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August 12, 2017 18:08

Concrete steps as a reliable way to move between floors

What are the concrete steps

Walking up the stairs to his apartment, or climbing on the porch of a private house, few people think about the fact that this represents a number of identical stages.And even more so (unless, of course, we do not have to build a ladder on their own), we are not particularly interested in what kinds of steps are.

But sometimes they are quite different from each other, especially those that are produced as separate elements.Yes, factories produced as separate steps and staircases , and production technologies of both products are subject to the established standards.

budgeted brief load on the ladder - up to 600 kg / m2.

differ concrete steps for the following items: the shape and direction of growth.If we talk about form factors, the steps are types such as primary, upper and lower fascia, flat and inserts.The first three types are typically a flight of stairs, which are located mainly between the upper and lower stages.

liner is an intermediate platform between flights of stairs and can be straight or turning, but more on that below.Finally, the steps are designed for flat marches through without separate connection elements (this is possible if the ladder assembly on a metal frame).lifting direction can be right or left, properly oriented and stair elements at the factory.

concrete products Stair flights like the easiest option

course, collect the ladder of individual parts rather long and complicated process, and is much more convenient in this respect, concrete stairs, produced ready-to-install.Manufacture of them, as has been said, is standardized, and is related to human comfort and needs.For example, the width of the stairs is never less than 80 centimeters, in general, made marches meter width.

Tilt marches always sustained under the rules and does not exceed 38 degrees for installation in a residential area, a short marches in private homes are allowed with a slope of 45 degrees, and attic stairs usually have a slope of 63 to 74 degrees.

As for the steps that make up a flight of stairs, they should be not higher than 20 centimeters, and in an amount not exceeding 10 pieces, for the convenience of residents of multi-storey buildings.In cases where a ladder is needed longer marches joined intermediate ploshchadochnyj liners.Any staircase in which more than three steps shall be considered march and require installation of handrails that can withstand the lateral pressure of 100 kilograms.

concrete Stairs and their varieties

Compared with any other materials, concrete stairs are the most reliable solution and it can be used in private construction to connect the floors.However, to follow the standards and establish two-span marches as in apartment buildings, it is not necessary, though concrete products and are typical.With the span of the individual stages and the marches can be prepared a variety of options, using concrete slabs of different types of platforms, with different kinds of turns.

most common in private homes quarter-marches are located in relation to each other at an angle of 90 degrees.However, some buildings can be seen semi-turning stairs in apartment buildings, or circular marches, which can be a solid or intermediate platforms.Last also called radiused or spiral staircases and assembled exclusively from individual steps attached to the central support.

also become fashionable today pendant inlaid stairs, each step of which is attached at one end to the wall, and the other - to the rail fixed to the ceiling of several rods with the help of anchors.And in the large spacious lobby, there is a place for swing ladder marches two diverging from a common.