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August 12, 2017 18:08

Gas meter in the apartment : the rules of selection and installation

gas meter installation rules

Here are step by step instructions with a list of what needs to be done to all the rules and officially install gas meters house:

  • necessary to speak directly to a gas supplier in the region (most likely, there is a department forwork with clients or referral service).Contact phone numbers, which you can contact your local Gorgaz or other service-provider specifies mandatory upon receipt of the monthly payment.
  • After finding all the theoretical and organizational issues need to personally write in the gas service application for installation of meters.If you currently need to have a passport, documents of title to housing (in the case of a lease - a contract of employment), as well as the receipt of timely payment for gas for the previous reporting period.The application is best to write in duplicate, and one of them, with the date and signature of the host country, to keep the reliability.Specialist, receiving the statement, report, in what time frame to expect the master to the product necessary measurements.
  • Yourself Think where better to place the gas meters.General rules for installation at the same time: at least 80 cm from any gas appliance (boiler, stove, turbokotel), a minimum of 120 cm from the floor.There are no other restrictions.Keep in mind that the controllers are not likely to seek less dirty when checking your home, so place all metering devices closer to the entrance.If the master, who appeared to set a counter, will not require explanations to place it in a specific location, you can safely stop it - you have the selected location conforms to the essential requirements and to change it you're not going.The truth is on your side.The meter can also be hidden in a wall cabinet or a shelf, but it is still better to consult with the master.
  • While writing statements were stipulated time frame in which the installation will produce.Until that time, it is necessary to pay for the services of the master and to discuss with them any time convenient for work.Gas meter in the apartment : the rules of selection and installation

How to choose a gas meter in the apartment?

Gas Service each region or town offers to buy them directly from the counter or in a specialty store.Is it worth it to give up the options and look for your own?Would it be possible to wind it testify?

In principle, a clear regulation on the subject of where to buy domestic gas meters, no.If you know where you can buy the instrument cheaper or more reliable - it's only your right.However, before buying, please contact with the master - it is likely that the gas service in the region only works with some specific type of counters, and then the selection is small.But to save money, better not trying to wind readings.Modern controllers know these "chips" is better users and quickly notice a discrepancy.

Gas meter in the apartment : the rules of selection and installation

If the installation procedure is not metering device was broken and the user is not counted penalties for failure to comply with conditions, in the near future gas meter will allow to notice a decrease in utility bills.Gas meter in the apartment : the rules of selection and installation