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August 12, 2017 18:08

How to lay tiles around obstacles


  • 1 Methods laying around various obstacles
  • 2 Useful Tips for laying tiles with obstacles

Ideal obstacle without various surfaces just does not happen.During the process for laying tiles on the road always rise which - the obstacles: boxes, sockets, sills, light switches, door frames, columns, issues of sewer pipes, transitions to other types of coatings.Very often there is a question - "How to work on laying new tiles on the surface around these obstacles?".We have understood how to put the tiles on the bathroom floor and walls properly, and this article as a supplement.

Methods laying around various obstacles

To work needed: a pencil or pen, or an ordinary circular Tile, special glue for laying tiles.And check out the article how to cut tile correctly at home.

1. To carry out installation of the tiles around the circuit , you must attach the tile to the room switch and marker to note the extra space on calling him.Tile, tile must be cut at the marked lines of markup.Next, cut a place in it under the switch.To verify the accuracy and evenness of the circumcision done the work, you need to put the tiles in place.

2. To lay the tiles near the window opening or wall corner , measure the distance from the tiles to complete the last window opening or wall angle based on the thickness of the gap of two to four millimeters, it is necessary for the seam.If the wall is uneven, the distance may be different, thus it is necessary to make separate measurements for each tile from the end to the beginning.It is necessary to mark the distance on a hot plate, hold the cut line and the marked line to cut off the excess.Then apply the adhesive composition and attach the resulting cut piece of tile into place.

3. Laying the tiles around the large and small pipes made thus:

Installation of tiles around the large and small pipes photo - If the pipe is big enough and tile rests on the pipe only one angle, you will need to make a curved linear cutting.To do this, cut a sheet of sturdy paper and put it in the place where the tiles should be laid.Hold the paper in this place, you want to bend all superfluous and unnecessary, and after the paper cut on the curved lines in order to get a template for the future under the tiles of the pipe.paper template to apply to the place to check the accuracy of the work done.The template should be attached to the tiles, carefully cut around the pencil and cut along the planned lines.

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- If the pipe is small in shape and you have where - that in the middle of the new tile, the tile is required to make the side and on it mark the bottom and top of the pipe diameter.After this the tiles need to make the pipe near the bottom, along the bottom row of tiles from the edges and mark the extreme points thereon pipe right and left sides.Connect the label on a square in such a way as to form a square and just in the wrong place tiles where the pipe passes.With the help of Tile in a circle to set the desired diameter and desired drill hole.

4. challenging obstacle happens when such holes come in two, three or more tiles.In this case, each sector must be felt-tip pen to mark on a certain place, and cut the tiles on the marked lines.So you need to do on each tile, which gets to the hole.

5. most difficult obstacles are the columns, exterior, floor corners, door frames.In this case it is best to follow the rules below.

Useful Tips for laying tiles with obstacles

- should be laid tile that does not require cutting, as well as the tile to be cut exactly in half.These tiles have to stick to the visible part.

- tiles that need cutting to the most difficult places it is necessary to settle a last resort.To avoid mistakes in the layouts, you need to use a template made of paper, cut the size of an entire separate tiles.Template to attach to the place, bend over obstacles, cut and move the tiles.

- Cut the tile along the contour, attach to the place to check the accuracy.If the tile does not require additional trimming, it can be placed on the adhesive structure to a desired location.

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