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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to sheathe balcony clapboard

If your intention is to make repairs on the balcony, or loggia, is perhaps one of the most urgent was the question for you to interior decoration.It would be desirable that the materials are inexpensive, practical and beautiful paneling and installation works - beskhlopotnymi?If so, then you will approach option balcony sheathing wooden paneling (or plastic).Wooden panels perform the function additional insulation, one will not be for years to evaporate various chemicals such as synthetic materials of questionable quality, and will not appear fungus underneath. Overall all just , most environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing.


  • What linings
  • types and classes of wood lining
  • Lining: wood species
  • What is a plastic lining
  • necessary materials and tools
  • Cooking balcony or loggia to the skin lining
    • Thermal insulation and sealing
    • triple barrier: stages
  • Mounting batten
  • Upholstery balcony clapboard
  • Finishing lining
  • Installation lining: video
  • Finishing balconies lining: photo

What linings


Molded - all known finishing materials from natural wood, implying Paso-ridge method of attachment, work which can every homeowner without expert building profile.

name its material was due to the fact that initially this type of board used for interior finishing of passenger cars.

esteem lining weight:

  • it does not block the air microcirculation, in fact, is known, «breathes" tree;
  • creates additional insulation;
  • absorbs excess moisture, if air moist and evaporates it - if air is too dry;
  • room filled with the smell of natural wood;
  • material is resistant to rot with proper treatment;
  • processing lends itself easily;
  • tolerates temperature changes;
  • provides reliable noise insulation;
  • under battens can hide the wires necessary for communications;
  • and in end , it just looks great .

types and classes of wood lining


Manufacturers divide the material into classes depending on the quality of the wood.This difference in the processing or manufacture of linings of different classes do not.

  1. Ekstraklasa . This timber has no defects such as knots or natural fractures.Color its uniform and homogeneous, often light.Through such processing lining does not crack or deform over time, has a minimum level of shrinkage and thus maximum density.It is logical to assume that the cost of the material extra-class will be quite high.
  2. Class A (first grade).It may be included in a live knots light.
  3. Class In (second grade).Often is the inclusion of non-living dark knots.
  4. Class C (third grade).Such a timber may have fallen twigs, through cracks.

addition classes, marking the quality of wood, the material is divided into ordinary and Lining - the difference between them is mainly marked by the size of the board:

  • regular Facing linings: width 15 cm, length - up to 6m , thickness -up to 2.5 cm;
  • Lining: width 8 - 12 cm;length from 50 cm to 6 m , thickness - from 1,3 to 1,9 mm .

As you can see, Lining is more convenient for interior decoration due to its size, and the usual - great suitable for cladding a building outside.

Besides a wide variety of sizes, called evrovariant material has channels for ventilation on the rear side and convenient system boards connections during installation.

Lining: wood


lining is made from both softwood and hardwood.

Pine.It is the most affordable option, and the most common .However, moisture resistance such wood is different, so use it to finish a balcony or loggia can only be imbued with a special compound.

Larch.A great variation nt to I finish all surfaces.How indoors and outdoors.This lining is not afraid of dampness, insect attacks, rot, so serve Islands m m tion years.

Ash and oak.It looks so respectable wood, but the price is appropriate.It is better to use this wood for decoration indoors with moderate humidity.

Lipa.It tolerates high temperature and high humidity - it is not necessary to further process the chemical solutions.In addition, the timber extends into the room very pleasant smell.

What is a plastic lining


As is clear from the title, this lining is made not of wood, and PVC.But do not confuse it conventional plastic panels: a significant difference in the profile, size and installation method.Facing the plastic lining is no different for the technology to work with the material of wood.

plastic linings can have different colors, in including and texture, and color of the wood. its advantages in longevity and in that the plastic does not require additional processing varnishes and impregnation.

necessary materials and tools

in advance you have to decide what will be the laying of lining: horizontal or vertical.

  • vertical cladding visually make the ceiling higher , but on volume of your balcony will be visually less;
  • horizontal cladding is visually expands the space, but and ceiling seems lower .

Lining is fastened to the frame ( crate ), for the manufacture of which should be directed.It may be, for example, long rails with a rectangular cross-section. First of all, make measurements and draw a diagram.Guides are fixed to the wall at a distance of 50 - 70 cm from each other perpendicular to the direction of lining installation.


To calculate the necessary yardage slats need:

  1. Calculate Perim mp St. oego balcony.
  2. multiply by the required number of guides.
  3. To this figure add the perimeters of all windows and doors (if calculation being wall).
  4. The resulting figure is the required yardage guide.

Then it's time to decide with the number of dowels (to them attached to the wall of the balcony rail).Between the bindings must be at least 80 cm.

For rendering required number of lining you need to know the total square the balcony.Do not forget that the material need to purchase a 10% increase - with regard waste and scrap.

When the material is purchased, not unpack it until the day of installation: let it lie horizontally in a room with a constant temperature. Installation spend only in dry weather.

to carry out work on the installation of lining their own hands you exactly need:

  • drill;
  • screwdriver ;
  • jigsaw;
  • hacksaw on a tree;
  • roulette;
  • building level;
  • hammer;
  • screws, etc. yubeli and nails.

Cooking balcony or loggia to the skin lining


properly prepare necessary not only walls, but without fail, and the floor and ceiling.

