green colors.Their fusion of unusual calms the nervous system and improves mood, so the green-yellow bedroom will attract many.In short, with a juicy yellow-green interior, you will create an early spring in her room.Along with these great colors will behave brown and blue.

The yellow color in the interior of a bedroom Photo

yellow color in the interior of a bedroom Photo

The yellow color in the interior of a bedroom Photo

yellow color in the interior of a bedroom Photo

Yellow palette in the interior of a child's room

Preference brighter yellow tones can be given at registration of the nursery.They cause positive emotions, cognition and push to increase intelligence.The yellow color in the interior of a child's room well will be combined with pink, purple, orange, brown, green.Figure on a wall with the image of the sun and the sea will calm your child and, of course, decorate the room and fill it with joy.Game yellow and blue colors will make a freshness and lightness to the interior of a child's room.

Children in yellow photo

Children in yellow photo

Yellow sunny kitchen in your home

Comfort and warmth will give you a yellow kitchen interior (see more photos at the link).Yellow shades in the kitchen will take care of your health, helping to improve digestion.If you love to cook, then a yellow interior will help you with this stimulating, charging energy and vivacity.

most suitable color of furniture for kitchen yellow - blue, blue, lilac.Very nice combination for the kitchen - yellow and brown colors.Yellow in the kitchen furniture will be interesting to look at the background of white or gray design walls.The clarity of forms and severity of yellow-black interior - is also a good idea for the kitchen design, recently enjoys great interest.Yellow in kitchen with work surfaces in black, complete with black and yellow table dining chairs in white, blue or gray of the interior will have a spectacular view!

Yellow walls in the interior of the kitchen and dining room

Yellow wall in the interior of the kitchen or dining room

combination of yellow in the interior of the bathroom room

Yellow plus Blue - enough flexible union.Bathroom with yellow and blue interior will look very attractive and modern.Alternatively, one part of the wall can be framed in yellow, and the other - any shade of blue spectrum.As a result, the combination of yellow bathroom furniture komnatys turquoise or purple undertones emerges just delightful and incomparable background.Also welcome black-yellow interior in the bathroom, as well as in the kitchen.This reunion will look great on the tile floor or on the walls in yellow and black broad band.

The yellow color in the interior bathroom

yellow color in the interior bathroom

choosing a yellow color in the interior, refer to their own tastes and preferences, creating around him an ideal space.

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