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August 12, 2017 18:07

Concrete Mixer from the barrel or washing machine - all in handy on the farm !

How to make a mixer out of the barrel - do

components much more practical to produce such a system, which can be transported in a small car.It is desirable to provide easy assembly of all devices in the working position and for dismantling the same transport that is design with a minimum number of components.

embodiment of the above structure can be a base frame, on which the special rollers, driven by an electric motor, rotates the usual metal barrel.That is to say, the idea of ​​how to make a concrete mixer.And further, it will be considered in detail.

Working part is the drum.By its inner surface four plates welded stirring blades made of steel strip 0,45h0,1 m and five millimeters thick.They are arranged crosswise opposite each other at a height of fifteen centimeters from the bottom.

To give greater rigidity design two blades 0,8h0,05 size m of the steel strip of the same thickness are welded crosswise diagonally from the bottom to the opposite inner side.The dimensions of the blades should pick up, focusing on engine power and number of revolutions.

It is suitable for this purpose three-phase electric motor of 180 watts (has air cooling) and a frequency of about 1200 rpm / min.

Creep speed allows speed of about 30 rev / min, and sufficient power force transmitted to the rotating shaft of the paired pulleys.Transmission belt, wedge-shaped, two belts are used when one - small diameter for connection to the motor pulley, the second - a long strap, it is outside of the barrel and includes paired small pulley.

with fixed wheels on the motor shaft of larger diameter the rotation is transmitted to the first of two identical twin small wheels.The rotation of the wheels coupled through a long belt is transferred to it covers the outside of the barrel.The whole system of pulleys and a motor mounted on the rotatable lever site is pivotally fixed to the base frame.

Co. bottom of the barrel on the imaginary axis of rotation of the bolt welded M14h60.It is important to ensure the accuracy of alignment of its fastening, becauseit defines the work of the whole mechanism.For convenience, the top of the barrel can be closed cooked in size open conical nozzle.Lots outer surface of the barrel is rolled on rollers, closed with rubber wheels on the camera light vehicles to reduce noise during operation.

Concrete Mixer from the barrel - collect aggregate

basis of such mixers is the frame, which determines the angle of inclination of the mixing drum and bearing the four support rollers, handle for tipping when unloading solution and the spring-loaded hinge lever pad described above, which are madeplanting holes for the installation of the motor, all the pulleys and gears.

frame is welded from steel angle the size of the barrel with the calculation of the desired angle of inclination.On each side on the upper corners of the sixteen conventional bearings (four on each axis is formed as a welded U-shaped staples) fixed rollers already mentioned.Their attachment can be made releasable by completing the appropriate hinges axis.

rear part of the frame below the front, it attached a handle for tipping construction.Middle rear upright frame mounted on the support arm with the bolt hole on the adjustment bolt, welded to the axial center of the drum bottom.This place is a mobile locking stop longitudinal movement of the barrel.On bolt dress four washers and a nut is screwed up to a level that ensures free rotation of the container.

assembly by setting the barrel (already wearing a big belt) on the support arm and base cushions.On the ground lever mounted electric motor, pre dress belts on pulleys.The weight of the arm held by a spring chosen, provided their necessary tension.

Making the mixer from the washing machine

Little mixer for concrete can be built out of an old washing machine.Here it is possible to accommodate different models, it is important that the promoter located on the bottom. Concrete Mixer from the washing machine happens after a small alteration.To do this, remove the old promoter and instead install a different shaft of the appropriate size.

threaded portion on exiting the wash tank by means of special screws mounted U-shaped brackets from a metal strip with rotated ninety degrees symmetrical lobes.The amount of such staples and height of the blades need to pick up on the machine type.The main thing - to make them strictly symmetrical.On this depends the emergence of the beat at work.

riveted clamps can be perpendicular to each other, and then they will have one thing in common mounting hole.When doing the mixer, do not forget about the drainage hole.It must drown.Of course, the performance of the mixer sufficiently small, but in terms of building a home it is able to provide substantial assistance.