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August 12, 2017 18:07

Wallpapers butt : step by step guide to solve the problem

To avoid problems, follow the correct

technology Before you begin to repair and decoration of the walls on their own, it is important to know and follow the proper technique of all these works.When cutting wallpaper, make sure that parts of a picture or a pattern match, use a pencil to it and good cutting knife stationery.Consider the distance to the ceiling of the upper edge of the wallpaper.In order to prevent blackening and yellow stains on the wallpaper, try to use only high-quality adhesive.When glueing also watch the room temperature - avoid sharp drops it and drafts.

necessary equipment to fix the overlap on the wallpaper

To fix the seams, which sold the joint between the wallpaper, dark, yellowed defect, nipped or stain need the following tools:

  • patch, on which there is the figure elementcaught in the joint;
  • ribbon, cord, decorative wallpaper border edging or for a radical elimination of uneven seam or a disguise;
  • Glue (PVA even fit);
  • stationery scissors or a knife and a pencil;
  • brush or sponge;
  • Roller;
  • soft sandpaper;
  • Water;
  • unnecessary trimming of wallpaper;
  • tinting paste.

Decorative edging for wallpaper

Step by step instructions to correct interface on the wallpaper

Step 1. Moisten the edges of upholstery panels, leave for a few minutes so that they are thoroughly moistened.

Wet the joints with the help of a sprayer

Step 2. Put on the edge of the wallpaper special glue for joints (also suitable PVA glue).Such adhesive sets immediately.

Apply glue to the wallpaper joints

Step 3: Try to align the joints of the hands on the wallpaper, it does not make a tight overlap on the wallpaper (eg, vinyl).Spend on the edges of the roller, belt and straighten, remove air bubbles, remove the excess glue with a sponge.

Fit joints without overlap

Step 4. Remove the which sold an ugly gap between the blades wallpaper.To do this, moisten the edges with a damp sponge and try to pull them and put on the glue.Unfortunately, it happens that this method does not work.In this case, the master advised marriage veil visible decorative trim or wallpapering border.

The gap at the junction of wallpaper

Step 5. This step is necessary to apply in the event that you are still unable to connect the joints between the beautiful wallpaper.

Rub the sandpaper decorative side unnecessary scraps of wallpaper, then mix the resulting powder with glue and apply this mixture on an inconspicuous part of the wall.If the color of the mixture will coincide with the tone wallpaper, feel free to apply to gaps between the joints.Or use a special tinting paste.

Tinting paste ( paint color schemes )

Another option is to create a gap masking artificial joint using patches that are carefully cut and adjacent office knife between bunting wallpaper.

But still the easiest and most effective way to fix the joints is the use of decorative braid, cord edging in tone furniture or curtains.To harmoniously arrange room interior - make a border frame photographs and paintings.All this will help to hide the failure of your repairs!

Framing joints edging fabric wallpaper

Thus, you see that the rough, unsightly seams between the wallpaper is not yet give a reason to fully glue the walls, and the ideas and options to eliminate this defect to date simply immeasurable amount!