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August 12, 2017 18:05

How to bring your own bed bugs in the apartment - effective ways

Unfortunately, many of us have met with such a problem, as the bugs.These pesky insects settle in apartments, making it difficult to sleep and cause a variety of diseases.The problem is compounded by the fact that bugs - insects is extremely durable, completely destroying them quite difficult.They differ in that they are gradually getting used to a specific chemical agent, after which it loses effectiveness.Thus, the fight against bedbugs - this event is a very responsible and rather time-consuming.

modern chemical industry produces many chemicals that allow without the involvement of professional services to overcome bugs.Experience demonstrates that it is chemical control demonstrates maximum efficiency.

Destruction of bedbugs ,

Before you start using drugs or industrial folk recipe, it is necessary to establish exactly where is located the source of infection.It is known that 7 out of 10 people do not notice insect bites, and therefore find them very difficult.Typically, bedbugs hide in cracks between the wall and baseboards, under carpets, behind furniture and wallpaper.The eggs of parasites can be found not only on pieces of furniture or carpet with a long nap, but even within the household appliances or in the fur of pets.

If a visual inspection of the apartment led to the discovery of larvae or adults, should carefully examine the place to discover the cluster.With special attention should be inspected mattresses, seams and joints of upholstered furniture and bedding sets.

How to bring bedbugs folk ways

If you do not trust store-bought chemical preparations or consider them dangerous, you can try some traditional methods to eliminate bedbugs in which the destruction of bedbugs in the apartment alone turns into a very simple task:


All the places where the insects were observed, must be processed by essences.This method is completely safe and harmless for furniture for any surface.Bedbugs will not tolerate sharp acetic odor.

hot fumes

Probable habitats bedbugs processed with boiling water.


Processing alleged bedbug habitat leads to the fact that insects are beginning to crawl out.The disadvantage of this method is that it is not completely effective in situations where insects have laid eggs.

kerosene, turpentine and boiled water

This method can safely be called the most ancient.All components are mixed, after which the solution is used for processing pieces of furniture.


sharp smell of the plant causes the insects to leave their homes.The cooling

Temperatures below minus 20 degrees leads to the fact that the bugs within 24 hours guaranteed to die.

the bug - no

chlorophos against bedbugs

If traditional recipes do not allow to achieve the desired result, it is possible to use more effective methods.For example, trichlorfon has already established itself as the strongest poison, completely annihilating the population of bedbugs.Processing is carried out with a solution of water and 10 percent of the chemical agent emulsion.Application chlorophos should be done at the open windows and doors.Processing should use gloves, masks and other protective equipment.

Less chlorophos that he was not able to destroy the eggs of insects, but because after 3-4 months require re-treatment.A good and inexpensive preparation of the bugs is also a malathion, but he has a very bad smell, after which the premises will have to ventilate 2-3 days.