Thus, the main your task - to prepare a balcony so that later under the wooden clapboard not began development of the fungus, which will soon lead a finishing material into disrepair.Many experts say that the impregnation does not always solve the problem of the fight against mold, besides impregnating themselves can produce harmful health evaporation human . safer to use a so-called triple-barrier method to balcony was not only beautiful, but also safe for the household.

Thermal insulation and sealing

In principle, this phase does not differ from the preparation under furnish other materials: it is necessary to cover the cracks, sealing joints, waterproofing cause and put insulated coating.

triple barrier: Stages

  1. When insulation works and sealing is finished, remove all the baseboards and window sills.The resulting "box" carefully Plasterer over the entire surface (to apply putty -on foam insulation, glue it to the silicone adhesive mounting grid).When the plaster is dry, apply the behavior px trowels aklevku PVC.It will provide a durable barrier to moisture protection walls.Experienced builders say that even the wood trim on the open balcony because of impregnation putty PVC retains its original appearance up to 5 years. impregnation itself is very similar to liquid glue PVA .Buy it can be in any hardware store for little money.For standard-sized balcony you will need about 20 liters of the composition.
  2. Make frame, filling the wooden slats at a distance of 50 -. 70 cm Use for mounting nails.Before mounting rails treat all putty PVC (emphasis on the ends) and be sure to align with each other - crate should create a level surface.
  3. If you live in a region where there is very damp, in the second step, you can stop and proceed directly to the installation of lining.If the humidity is high - do not neglect the third barrier - MDF (6 mm).In addition, the plate will serve as an additional heater that just does not fit into the northern regions or corner apartments.Thus, the "box" simply sheathed MDF and again impregnated putty PVC.

Many artists make the mistake of laying film between layers.Do not forget that, polyethylene gives breathe wood and mold and mildew growth in such an environment will more likely.

Installation crates

crate under - bunk

Mounting frame for lining - business simple.Start with the upper guide rail, if lining is mounted vertically.

  • rail saw off the desired length;
  • do on her mark at a distance of 60 - 70 cm - here will be located under the hole anchors ;
  • drill holes in the rack (use a drill on a tree with a diameter of 6 mm );
  • attach the strap to the wall (the upper limit of 10 cm from the ceiling) and through the holes put a pencil mark on the wall;
  • using a drill make holes in the wall 5 - 6 cm (diameter 6 mm);
  • mount guide using plastic Chopik (dowels are driven hammer not fully, yet 7 - 10mm better wrap screwdriver );
  • check the evenness of the guide with a cord;
  • do the same procedure with the other strips .

Upholstery balcony clapboard

installation - wooden - lining

There are a few simple rules to carry out plating.

horizontal paneling:

  • begin installation you need from the ceiling;
  • bunk set up spike (this will prevent the ingress of dust into the grooves and moisture and how result, damage the wood);
  • from time to time horizontal cladding should be checked with a spirit level;
  • last (lower) the bar need to adjust the size so that it did not reach to 10 mm floor (this gap is closed plinth later);
  • bottom bracket is attached with nails .

Vertical siding:

  • installation process starts from the corner (choose the angle, which run less convenient to the final - more difficult phase - you feel comfortable);
  • first strap fastened with nails (and tongue and groove) and, not close to the edge, to avoid chipping the wood but not far , next to rake hidden nail head;
  • the rest of the installation is similar to the horizontal plating;
  • nearer to the opposite corner, proceed to insert the final rack: measure the distance from the penultimate slot strap to the opposite wall, on these measures cut the linings;insert trimmed the bar in the slot;near the wall remains a gap that closes Baseboard .

Mounting lining occurs equally, regardless of whether there is a wall or ceiling cladding.Only when you are ready, you can go to work on the slopes.

Finishing lining


Of course, installation of lining repair balcony still not finished: the wood must be covered with protective compounds to it for a long time do not lose their decorative and functional properties.

More before installing wood is treated with the back of the antiseptic - clear primer will prevent the occurrence of mold and mildew development.

On the front of the lining coating is applied after the completion of the cladding.To begin, clean the cover of the dust and dirt - or no coverage securely will not hold.

Process battens possible by the following means:

  1. water-based lacquer.It is a safe compound that will not give toxic fumes or odor and dries quickly.Suitable a nail glazed balcony or loggia - where the direct impact of aggressive factors in the timber is possible.Protection of such preparation gives low.
  2. acrylic varnish.Wood well protects the surface from moisture and UV rays.Self medication is harmless to humans - volatile chemical components in it absent.Use the cover can be both for external and for internal works. As practice shows, to cover the lining on the balcony handyman choose exactly this means .
  3. Alkyd varnish.The product is good for use in regions where the humidity is constantly high.And preparation itself invisible - outside vie qq revesiny not change after treatment.The disadvantage is a very strong and persistent odor of the drug, and a long drying period.
  4. Polyurethane varnish.Designed for outdoor use.Means frost - and moisture resistance, high impact , but emits toxic substances that are in the room can greatly harm to human health.
  5. oil paint.This composition is well impregnates the wood, but a very long time to dry.It has a high level of protection.
  6. paint based on alkyd resins.Suitable for outdoor use.It protects the wood from the low temperatures.
  7. Stain.This impregnation - the most common and cheapest wood protection method, with which you can also give the coating the desired tone.Stain protects against the formation of fungus, mold, stop the process of decay.
  8. Wax impregnation. Great for areas with high humidity . substance creates lasting moisture repellent layer on the surface of the wood.

Installation Lining: Video

Finishing balconies lining: photo

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