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August 12, 2017 18:07

Ladder -transformer - compact assistant

What is a ladder-transformer?

Industries offers a large number of design options.They can take the form of Extra or angular staircases.Light, performed on the joints of the aluminum profiles, such devices are in the folded position they occupy little space and always at hand.

However ladder ladders transformers manufactured arms skillful master of the house will always be different identity, the more that the existing set of options.Most of them can be used in at least two ways: as an ordinary one-sided corner stand and how long (about three to four meters) straight ladder.Typically, this height is enough to work inside and outside the house.

There are models that are easy to make in a home workshop.In the working position, they provide a comfortable stable platform at a height of 0.6 m, folded occupy a volume of 0,8 × 0,4 × 0,1 m. The material is wood, lacquered.This solid construction, it is pertinent to the study, will help reach the top shelves personal library.A somewhat modified, it will become quite comfortable folding chair.

How to make a ladder ladders transformers?

To make own another model of the folding structures will need a pair of six-foot and five-foot diameter pipe three centimeters (steel or duralumin, can be rectangular), with a wall thickness of not less than two millimeters.For steps will need about three meters of a pipe from which the cut nine crossmembers length thirty-three centimeters.

Thus, only need ten meters of this pipe.The assembly of the whole structure is carried out by welding (except the hinge joints) or bolt screed.If the second option is applied, it will take twenty-two bolts M8 × 70 with corresponding nuts and washers, if it is possible to weld the elements of the two will suffice.

for bolting the entire length of two and a half meter pipe sections at a distance of 0.3 m from the ends (called legs) thirty centimeters drilled through holes (six on the long and three on the short, respectively) under the bolts.On the stairs a couple of similar elements drilled holes at a distance of fifteen millimeters from the edges.

for Swivel parts is a pair of flat steel straps length 180, width 30 and a thickness of 3 millimeters.On the bands at a distance of fifteen millimeters from the end of the drill holes are the same, then they are bent symmetrically shaped carrier pipe.

From the same band made union closed oval clutch.Their ends can be tightly riveted or welded.Clamps firmly attached to the two-meter intervals on the fifth stage of the level of the legs.At opposite ends of the tubes polutorametrovy fifteen millimeters from the edge of the through-holes are drilled.

These parties are put on the coupling ends are inserted into the clamps and secured with bolts.Then, the assembly of crosspieces: on legs need to fix the nozzle of a dielectric material (plastic caps, rubber tips).To design is not parted in the position of the corner pillar, on the second crossbars installed loop for attaching the removable hard hook wire 0.6 cm thick, 60 cm long.

to transform the two-meter rack in a corner three-meter ladders, ladder, hook is removed and the support of the five-foot turnsa hinged upwards.Rigidity of mounting sleeve attached, worn on the ends of the two-meter intervals.The estimated load of this option (in the qualitative performance compounds) can be up to a hundred kilos.Folded Sizes ladders are 2 × 0,33 × 0,06 m

hinged ladder-transformer -. Operating rules

This construction is quite functional and works not worse than the standard aluminum ladder transformer.This option is easily subject to change and revision.For example, it is possible to reduce the number of steps or method and form of their attachment to the carrier and supporting rack.It all depends on the flight of the author's thoughts.

For the majority of domestic work, the construction described as the most offered in the sale of residential options is enough.If the performance of work can help only the highest hinged ladder-transformer, special attention should be paid to their safety.In this case, the ratio of "price-quality" should be taken into account and provide a higher level of her, and save this does not make sense.

General are precautions that need to check before you start the base resistance and the upper support of the entire structure.For information, safety when working at height more than 1.3 m should be ensured safety belt, and the installation location is observed and controlled by the second operating.

Do not install this device on the steps of marches and work at the level ladder less than a meter from its upper edge.With a ladder forbidden to work with all kinds of electric and pneumatic tools, welding equipment, from power lines.It should be remembered especially when stimulated using ladders alone.