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August 12, 2017 18:07

Remodelling Khrushchev

options redevelopment Khrushchev

  • Harvesting perestenok between rooms.Your dream - one large room instead of two small?You can combine these two premises, removing internal perestenok.However, if there is a bearing wall between the rooms realize the dream will not work.
  • In each room - a separate entrance! For example, in your "kopeck piece" - Khrushchev by reducing the square footage of one of the rooms, you can increase the length of the hallway, and then make every room a separate entrance.Another option - to lay the "fiddly" door opening and move it to another location.
  • We combine the room with a kitchen.These redevelopment projects Khrushchev today extremely popular - it is possible to "merge" between a kitchen and living room (dining room).Modern decorative elements in the form of arches, columns, flowerpots stand to create "the illusion of" separation of kitchen and bathroom.Or, set the stylish bar counter between rooms?Also, the original design decision.
  • Expanding the bathroom.
    As a rule, in the "average" Khrushchev bathroom and toilet.This makes it impossible to plan accommodation, for example, the shower - it will have to get rid of the sink or washing machine.Click to enlarge room space can be "torn off" a few square meters of the hall or kitchen.
  • total redevelopment of apartment-Khrushchev .The essence of this option - completely remove the internal Perestenko received one large "multipurpose" room.

The magnificent design of the new room after redevelopment

composing Khrushchev redevelopment plan should take into account some restrictions:

  • transfer toilets to another "unintended" room.
  • Demolition of load-bearing walls.How to determine the type of wall?The supporting wall has a thickness of not less than 50 cm, and perestenok - about 15 cm
  • Increased room space by combining it with a balcony..Of course, this option redevelopment Khrushchev design attractive, but the balcony structure can not withstand the glazing and insulation.
  • Extension housing by joining the basement or the attic (which is especially important for residents 1 or 5 floor).These actions today are not allowed.

Redevelopment Khrushchev - notes

If you decide to demolish the old brick Perestenko, the faster and more economical to build a new plasterboard.As the sound-proofing material is best to use mineral wool.

Thus, remodeling Khrushchev (in the photo presented various options for design solutions) allows partially or completely change the interior of the apartment, to introduce an element of novelty in the usual order of things.

Photo after redevelopment