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August 12, 2017 18:06

Construction of cabins with their own hands

Construction of cabins with their own hands

many owners of country houses are interested in how constructed cabins with their own hands, because it is a utility room just need to store different things, tools, utensils and the villa more.

In addition, this room could even serve as a toilet, bath or hozbloka, depending on how you equip.

Old, old, familiar to many shed few people will hold their appearance.

Especially if you have in the country built a beautiful house, surrounded by broken beautiful flower beds, paved walkways and set various garden decor.

In this case, the question arises, how to build a shed with their hands.

cabins often serves not only as a place to store utensils villa.Some vacationers will wear for the winter to get hives or rabbit hutches, therefore cabins should be not only beautiful, but also warm.

the villa is possible to build the shed itself, but you can buy a ready option.

However, it should be understood that the construction of cabins with their own hands, you can make a design that will meet all your requirement.

Below is a look what happen chalet cabins that can be done with their own hands.

farm building to give their own hands can be seen on the video.



  • Panel cabins
  • Frame cabins
  • Bar-shaped and log cabins
  • Module - containers
  • Construction cabins with their own hands
  • foundation structures for cabins
  • frame erection and roofing

Panel cabins

This is the most economical way of construction.Usually such cabins built "at one time."

Outwardly such cabins looks very attractive, but the inside has no ribs, so after a while the action of the moisture it loses its shape and often simply collapses.

Shielding building for questioning based on the frame of a thin rod, and the top is sheathed with wood, not very thick lining.

room inside the cabins sheathe sheets of chipboard and roofing - thin metal sheets.

Such a structure can hardly withstand strong gusts of wind and frost, so it is usually used as a temporary hozbloka or summer kitchen.

Examples shield huts on the photo.


Frame cabins

Such trailers to give a much stronger and hardier earlier, but are significantly more expensive.Frame cabins built from timber 100 by 100 mm or other suitable size.

frame from such a timber will not be influenced by the environment and lose its original shape.

Outside frame sheathe timber imitation, so the structure will have a very attractive appearance.

inner space trim sheets of plywood or fiberboard.If you want to shed insulated with mineral insulation, vapor barrier and provide dry air indoors.

ceiling and the floor, and also do double-insulated, if necessary.During the construction of such cabins must be borne in mind that the interior space of the room hides.Examples

frame cabins on the photo.


Bar-shaped and log cabins

It's quite an expensive construction, which is being built from massive logs or boards.

This facility will serve you any one year, and if you want to solve the issues of accommodation of various utensils and tools for a long time, it is the most suitable for you.

Such a construction is very sturdy and resistant to external influences, snow, wind, rain.The room log cabins are very warm, so often it is used not only as a farm building, but also as a bath.

wooden cabins built from timber or logs 100 to 150 mm and more.Proshpaklevat surface is required in those places where it is needed.

If partitions are provided inside the room, they can leave timbered, and you can decorate the clapboard.

Log cabins are shown in the photo.


Module - containers

Container office container of sandwich panels is usually used as a temporary solution for the storage of objects in the country.The frame is made of a metal channel, and the walls are built of sandwich panels.

design of sandwich panels is quite rugged, durable and warm, but not always, it will look good in your area landscape.

Sandwich panels consist of two steel sheets, between which is laid insulation.Because of this, cabins sandwich panels receive a warm and comfortable to use.Carriages of sandwich panels in the photo.


Construction cabins with their own hands

If you decide to build a small car for the cottages on their own, it should be taken to work withseriously.

First, we should make a drawing of future construction, which will include the dimensions of cabins and all of its features.Plans will also help to make the calculation of materials that you will need for the job.

Module can act as independent caravans, and act as an extension to the main building on the site.

In addition, an extension can be freestanding and cabins - it can be a terrace or a bathroom for the huts to be used as a sauna.

Annex also have to be included in the project.

is important to choose the right place for the future of construction.If you make temporary shelters, such as sandwich panels, and in the future plan to sell it, then it must be placed so that the crane was able to lift it without interference.

constant and thorough construction should be in the middle of the infield, and hozblok with bath on the fire regulations are placed far away from home.

Once you have decided on the type of construction and place of accommodation, should make the foundation.

Step by step instructions of building site huts is shown in the video.


Construction of the foundation for the cabins

Bungalow for questioning - not very heavy construction, so you can build a pier foundation for it.Even if this is a temporary structure, to understand the future of such a foundation will not be difficult.

If you build a temporary base, it is best to make it out of concrete blocks.

begin to build the foundation you need to clear the place, where the foundation is located.The surface of the earth for the foundation to be compacted, and lay on top of the geotextile, fill with sand and tamp again.

Next on the corners, and every half meter set design of concrete blocks.Surface units should cover the waterproofing of roofing material and mastics.

Next on the foundation is fixed wooden frame cabins with anchors.

If you do a thorough construction, the foundation can be made more complex and durable.To do this with all of its surface layer is removed and the earth and sand laid geotextile which thoroughly tamped.

pits for pillars made 50 cm deep and covered them with a layer of sand 40 cm. Pillars put every half meter or even more frequently.Poles in this case are made of bricks, their height should be 30 cm.

construction pier foundation on video.


frame erection and roofing

When the foundation of the future of construction is ready to begin construction of the most cabins.

In construction perimeter joists placed and firmly fixed on the basis of them, then mount the longitudinal and transverse logs.The frame is best done from a bar 150 to 100 mm, from which will be made by the floor and corner support.

to the boards were connected tightly to the joists make drunk, so that the boards are inserted into each other and then fixed with screws.On the armature circuit is secured by a lag screws and parts.

trailer frame on the photo.

The construction of the frame

When the frame walls ready to make the layout of windows and doors, which provide for your drawings.

In those places where there will be windows and doors, should be strengthened by additional struts framework that will strengthen the openings and make the installation of windows and doors easier.

If you specified in the project, these data, the rack installation can be made on the spot.

Next construct the roof frame.If you decide to make a pent roof, you will need 50 bars to 100 mm.On the bearing bars make drunk, in which insert truss beams and secured with screws.

Rafters should hang over the buildings perimeter about 30 cm., Mounted on the rafter lathing of boards or planks, depending on what kind of roofing material you choose.

This can be ondulin, roofing felt, shingles, or the easiest slate, depending on your abilities and wishes.

now from bars do draft floor, which is then coated with any suitable material.

If necessary, warm the floor with mineral wool.

For this draft floor is coated waterproofing layer, which is placed mineral wool.Then placed a decorative floor - OSB, boards or other options.

Next make the walls of wood, paneling, sheeting or sandwich panels.If you choose the last option finishes, the fixing of sandwich panels to the frame comes with special locking devices.

next stage of work - lining inside the trailer.

If you will be using the shed not only in summer but also during the cold season, it is possible to warm the trailer mineral wool, foam, fiberglass and other heaters.The thickness should be at least 5 cm

Then attach the selected finishing materials -. Wood, siding, composite panel, plastic siding, depending on your wishes.At the end of set windows and doors.