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August 12, 2017 18:08

Thermal insulation foam with your hands , get acquainted with the methodology of work

Advantages of foam insulation

  • can carry out wall insulation from inside the house and outside.In addition to all this building material is perfect for roof, ceiling, floor, foundation.
  • foam has good properties for heat and sound insulation, so save money spent on space heating.
  • he also has a small weight, so that features easy installation and transportation.
  • It is safe and harmless to human health.In any harmful substances (this occurs when burning) are released during operation of the material.
  • Differs durability and practicality.That is why it is useful for serious buildings, designed for decades.
  • Many brands virtually vapor permeability or have a minimum degree of steam penetration (eg PSB-S-25 grade).
  • is the most economical material.Its cost is much lower than the cost of other heaters.

It should also be said that the foam in its structure resembles the shape of balls, which are interconnected.Material consists of almost 98% from the air, and this explains its positive properties (hydro, thermal and sound insulation).Produced in Russia according to GOST 15588-86.

Thermal insulation foam with your hands, it's important to know

When the foam insulation of the walls with his own hands is important to consider some of the nuances.Firstly, the density of the material should be about 25 kg / m3 , a thickness of about 50 mm .Such thickness of the foam (50 mm) replaces a conventional 25 cm brickwork.

Secondly reinforced stack should have a density of about 140 g / cm3 .It is made of fiberglass.Thirdly, the mounting dowel of plastic used instead of metal.Metal anchors are able to create a kind of "cold bridges", which is not desirable in the wall insulation.

Fourth, only the exterior paint is used for subsequent finishing, which has the appropriate characteristics, that is highly resistant to all kinds of weather conditions and UV.Its color should be as similar to the color of the facade.

Thermal insulation foam: technology

Implemented insulation foam from the inside and outside walls.But depending on the conditions, which will undergo construction works, the techniques may be slightly different.If the insulation is done inside the room, you first need to prepare the surface.Removed the old paint, the walls are leveled and cleaned.The result should be a smooth, clean and dry substrate.

Krepjat insulation with glue or brackets.Use better glue mixture KREISEL.However, for a more snug fit to the wall is recommended to combine both methods (brackets and glue).Then on top of the insulation coat is made using glue and putty STYROLEP grid that vtaplivaetsya deep into the glue.The base obtained is leveled.The result is reinforced by a fiberglass layer.After drying, the surface may be further treated with a primer or a paint.

Thermal insulation foam outside done just as well, but with the use of insulation material brand PSB-S-25 .This is due to the fact that it has a high resistance to temperature extremes and physical shock (which is important for the facades).Plus, it is recommended to cover the material "fur coat" (special technology wall plaster).This prevents the outer coating from all kinds of scratches and other minor defects.Otherwise, the work is no different.

Important!Detailed equipment and binding rules to be observed when the insulation of the walls are registered in the SNIP 3.11.79.Before starting any work, it is important to become familiar with these rules.