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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to choose shingles

Among modern roofing asphalt shingles has a special place.With the optimal combination of technological features that have shingles, the price matches the quality.Its flexibility and plasticity allows to implement the boldest architectural ideas.


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most unusual shapes and frame configurationroof made master of the soft roof, as it is called shingles or Shinglas.Bulbous dome or roof configuration, do not constitute a problem for the soft tiles.The standard parameters 100h33 cm, usually used three or four links bitumen roof shingles with a shaped profile along the edge.The shape of this tile is very diverse, sometimes in the form of hexagonal cells, oval, triangle, fish scales, and so forth.

economic benefits of shingles

Roof for everything that used shingles, feedback has in most casespositive.It is convenient to install, easy to cut and has a minimum of waste.


  1. Due to its flexibility and plasticity, shingles during installation is very little waste, usually no more than 10%.Among the various roofing materials, shingles price on one of the lowest.The complex architectural designs, it is often necessary to make a continuous obreshetochnuyu plane of OSB.
  2. foundation, walls and rafter frame are designed taking into account the weight of the roofing material.Given that 1 m2 weighs up to 8 kg, in the construction of boxes at home substantial savings construction materials.The small size and weight reduce the price of handling and transportation.
  3. Warranty lifetime shingles from 10 to 50 years, except during the operation, it does not require additional painting, it is not subject to build-up of fungus, moss and mold.To replace the damaged section of the roof, enough to replace several individual tiles without removing the entire roof.

Advantages of roofing shingles

external aesthetic appearance of a soft roof, its plastic possibilities and technological use in the construction of multi-level complex roofs, you can look at photos on the internet.

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  1. With the optimal combination of technological qualities and properties of the components constituting the shingles, the roof has a high strength, reliable waterproofing and resistance to mechanical damage.Considering the advantages and economic benefits, to buy the shingles for the roof will be the right decision.
  2. The main function of the roof waterproofing is housing.It does not rust and does not rot or corrode.During rain or other precipitation, shingles successfully dampens sound.Under the influence of solar heat, shingles fused into a homogeneous mass waterproof and thus does not pass and do not absorb moisture.
  3. According to its characteristics and, in practice, shingles can withstand sudden changes in temperature.The range of its application from the polar regions to the tropics.It will not crack in the cold, not deformed and does not get warm in the sun.

structure and technological properties of shingles

main component of the shingles is a fiberglass or cellulose fabric impregnated with oxidized bitumen.


  1. The structure of the main impregnation bonding layer consists of polymer additives and modifiers SBS.Natural or synthetic bitumen, used for the production of shingles for a roof are considered environmentally friendly materials.The natural bitumen asphalts include, Malta and kerite mined in quarries.Artificial produced from oil refining waste, coal or shale.Technological properties of natural and synthetic bitumen is almost equal.
  2. front side of shingles has a coating of colored mineral aggregate.This coating protects the roof from the elements, increase the strength of the shingles and does not change color when exposed to sunlight.For ease of operation, on the edge of the roof tiles with a soft layer of bituminous adhesive can be applied.
  3. inner surface of the shingles covered with a thin layer of quartz sand.This prevents the bonding layer sheets during storage, transportation and installation of the roof.To create a monolithic waterproof seam roofing tile along the edge of the sheet is applied to the bituminous adhesive layer, protected by a film.Before installing shingles film must be removed.
  4. Some manufacturers as facial cover using a copper plate.This technology shingles substantially affects its value and has a different structure.The roof of such tiles, though more expensive, but it offers great opportunities for design.To cut you can see the structure of such tiles: a layer of transparent glue, copper sheet, two layers of bitumen impregnated with universal two layers of glass fiber and lightweight coated with a protective film.Shingles with copper coating is produced in the form of scaly cells in the form of hexagonal cells, ovals, rectangles, etc.

Operation of roofing shingles

warranty period bitumen roof shingles manufacturers declare from 10 to 50 years.The real life of the roof service shingles much more.

  1. after prolonged use of the building sometimes is its shrinkage due to shrinkage or wooden truss roof deformation.Due to its ductility, shingles carries such deformation is absolutely painless and provides the necessary waterproofing.
  2. Through the use of natural chips to cover the front of the plane, soft tile does not fade in the sun.Biological agents present in its structure, inhibit the growth of mosses and lichens.In case of mechanical damage is not necessary to dismantle the entire roof.It is enough to replace a small affected area.