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August 12, 2017 18:07

Thermal insulation of the ceiling in a private home - eliminate the main source of the cold

Insulation of the ceiling in a private house

Ceiling Insulation - a significant savings in energy.Most often it is made from the attic.Used for this variety of materials.The main requirements for them are good insulating properties and for the retention parotsirkulyatsii indoors.According to these criteria for this purpose the following materials are suitable:

  • mineral wool;
  • expanded clay;
  • foam;
  • ecowool;
  • Penoizol.

There are different insulation technology, the application of which depends on the material used.The most simple and cheap is considered headlining mineral wool and foam.Running it from the attic.To do this, the first thing fits vapor barrier.It is cut into strips and spreads between the ceiling beams.the bandwidth should be 5 centimeters wider than the distance between the beams, so that it can be attached.Next, put the foam, and the gaps between the plates are filled with foam.The next layer - a mineral wool, which should reach the upper edge of the beam.At the end of the trail overlap the board.

Another popular way is warming expanded clay.First put a layer of insulation and is filled with mint clay.In total, expanded clay layer should be at least 15 centimeters thick.Above is cement or placed boards.

Note!Warming of other materials have similar stacking technology.

insulation of the ceiling in the apartment

Insulation of the ceiling in the apartment is very important for the residents of the upper floors.But even if the apartment is not on the top floor, then make the protection for the ceiling will not be superfluous.The main criterion in choosing the material, in addition to low heat, is a good sound insulation capability.This is due to the fact that the concrete slab between floors virtually prevent noise generated by tenants above.This is no problem for the residents of the upper floors, so the material can be selected and no soundproofing.

Important!Note that the more layers of material to be mounted, the greater the level of the ceiling falls.

Warming concrete ceiling starts with the installation of lathing wooden strips or galvanized metal.To crate and will be attached insulation and finishing material.To do this, you can use mineral wool or foam Penoizol.The simplest way is considered to be taping the ceiling surface of the foam sheet.You do not need to do crate, you just fix the foam adhesive.This method of quality worse than the technology using crates, but the cheapest, quickest and least labor-intensive.

Installation of insulation on the balcony

To complete the insulation of the apartment is not superfluous to the ceiling and insulation loggia, which by its technology like a similar procedure in any of the rooms.To do this, use 3 millimeters thick foil, polystyrene, wooden rake, foam and plastic panels.

Note!In addition the foam can be used the same materials as in the insulation inside the apartment.

Along the walls are mounted wooden slats, which will keep the whole system.Next, inward facing foil is laid, and then the foam sheets.Ways to mount quite a lot, but it is best to use wooden slats, which are mounted on top of the foam.They are laid along the entire wall.Gaps between the foam filled with foam.Then you can start cladding plastic panels.