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August 12, 2017 18:07

A new way to save energy - counters on the remote

Currently, due to the high electricity tariffs, many try to pay less for electricity by various methods.Some drill holes in the counter and makes pounced on wires, and someone tries to use fewer appliances.One of the more effective methods of saving - buy the electricity from the control panel.This device allows you to stop the metering of electricity with one simple click on the compact console.Manufacturers of electric meter data give a guarantee that inspectors will not be able to detect the fact of alteration of the modified devices.

The range contains devices, both single and multi-tariff.At the same time it is possible to buy a single-phase and three-phase electricity meters with a remote control.As for modified models of counters, you can purchase as a company "Energomera" devices, and popular power meters "Mercury" (as pictured below).

Mercury m231at

To You made sure that the devices can actually disable the account of electricity and thus allow to pay less for electricity, offer to your attention a visual test video:

Overview Mercury 230 ART-02 CN

YouTube Preview
Buy an electric meter with a remote control, you can without any problems, go to the manufacturers website here.Please note that the electricity price is relatively low, given the fact that included free shipping and from the first day after the connection, you can save energy in the home.

And the last point on which I would like to stay - reviews of those who have purchased the counter on the remote.We analyzed a lot of comments in the forums and could highlight one very important trend - those who bought the device, leave only positive opinion.Most negative reviews due only to the fact that potential customers are afraid detect alterations.One way or another, will be all the necessary seals and labels that will reduce to a minimum interest in checking on you bought the device.

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