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August 12, 2017 18:08

The main reasons why the buzzing water pipes

Why buzzing pipe in the toilet.

In fact, a lot of reasons, to disassemble all the detail does not make sense.Just select the most common: The main reasons why the buzzing water pipes

  • Faulty installation of pipes.This refers to a loose connection of pipeline components and the formation of cracks;
  • excessive water pressure, which is very easy to check the water just turn the tap to the maximum and look at and assess the strength of the pressure.This method of testing is suitable in cases where the noise appears when opening-closing valve;
  • Reducing the diametrical sizes of pipes.The natural process of deterioration of metal structures, when the interior of the pipe is covered with patina and rust.Thus there is a reduction in permeability at constant water pressure in the tubes;
  • Faulty plumbing.It can be anything, ranging from wear pads on the mixer and ending faulty valves.The reason may be in the same place, and audibility throughout the house.
  • instability in the pump station.The equipment operated for many decades, gradually breaks down.Wear parts and mechanisms and leads to vibrations.The main reasons why the buzzing water pipes

actually emits the sound ball-valve that regulates the flow of water into the tank.This may mean that there is no, or flew off hose, whose function is to prevent the emergence of a buzz.All you need to do - to buy and install the necessary detail.

Remedy acoustic defects.

Fix this problem is not difficult, it is difficult to locate it.If you have recently made repairs and confident plumbing serviceability, the case may be in an unstable pressure, determine the problem area is sufficient.To do this, carefully listen to what sounds coming from the tube, and in what particular place, and if there is a leak, you will immediately find it on wet tracks.

If your apartment is all right, and hum or "howling" pipes in the toilet, in the bathroom or in the kitchen continues to refer to the neighbors, perhaps they are perpetrators of any inconvenience, and together you will solve the problem.Eliminate the fault will not be hard enough to wrap the injured joint rubber tourniquet and secure with wire or clips (clips).

And if this area of ‚Äč‚Äčcommunications is in the basement and is on the balance of municipal management, you yourself do nothing.You must apply to the housing and communal services in the community.

Another type of extraneous sound - "tapping."The reason for this may be either bending pipes or open valve at the tap.Deformation eliminates additional fastening, and the faulty valve is replaced with a new one.It should be noted that the bending characteristic only metal communications, and this is further evidence in favor of the plastic pipes.Due to its good insulation, even after repeated increase in heating pipe, plastic pipe will function completely silently.The main reasons why the buzzing water pipes

How can I prevent buzz pipes.

taking a few preventative measures, you can avoid such troubles:

  • Replace old metal or cast iron pipe plastic;
  • Instead obsolete valves, ball or set of modern single-lever faucets;
  • Replacing outdated faucet and gasket is also able to ensure the silence in the water.The main reasons why the buzzing water pipes