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August 12, 2017 18:08

Glue non-woven wallpaper - simply nowhere !

glue non-woven wallpaper - yes or no?

choosing a coating for ceiling or wall, you will most likely have wondered - whether non-woven wallpaper harmful.Of course, paper wall coverings in the lead on the natural market, but they do not have the advantages that are famous non-woven.However, he and the other material is breathable and environmental.

you can safely choose for any room of your home (nursery, kitchen or bathroom), this kind of wallpaper from a wide range of color and style solutions.A pick today is from what - different width, color, texture and pattern allow to arrange the ceiling and walls in a variety of styles, to realize the most unexpected fantasy. And believe me, sticking non-woven wallpaper with your own hands will bring you only pleasant moments, make believe that you are - a professional in this business!

If you care about gluing technology non-woven wallpaper width meter or more, you should know that their gluing is no different from the more narrow.But the advantage of wide wallpaper is that halving the number of joints and, therefore, if properly adhered they will not be visible on the wall.However, there is one small drawback: the width of this can create some problems at work.But given that Wallpapering on flizeline basis does not require the application of an adhesive layer directly on the panel, meter width of this type of coverage will take less of a hassle than any other.

glue non-woven wallpaper with your own hands - you need to know?

So you stopped at glueing non-woven wallpaper on the ceiling or wall.But first you need to fulfill all the preparatory work.

  • First of all, you need to buy the material, and for this you need to calculate the number of rolls.

Where a material that will go to the finish of the walls is sufficient to know the height and width of each of them, the ceiling is important to determine the direction of motion for glueing (lengthwise or crosswise), depends on webs length and, as a consequence, the number ofrolls.Since gluing to produce non-woven wallpaper is necessary to butt, it is not necessarily attached to the light source in the room (window).Crucial in this respect are your individual possibilities - as you will be more convenient to work - with a short or long cutting.

Knowing the length of the fabric and the size of the wall, across which will go to a panel, it is possible to calculate the yardage needed wallpaper, regardless of what you Wallpapers - horizontal or vertical surfaces.Even in the store, to determine the choice of coverage, divide the total length in centimeters (do not forget to subtract the area of ​​the door and window openings in the wall) to the width of the wallpaper that you choose to buy.The resulting number - the number of bands required.Now look at how many meters in one roll (on the package is necessarily specified).Thus, you will know how many bands get from one roll.And it is not difficult to calculate the number of rolls that you require.

  • After buying the material must be purchased and glue.

Most often enough to glue on the packaging, it was stated that it is suitable for non-woven wallpaper.Also read on how much area is designed adhesive pack.As a rule, the ceiling in the room and grabs a pack and for the walls will take three or four, but it is necessary to verify this with the purchase.

technology gluing non-woven wallpaper: simple, fast, easy!

As already mentioned initially, the technology works is very simple.It is necessary to clean the surface of the old coating: whitewashing wash, remove the old paint or wallpaper, primed and allow to dry.mark application on walls and the ceiling will greatly facilitate your work and will provide the perfect result.

surface of the wall or the ceiling plaster layer of the adhesive area of ​​a little more than you need to cut.Panels are also cut with a margin of about 10 cm. The first band spread strictly on the level, and with a rubber spatula smooth the glued cloth first in the center, then diagonally and down (herringbone).Next otrez applied exactly on the border of the previous one.

Some difficulties may cause sticking hardwearing corners, particularly if there are projections of complex shape.It must be remembered that the material with which we work, not like overlaps, so complex configuration involves jewelry work, with which a novice without assistance will handle hard enough, because the need to cut a piece of the desired shape and desirable - not to be mistaken.Therefore, in such cases, we offer videos about glueing non-woven wallpaper.Then you definitely cope with the task quickly, even enjoy the ease of operation and effectiveness of the result!