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August 12, 2017 18:08

Façade thermal panels with ceramic tiles as a pledge of comfort and beauty of your home

What are they better than other materials?

Front panels with ceramic tiles are produced in the factory using advanced technology by forming the product of the matrix.such panels in construction is almost never used a decade ago.This is due to the fact that while it was difficult to acquire.But everything is evolving and today offers a wide range of panels, both domestic and foreign manufacturers.They make it possible to create a facade of masonry, without bothering to a complex process of its installation.They can be mounted on any surface.Clinker panels have the following properties:

  • resistance to fire;
  • Low water absorption;
  • huge range of material (about 120 textures and colors);
  • long service life;
  • environmentally friendly material.

Note!To be sure of the quality of the material, check its quality certificate before buying.

These properties endow the material the following advantages:

  • ability to use both in the construction of a new home, and in the repair of old houses;
  • combination of good insulation and decorative materials;
  • Mount can be in any weather;
  • Installation is carried out quickly, without the need to reinforce the facade;
  • High maintainability.

What are the benefits we get from the material?

Scope thermopanel with clinker tiles: repair and decoration of the facade, insulation and facing facade of the house.They are positioned as a ready-made combination of polyurethane and clay ceramic tiles.These panels can be installed without prior preparation works with dowels directly to the wall.After that, you only need to perform grouting.For installation it is not necessary to carry out the strengthening of the foundation and extending the roof overhang and eaves.

Note!Clay tile has low water absorption, which makes it one of the most durable surface materials.

use of this material ensures a perfect and long-term protection of the building, and highly decorative.Use it to quickly and efficiently produce a warming of the house, facing the facade, repair.You can use thermal panels with ceramic tiles to the wooden house, with thermal and sound insulation will be provided, not to mention the appearance of the building ennobling.

material in installation

facade panels are the easiest and fastest way to revet a building.They are installed horizontally and vertically.Available in several forms: corrugated, flat, with ribs and perforated.Color and texture range is very broad, which allows to implement any design ideas.The service life of the panels is very large - 50-100 years.

facade panels are ideal for finishing the construction of the cap.According to the type of coverage they are matte, glossy and semi-gloss.Before installation, it is recommended to cover them with a protective material which will protect them from mold and mildew.It is also recommended that you purchase plates that do not need to paint, as they are more resistant to the effects of atmospheric precipitation.

Note!Panels with ceramic tiles more overhead in the wall, rather than siding trim, but the time and quality of service is much higher than the tiles.