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August 12, 2017 18:07

Equips the attic floor - is it worth it ?

The attic floor is different?

first used in France in the seventeenth century, the solution architect for placement in the attic of residential and business premises on behalf of its author became known as the attic.For the needs of individual building equipment such floors may be in the nature of the project or be performed after the completion of construction (during it).

Similarly, in existing multi-family housing can be made completion of the attic space, residential or office use.In practice, such reconstructions often enough these works are carried out for the offices equipment, art studios and rooms for other purposes.

In any case, there is rationing of equipment requirements of residential premises in the attic space, in particular, determine the height of the attic floor, height of ceilings of rooms and passages, their illumination, etc. Definition attics, the requirements for their intended purpose and characteristics are recorded in building codes (SNIP 2.08.01-89 * "Residential buildings").

forms and types of penthouses set.From the classics to the broken form of the roof, on the entire top floor to polygonal shapes, partial placement.When deciding to finish the second level in the residential building is already designed by the developer may face technical difficulties associated with the estimated strength of the foundation.

In this case, the decision in choosing the attic or second floor is taken in favor of the attic.For its construction can be applied lightweight construction materials, while the completion of a full second floor of the foundation can not stand.

Pros and cons of the attic floor - forming a personal opinion

By the way, there are pros and cons of the attic floor.Of course, the undoubted advantage is the use of an existing building, with all its communications and connection to the existing life support structure.Completion of expanding residential area, it often becomes a favorite holiday destination.Such mass

completion removes the seal question already built-up central areas.The appearance of the original roof improves the appearance of the reconstructed building.

The advantages include the fact that, since the attic floor is, creates additional heat insulation, heat losses are reduced.In the end, these works are carried out without the involvement of heavy construction equipment, and the need for eviction.Moreover, there is a priority right to invest in the equipment and the creation of attics duplex apartments on the upper level of the residents increases their interest in such reconstructions.

But especially the attic leads to the fact that the windows in the winter covered with more snow, reducing the natural solar heating and lighting.Furthermore, such windows themselves have a special design, they are significantly more expensive than conventional windows.The value also affects the whole complex of works on heat and waterproofing, asLoft - a floor for living.Features sloping ceilings, reducing the height of the walls, leading to the loss of usable space attic.

What governs the question whether an attic floor?

Sometimes a decision on the question whether the penthouse floor, made in court.Especially if such construction is made at the expense of its neighbors.Doubts considered whether the attic floor in an apartment building, should not be.In the case of investment in its equipment tenants adjoining floor maisonette possible device and assigned a corresponding status of the residential premises.

If the attic is equipped with under office organization, the room gets the apartment number and address in accordance with the house numbering.By the way, said the priority for residents of adjacent floors is maintained even during execution of works.

Given that the attic can be formed in a separate floor, have two or mezzanine level, there are a number of requirements to be met by an attic floor, snip, mentioned at the beginning, in sufficient detail stipulates all sorts of calculations of areas, depending on the geometry of the floor space.In particular, there is the following: how high should the line break of the roof (half a meter), what is the area of ​​the window depending on the area facilities, minimum ceiling height, fire safety, etc.