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August 12, 2017 18:07

Key Features Wire PV-1

Marking PV-1 stands quite simply: "P" - wire "B" - the outer PVC jacket, "1" - class flexibility veins (more rigid).This marking fully complies with GOST 6323-79, but according to other standards - GOST R 53768-2010 conductor is marked with RSV (installation).Next we readers site itself Electricians specifications Wire PV-1 and describe what it is used.

  • Basic parameters
  • Scope

Basic parameters

design PUV following:

  • lived alone, copper, multi / single-wire (tin-plated);
  • insulation - PVC;
  • color marking is made according to GOST (colors can be yellow-green, white, red, blue, brown and even black);

The grounding conductor photo

As regards the technical characteristics of PV-1 (also known as RSV), are considered to be basic:

  1. Voltage 450/750 Volts (AC) or 1,000 V (DC).
  2. frequency 400 Hz.
  3. current-carrying cross-section of cables from 0.5 to 120 mm.kv.
  4. Operating temperature -50 ° C to + 70 ° C (but allowed gasket at a temperature not below -15 ° C).
  5. electrical resistance of at least 1 Mohm * km
  6. minimum bending radius of 10 outer diameters of the wires.
  7. Construction length of at least 100 meters.
  8. The warranty period of 2 years.
  9. service life of 15 years.

Weight Wire PV-1 and an outer diameter, we have provided in the table below:

Table sections of the masses

The appearance of each size

Also, all main parameters you can see in the video review below:

Features RSV
YouTube Preview

description of allthe most important technical characteristics, we have provided you.It remains only to tell where this type of conductor is used and who produces it today.


Because equipment wire PV-1 is resistant to mechanical damage, mold, and also has a self-extinguishing insulation, it is recommended to be used in power and lighting lines in the following order:

  • Wiring in the pipes.
  • line installation in hollow channels of building constructions.
  • Electricity in trays.
  • electrical grounding.

addition allowed to use this guide as the internal elements of the product, only if these places excluded condensation.

Finally I would like to note that at the present time, the brand RSV (analogue) Wire produces a lot of manufacturers, including plants such manufacturers as "Belaruskabel", "Kamsky Cable", "Kavkazkabel ".

That's all you need to know about the technical characteristics of the PV-1 wires, and its primary purpose.If you have any questions, ask them in the comments or on our forum - group konatkte.