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August 12, 2017 18:08

How to find hidden wiring in the wall

instruments for wiring in the wall Search

go the easy way and arm device for detecting the flush.Still need a radio receiver operating at a frequency of 100 kHz.

Instruments for finding the wiring in the wall

Currently, there are the following devices:

  • probe MS-58m.It detects not only the hidden wiring, and any other metal objects in the wall can easily find items of copper, aluminum, steel.However, if the objects are shielded with foil, then the device would be powerless.
  • E121 Warning under "the code name" "Woodpecker."In his help finding breaks in power.This is a very reliable professional device that detects hidden wiring at a depth of 5-7 cm.
  • Warning MS Chinese production is sensitive to metal objects, but there are difficulties in the recognition of a signal from the wiring and from the usual nail.Suitable for fans.
  • Device POSP-1 shows the presence of an alternating electric field within the walls, electrical switchboards, cabinets.
  • Tester napryazheniyaGVT-92, GVD-503, GVD-504A easy to find hidden wiring.
  • device VP-440 seeks wiring breaks in a contactless manner.

Instruments for finding the wiring in the wall

We see that the choice is great, but on professional equipment prices bite, so if you are not engaged in a professional electrician and regularly, then buy cheaper analogues, or use the old tried and tested method - the radio.

How to find the wiring in the wall of the device without

recall the good old days, when modern technological innovation was not there, and the problems have repairmen were all the same.Our grandfathers and fathers have found a way to find the hidden wiring via radio.Doing this is simple - turn on the receiver and go along the wall.The presence of the wall alternating electric field will cause interference, crackling noise.

How to find the wiring in the wall of the device without

Another way - visually identify the defects in the wall.For laying wall postings first Stroebe, and then obscure.These irregularities will be visible if the tear wallpaper.Focus on the horizontal and vertical - in other areas of the wiring is not put.

Search flush method of measurement

What if good repair is already made in the apartment, but then suddenly need to hang a shelf.To get to drill into the cable a little pleasant - in the best case it will break not only drill, but the closure will happen.

We need:

  • Roulette;
  • Knowing the rules wiring placement;
  • Information about local points of connection to the central wiring

Search flush measurement method

note in the room all the summing point of the cable.It's stationary lamps, sockets, switches.Under the rules of the wiring harness from the main line on the ceiling wires diverge at right angles and on walls vertically.

therefore directly above the sockets and switches can not drill the wall.The main wiring line is located on the walls to the ceiling at a distance of 15 cm. There are errors of a few centimeters.

Also, remember that in addition to the wiring in the walls may be the telephone cable wires from television and the Internet.To get a drill in them is not so dangerous, but it is not desirable - it is necessary to repair them and still.

Knowing the simple rules of electrical work, you can avoid a lot of trouble.

Search flush measurement method