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August 12, 2017 18:07

Restoration of parquet - we remove the effects of disasters

Bloating parquet - how and why?

You just put the house beautiful parquet precious wood, he shines playfully, but suddenly after a short time in some places rises.The reasons for such behavior may be a few, but here's how to restore the flooring in this situation, it is necessary to determine, given the nature of the perpetrator.For example, if there was a bay, you can not guess, this was the cause, but if nothing no signs of trouble, but there was an unpleasant situation, you need to do a little investigating.

phenomenon that can lead to damage to the floor, besides the obvious flood, there are at least two: poor substrate for low-quality parquet flooring and the top layer of the floor.Poorly made tie would not hold the board, and at the time of high humidity, it simply will not sustain the swollen parquet.Also, when mounting error can be allowed in emergency departing from each wall, which leave just for cases where wood is gaining a little moisture and expands.When these margins have simply forgotten to do, nowhere to push the boards, and they start to rise and vyschelkivatsya.

As can be seen, in all my fault anyway moisture.According to the above mentioned reasons, there is usually swelling of parquet dot that little bit easier repair.But if you are filled, or you are allowed enter large amounts of water to the floor, it may even lead to a complete replacement of the floor.Recovery in this case will be very labor intensive and time consuming.

Parquet swollen - proceed to the elimination of problems

first step is to take the stress swelling at the site.For this disassemble the floor of the problematic point this hole will be a kind of ventilation to the lower layers to dry the whole system.The room should be established good ventilation.If the moisture did not appear by condensation, and was made the bay, then wait for it to evaporate, have long since suffered the area a lot more than you think, and the water certainly has penetrated deep enough, and dry should be very high quality, or the next incidentIt will happen soon.

should also raise a little indoors temperature (2-3 degrees Celsius), if it is possible to adjust to the special equipment.In no case do not skyrocketing, for example, to install the heater.You remember about the capriciousness of natural wood.Complete drying hard to control, but under these conditions, it may take several days, and if water is standing for a long time, it is much more.Repair of flooring after the Gulf need to negotiate with the master, as may be required not only to the restoration of the surface, and it can not always have to do it yourself.

When the swollen parquet, what to do in the first place, we decided - disassemble and dry.Then you can clean the place thoroughly from dust and possible debris and install the old rails, if they are not completely damaged by water.If they are fit, you should always have some in reserve duty boards from your kit, used in this case, it will have them.

When all as required by the rules of laying, do not load this place at once.Everything must adhere well and, so to speak, to settle down, to feel the strain.

How to strengthen the parquet or prevention - the best treatment

to swing at each humidity watch as parquet swollen, it can be slightly strengthened.To do this, there are a number of activities that can be done as a preventive measure, especially for the old parquet, and in the process of repairing the floor of the Gulf after they all needed.

slats that act suspiciously steel or squeak, and maybe even move slightly from side to side, for sure, behind the basics they need to be re-glued .To do this, the adhesive can be run under the bar through opened.And if you do not want to split hairs, nail it with a nail or screw the screws.

If suddenly found some gaps in the floor, they should cover up special mixture of sawdust with glue, which sat parquet.When the flooring is not new, for the prevention, check the surface for small irregularities, such as the tips of the protruding strips.Nail them uncomfortable, it can be split off, swelling called wrong, because it is a natural process of aging of the tree, then these tails simply grind grinding .

After all the recommendations on how to strengthen the parquet, cover it with varnish and rub to a shine.Paul gratefully serve you still a good time.