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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to make beautiful lighting in the gazebo ?

Lighting summer gazebo is easy to make your own hands, asall you need - to get a wire from the electrical panel and connect it to the switch with a bulb (simplest version).Much more difficult to think of illumination scheme, select the appropriate lamps and determine the most appropriate place to install them.Next we will talk about the most interesting ideas of light and give readers an electrician himself the best photos of existing projects.

  • Options backlight
  • General
  • Local
  • Decorative
  • luminaire installation diagrams
  • Useful tips
  • Interesting ideas

Options backlight


The total is used to light up the whole building inside.Here it is necessary to take into account the fact that in the villa gazebo made to rest, to spend a romantic evening, and chat with friends.That is why the lights do not have to strain your eyes a bright luminous flux.It is recommended to give preference to products which are capable of uniformly dispersed and cover inside the building.Comfortable seating area


Very many people love to engage in the gazebo favorite hobby, which requires a high quality of light (for example, when reading a book or embroidery).That is why at the same time, consider the general illumination and local, that can be included if necessary.In this case, suitable lamp directional light illumination capable of changing the area at any time.The stylish lamps are directional light


Well, the latest version of gazebo lighting - decorative, responsible for the construction of external appearance at night.In this case, it is recommended to install the same lights that are used for other garden buildings and residential houses.A popular option is to install a hidden eaves lighting, garlands and Chinese lanterns.The last option would be an ornament not only at night but also during the day.Using strings

Using LED strip
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luminaire installation diagrams

From that, what type of lighting the gazebo you favor, and the scheme will depend on the installation of lighting fixtures.Consider the most popular options:

  • Connecting chandeliers center of the ceiling.In this case, a general light in the building.Option is the simplest, but at the same time not very comfortable, becauseIt is missing an opportunity to further highlight the specific work area.Decorative chandelier
  • Connection ceiling lamps and wall several products.This variant is more common and acceptable to the public.The popularity due to the fact that the lighting can be controlled gazebo, increasing light wall lamp.In this case, it is recommended to install dvuhklavishny switch to separately manage each group of luminaires.Small lamps on posts
  • Installing spotlights on the ceiling around the perimeter.The current solution allows uniformly illuminate the entire area of ​​the arbor.The advantages of point products lot: they are easy to install, do not take up a lot of space and also significantly save energy (if LED lamps are used).Spotlights
  • Installation covert illumination of the ceiling.Another modern variant of the lighting in the gazebo, which allows to create a cozy atmosphere with subdued light.The only drawback is that the LED ribbon will not create bright lighting, so reading a book you are unlikely to happen unless you add to the project a few wall lights.Hidden roof lights
  • Connecting sconces on each wall.In this case, it creates a romantic atmosphere, especially if the BRA will have a beautiful appearance.The advantage of this option is that you can make the lighting in the pavilion even wirelessly by buying a bra with batteries.sconce

Useful tips

Once you have determined the scheme of placement of luminous objects, it will be necessary to move to the installation of lighting.To this event was safe, and the work done is not in vain, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the following tips:

  1. Perform selection of lighting fixtures based on the arbor design.If the construction of a closed type, suitable room lamp if open - fixtures for streets with a certain degree of protection.
  2. Use light bulbs that emit a warm ambient light.Cool colors will strain your eyes, which had a negative impact on the rest.
  3. Correctly pick up the bulb.For example, incandescent cheap but quickly burn out, while LEDs have a high cost, but also a long lifetime.
  4. To make the interior of the buildings original and at the same time take care of the lighting in the gazebo, take the lamp with your hands.Here are some ideas you can find on the Internet:
  5. Remember that wooden arbours are flammable buildings, so the wiring and installation of fixtures observe the requirements similar to electrical wiring in a wooden house.In short, the cable should be held in a non-combustible protective ripple, but a way of connecting wires should be of high quality (Vago terminal blocks or soldering).
  6. to create colored lighting in the pavilion, use the RGB lighting to create a cozy yellow light fit incandescent and fluorescent lamps glow yellow.Spot Lamp RGB
  7. glow Area All products should be only within the recreation area.If the bulb will cover the territory of the garden or flower beds, you just overpay electricity.
  8. Install ceiling lamp in the center of the arbor, and to create a romantic atmosphere arrange some candles in suitable locations.
  9. Secure ceiling pendant lamp, which is able to change the installation height.If this product is to raise the ceiling, it can be diffused light, drooping down - concentrated on the table.Hanging lamp
  10. Choose only high-quality products.Cheap Chinese products is the cause of self-ignition wiring and lighting quick exit out of operation.

Worth also view the original idea to create a luminaire for gazebos with their hands:

How do downlight improvised
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Interesting ideas

And finally offer to your attention an interesting photo of lighting in the pavilion:

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