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August 12, 2017 18:07

Chimney for solid fuel boilers made ​​of bricks with their hands

Types chimney for solid fuel boilers

As an element of the heating system chimney is classified depending on the material used.There are such flue gas system:

  • metal;
  • ceramic;
  • glass;
  • brick.

All types have features, such as refractory brick chimney can withstand relatively high temperatures.In addition, this material is aesthetically pleasing look in the interior premises.

Types chimneys

For metal chimneys used stainless steel, so they show resistance to aggressive media.As for the glass chimneys, they do not occur in the Russian practice, although the operation is of fine quality and superior design.

Proper installation of the chimney - a guarantee of reliability

There are a few rules of the chimney connection for solid fuel boilers.They prompt an inexperienced host, you need to do to ensure good exhaust smoke.Thus, the rules:

  1. need to comply with fire safety regulations during construction chimney construction to protect yourself and your home against fire education.For safety, make insulation, capable of preventing a possible fire.
  2. The masonry chimney height is important because it affects directly craving and the withdrawal of impurities formed as a result of combustion.It is recommended to install the chimney so that its structure was one meter above the roof.
  3. Recommended thickness of the walls - not less than 10 centimeters.
  4. should constantly monitor the construction area from the inside.It is important that the entire length of it has the same, otherwise it would impede the passage of smoke.
  5. necessary to provide binding sites through which will come out the condensate, as well as through which it will be possible to clean the chimney.

When selecting a material for construction of the chimney must be provided that during heating in the process gas heating system temperature in chimney can be even more than 500 degrees Celsius.That is why the chimney masonry construction is considered to be reliable.To protect the innards of the chimney they are further processed.

brick chimney with his hands

In order to cope with the masonry chimney of brick, it is important to understand all the processes.Not places and experience in this business.The easiest option would be equipping the chimney with the passage inside the walls of brick channel.In this case it is necessary to leave unencumbered mine, which will have a section for exactly one brick.section is calculated according to the regulations: 0.08 square meters allocated for every 1 kilowatt of power boiler.

Driving chimney brickwork

In the case of individual construction of the chimney when there is no channel of bricks need to be cautious to use.When the masonry should pay attention to the corners, which made extremely smooth.

At the same time, the walls should have no protuberances.Chimney, adjacent to the wall, placed vertically.When abutting the wall chimney is further fixing by anchors.They should be placed after every four rows of brick masonry.

Exterior masonry chimney

Before the construction of a brick chimney think through where the audit will be located holes.Laying is performed taking into account the fact that the bottom must be a hatch through which the soot is removed.

internal structure wall should be very smooth and does not have the obstacles to the passage of smoke.The most popular variant of this kind are considered finishing work plastering plane "under the mitten."Using this method will create a circle to approximate the shape of the channel cross section.However, many believe this method is not practical because the peeling may occur over time, the plaster.This can clog the chimney.

for cladding the outside of the chimney, a special brick or any roofing material.

Brick chimney for solid fuel boilers

for solid fuel boiler chimney masonry is very advisable, since this material has a long service life.Due to the high temperature of the gases brick is not long to break down due to a lack of condensate.If the long-term operation of a brick chimney on the material you find dark spots, then there is a gradual destruction of a brick chimney.