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August 12, 2017 18:08

Cut-Off Wheels for grinders : features of their application

What are the cutting discs for grinders?

First of all, let's define what kind of work is done grinder.The list is quite limited: metal polishing, stone, concrete, tile, brick and wood, as well as the cutting of all these materials other than wood.Some craftsmen claim that cutting discs for grinders and there under the tree, you can hear the assertion that such drives are already more than a dozen years.Maybe so, but most artists know that the saw blade grinders on wood - a consumable material made without standards and life-threatening.

In general, attachment to the angle grinder are classified as abrasives, diamond and polishing.First, as the work grind, decreasing in diameter as entirely made of abrasive chips, to drive all-metal grinder stone: on the edge of the coated fine particles of industrial diamond.Polishing can be of two types: in the form of ready-made options, with fabric cover, or it may be a metal disc, which is glued to the skin with Velcro.

Diamond disk for grinder and his appointment

Quite a lot of information on the disk can be found as soon as look at him, as many manufacturers use color labels as the labels.For example, if you see a predominance of blue, then, most likely, abrasive disc, for metal, green circles represent concrete cutting.As to the first, he is well suited for grinding and cutting, it all depends on the hardness of the abrasive and bonding material included fractions.

All the necessary information can be found in alphanumeric markings.For example, "A" means that the main part of the trimming disk - artificial corundum.The letter "C" is placed on the silicon carbide nozzles.The numbers beside indicate the amount of grains, large numbers mean cutting ferrous metal, and those that are smaller - the color, the smallest fraction is used for cutting steel.Nearby states and limit the rotational speed and disk sizes on the grinders.

At the end of the marking line is often the letter, meaning the degree of adhesion strength of the grain, the closer to the end of the alphabet, the stronger the binding.

As for circles with a diamond-coated, they refer to practically put, except that the arrow indicating the direction of rotation as well as the size of the numbers.Well, as far as the drive is right for you can be identified by his appearance.Total diamond blade for cutting grinder has three different versions: a solid disk or a "crown", turbo-drive and segmented.

most distinguished segment and "turbo".First - petal diamond wheel for grinder, divided along the edge into segments narrow slots designed to remove dust and better cooling.For the same purpose on a solid plane of the disc along the edges of the grooves are made."Turbo" provided with through lateral slits indented from the edge, oriented in the direction of rotation. Solid circle is best suited for wet cutting stone and tiles, "turbo" and spade - dry.

How to remove the disc from the Bulgarian and replace it with another?

The Bulgarian store often sold with the average quality of attachment, if not lower, so be careful while checking tool.However, almost certainly, you, together with an angle grinder and acquire several interchangeable wheels suitable diameter.By the way, are not suitable for everyone. nozzle size sets the enclosure, the circle should not be after setting him back to back, especially to be wider, so that would have to work without protection .

Therefore it is better to know how to remove the disc from the grinder, not the cover.Included with the electromechanical instrument should include a special key that fits the nozzle nut fixing grooves.However, that's bad luck, the axis on which planted a disc rotates freely and hangs in the air the question of how to change the disk to the grinder.It's simple - a typewriter has a special button, clicking which you can fix the axle, then the key counterclockwise unscrew the nut.

By the way, try not to wait until the abrasive nozzle to grind off this most nuts, I used to.Inserting a disc on the grinders in the reverse order, ie first to sit down on his axis, then presses the nut and twist special key clockwise.The disc must be fitted with a metal rim holes is an additional protection against breakage during rotation.