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August 12, 2017 18:08

Hand Planer - new technologies with old habits

What is a plane?

Planes are used for the removal of unnecessary parts of wood, giving it the desired shape, roughness, creating recesses of different shapes and sizes.Electric Planer has the same operating principle as the manual, but a completely different device.Even if you have to choose between manual and electric tools, the choice is clearly in favor of the latter.

and plane metal and wood has long been not relevant, because their successor has a higher accuracy and better performance, but is also equipped with additional accessories.With such a tool, you can quickly podtesat swollen by dampness door trim threshold, adjust the window frame.

How to choose a plane?

First of all, power planners are characterized by motor power, reliability belt transmission, sharpness of knives, balance, comfort and ergonomic handle, the support platform strength.When selecting a tool you should pay attention to these parameters.Electric hand planer is equipped with a rotating drum with blades attached to it.

electric motor via a belt transmission causes the drum to move.To the surface of the workpiece, a smooth, the engine must be powerful enough.The higher engine speed and power, the higher the quality of all types of wood processing.The gradual build-up of the rotation speed after turning and maintaining a constant speed virtually eliminates any overload of the engine.

blades and belts for planers are consumable items.From time to time they wear out, and to the quality of a plane remained at the proper level, you must replace them in time.Toothed belt transmission is located beneath a removable cover which is on the side instrument.

There are quite a large number of tools, which can be attributed to a class of planers: jack-plane, jointer, tsinubel, humpback, zenzubel, wooden single plane, fillister, Shtaps and others.

Each of these tools is designed for a specific type of work.For example, the banding plane is extremely useful when handling small parts (manufacturing layouts, boxes), but due to small demand for it occurs in the sale of rare and expensive.

How to work with a plane productive and safe?

Using an electric planer, you have to be very careful, because it is considered one of the most traumatic tools, despite the fact that all the cutting edges are hidden.Before the work necessary to securely attach the item.

Passing a plane on the treated surface should not put pressure on it, it will lead to rounding of the treated edge.You must shave in the direction of the wood fibers both manual and electric plane.When processing rough timber it is recommended to adjust the planer to a maximum depth of cut, and when re-entering greatly reduce it.

If the work was necessary to take a break, you need to turn off the plane and put it to one side.If blunt knives, they need to be replaced or sharpened, otherwise it will create increased loads on the engine and significantly reduce the quality of processing of wood.