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Utility And The Host. Room

August 12, 2017 18:07

Design wardrobe - dress comfortably !

Dressing corner, built-in linear and other

Most often, closets are divided into certain types, based on the type of plan.Based on this criterion can be identified angular, linear, L-shaped, U-shaped and parallel to the dressing room.The linear layout is ideal for large spaces, such as under the dressing room if given an entire room.In this case all the racks, boxes and chests of drawers are located along one of the walls of the room.

In contrast to the linear, angular dressing normally settle in areas where there is a shortage of space.If you look at it from above, it is a triangle - two adjacent walls are interconnected protective structure, that is the door.As a result of everything the so-called "fifth wall" appears such facilities in the room.Dressing corner type may be undeveloped when the width of the walls of at least 1.5 m!At the same furniture can be located both along one wall, and along both.

L-shaped room settling in when place the racks for clothes along the parallel walls is impossible.In most cases, such a dressing does not even need the fence, as the shelves and cabinets usually "look" at the back of the living area wall.U-shaped room is perfect for even small, but extended premises.This layout provides plenty of opportunities to accommodate a wide variety of furniture, artificial light sources and mirrors.

Separates such wardrobe from the living area ordinary interior doors or decorative partitions, screens.A parallel plan for anadromous or individual rooms.It is recommended to maintain a distance between the walls, so it should not be less than 1.6 m. This creates a certain comfort when you move between the shelves.

is easy to divide the dressing for a few species, on the basis of whether they occupy a separate room and fenced off a screen or wall, placed in a niche or alcove. last option - a built-in wardrobes, which are a good solution for small spaces.However, their arrangement must be carefully approach the selection of content.It is not recommended to buy bulky items of furniture, it is better to confine modern racks, hangers and ergonomic stand.

Design wardrobe - choose the style of the interior and organize

lighting Variety interior styles allows you to turn a dressing room, a work of art, but your choices may be limited by a number of nuances.Firstly, you need to properly evaluate possible design space, in terms of its area.If your house or apartment under the dressing room is allocated only a few square meters, it makes sense to focus attention not on the design refinements, and rational distribution of the necessary pieces of furniture and accessories.

Typically, in such rooms look great and successfully placed ultra-racks, hangers, supports made of metal, glass and high-impact plastic.Particularly advantageously, they look at the background of plain walls. choice of colors and trim materials depends entirely on your preferences, but experts recommend to abandon overly dark tones and "heavy" materials. Prefer pastel tones and decorative plaster, you will not regret it.

Secondly, it is worth considering that the dressing room - it's often the room without windows.The lack of natural light violates human color perception, so do not be surprised if your shoes do not fit to the shade of a handbag or a tie.To solve this problem will help high-quality artificial lighting.Make sure that the center was located on the ceiling chandelier daylight.In addition, it is necessary to place lamps on either side of the mirror (if any), you can highlight cabinets and shelving.

the presence of free space it is useful to install decorative light fixtures or lamps, which give the room warmth and comfort.In the presence of at least one medium-size window can be limited to a few built-in lights.

If, however, you are a proud owner of a spacious dressing room, the limit is only your imagination can, perhaps purse.In this case, practice shows that often choose wardrobe continued "classic" or modern style - minimalism, hi-tech.It is found in the design of the rooms and the east, country style.The important point is that in the dressing room for a large family should be provided with a corner for everyone.Only in this case, your home will be comfortable and functional room.

Filling dressing room - an essential element of its interior

Whichever interior style for dressing you choose, an important role in its design plays correctly matched content - internal elements for placement and storage of clothing.They must be carefully selected in accordance with the same free area, their own preferences, needs and existing interior design. So, for classic dressing is recommended to purchase lockers, drawers and cabinets made of wood, and for high-tech ideal chromed hangers, racks, rods, etc.

For the convenience of selecting elements of the internal filling and their placement is divided into three functional areas in the dressing room: the lower, middle and upper.The lower zone is typically takes no more than 80 cm. It is a convenient drawers for linen and various small things.Slightly less often they are complemented by storage racks for shoes, but this solution is not very hygienic, after all, the shoes should be stored in the hallway.The middle zone (60-190 cm) is given for placing those things that are most commonly used.

as widely used filling drawers, open shelves, shelves, rods with hangers.The rods can be mounted parallel or perpendicular to the wall - it all depends on the depth of dressing.The distance from the rod to the bottom zone should be sufficient to accommodate the longest garments.For convenience, you can set the so-called "lift" with shoulders.They allow you to raise the clothes hanging on them almost to the ceiling.

However, it is worth considering that the cost of such a great design.With regard to the racks and shelves, then for your own convenience, they should be placed at eye level.They successfully supplement drawers with transparent fronts.The upper zone - about 20 cm - is given under hats.In addition to these elements, you can use a variety of holders for shirts, trousers and skirts, belts, special tape tie, trouser presses, etc.Thus, the self build dressing room in your home is not as difficult as it seems at first glance.