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August 12, 2017 18:08

Thermal insulation brick building inside and out - find out features of the process

Thermal insulation brick building - general

ideal option would be to consider wall insulation at the stage of construction of the house.But, as we all are well aware, this option is not always acceptable.This can be explained by the fact that you got housing by inheritance, or you purchased from another owner who do not bother to think about home insulation.Be that as it may, we shall understand what is optimally suitable insulation to your home.

blessing that now this problem will not arise, because the building materials market is replete with a variety of thermal insulation products.Among the most accessible stands foam .By using this material can produce the insulation of a brick house and inside its outer side.

If you are very sensitive to environmental levels in your home, you can use mineral wool, the choice of which is also quite large.The only thing this material has a higher price than the foam.We suggest to consider the options in detail.

few facts about the foam

In view of the fact that this building material is quite often used as a heater, it would be a crime on our part not to give it a couple of paragraphs.An interesting fact is that foes foam often invent stories about him in every way.The first of these concerns the fact that the heater is very popular among the rodents.Far from it!The foam does not contribute to the appearance of rodents.

Most often these malicious individuals settle in wool, made of fiberglass.Whatever it was, but the appearance of the mice is not where it is necessary - it is a fully human merit, which is hard to take care of protection against these parasites.In addition, it may be the result of poor quality of the work, which remained after the tunnels, which were pests in the insulation.In order to avoid such problems, we propose an algorithm to thoroughly consider the right of such works.

algorithm of work on warming the walls outside

To warming took place efficiently and has served more than a decade, offer instructions how to do it:

  • As with any job, to the insulation must be carefully prepared.First, gather all the tools, as well as purchase all the necessary building materials.Only then can safely proceed to the process.
  • Prepare to surface warming.

Thoroughly clean the surface of the walls of the old finishing materials.Old plaster must be removed.If the house has been painted, in those places where the material left behind, we clean the surface.

  • After that, you can begin to foam installation.His fasteners should take place with the help of special mortars.It is worth noting that the leader in the production of such a company Ceresit .When the foam is glued, it must also be fixed with dowels, nails, referred to as "fungi".As a rule, on a single sheet of material is consumed 4-5 "fungi".
  • When the material is fixed, it happens with a special reinforcement of fiberglass mesh.It is recessed into the layer of plaster mixture is evenly applied to the surface of a heater.
  • Having suffered all materials completely dry, you can start decorating the facade: painting or drawing of decorative plaster.