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August 12, 2017 18:08

Equipment for PVC membranes

How to attach the membrane?

Sometimes it is difficult to choose the equipment for PVC membranes.Forumpo subject, of course, can help with the decision, but can guarantee competent advice?

Usually in such forums as a way of securing the membrane you can advise welding.With the boil, roofing materials melt under the influence of high temperature, and adhere to each other.At the same time, the main "not overheat" as might otherwise occur weakening material.After fusing, the material must be pressed strongly, ieto apply high pressure.This will "mix" the layers.

most convenient method of heating - with hot air.

With this method, you can not help but wonder: how to protect the pipe during laying of roofing?Especially for the protection of pipes used in the filler material is heated by hot air.

Equipment for PVC membranes When the device polymeric membrane TekhnoNIKOL important to understand the structure of the membrane itself.For example, in-store specialist advise you geotextile heat treated TekhnoNIKOL by weight 150 g / m², 1.6 mm.But what does it mean?

The very design is presented as a "pie", which consists of:

  • Ballast
  • geotextile
  • Plates
  • heat-treated geotextile 150 g / m2
  • polymer membrane
  • another layer of geotextile
  • DSP
  • Grounds

Equipment for PVC membranes High density of 150 g / m2 will provide you with excellent protection and a thickness of 1.6 mm will prevent the damaging effects to get inside the structure.

Sometimes it is necessary to lay a backing layer (when laying on rough surface).

Once we figured out the "pie", you may wonder why you need a separation layer between the polymer membrane and foamed styrene?

separating layer

release layer is usually made of glass fiber.This web material consisting of glass fiber.It can serve as a reinforcing framework, i.e.good to resist stretching (longitudinal displacement).But we should take into account the important fact - fiberglass in any case can not be fastened to concrete and DSP (cement-sand mortar).

Therefore, for installation on a concrete floor slabs TECHNOPLEX to do waterproofing.Plates TECHNOPLEX laid down sign.And on top of already put a layer of glass fiber

Doing their own hands

completely disassembled with the composition TECHNONICOL, you finally decided to proceed to the process of laying.So, how to work with TECHNONICOL?

First of all, the following factors must be considered: the slope surface and material.The ambient temperature must not be lower than 5 degrees.The case against the tiles can not be firmly glued together.Also, do not forget the humidity, the surface must always be dry.Also avoid exposure to sunlight (ultraviolet radiation).

Also, do not forget about the overlap - it can range from 100 to 300 milimmetrov depending on the width and strength of the material.Equipment for PVC membranes

Speaking of plates TECHNOPLEX, the most advanced cover those conditions (temperature, humidity) apply to them as for the membranes.

By the way speaking, TECHNOPLEX already can be installed on concrete or cement.A special plus - TECHNOPLEX not subject to the action of water (due to the closed-cell structure), which means it does not swell and does not decompose.

These boards are used for various tasks such as walking the roof, protect the bases and plinths cottages.Insulation cap will allow you to prevent serious loss of heat, to protect the foundation from rain and groundwater.

fact TECHNOPLEX indispensable for insulating the floor of the ground floor and basement.

also for external protection may be applied one roofing material - izobond.Its low price and such izobond Stavropol is 1050 rubles per roll, and excellent properties make it a very popular material.Equipment for PVC membranes

Izobond used for steam, hydro, moisture, wind, hydro, steam insulation.

Izobond mark is divided into A, B, C, D, AM.Each of these brands has a different waterproof, paroprinitsaemost and resistance to tensile load.In fact, you can choose the material for their personal needs.

In today's world there are many ways to protect their property from negative circumstances.But before buying the material itself, we suggest you read the relevant materials.For example, a score in the search box "equipment PVC membranes forum."