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August 12, 2017 18:08

Winter is coming : to insulate an apartment and a car

How to insulate the battery?

There are several ways of warming batteries:

  1. Use heat-insulating material such as fur.There are even two types: thermal insulation material for the thermal insulation of the battery (the factory) and industrial insulation for the batteries.

    This method is suitable for those who often travels by car.Heat produces battery, and the material just keeps it for a while.The battery itself warm.
  2. Warming inside the hood.The process operates in several directions: first - the heat from the engine warms the battery pack, the second - the engine will also be heated, including oil, filters and so on, and so will be easy to start.This method makes it easy to start the engine in the morning, as he does not have time to freeze, heat enough.

Winter is coming : to insulate an apartment and a car

How to insulate the hood from the inside:

  • Radiator Insulation, such as cardboard, but it's better blanket, as low as possible, even better from the top to the asphalt.
  • Close cardboard car front grille.
  • Close cardboard front air intakes.
  • insulate bonnet cotton insulation (sold in the store).Is attached to the inside of the lid, preventing the warm air to escape.
  • insulate the walls that separate the engine compartment from the passenger compartment of car.This can be done with foil protection.
  • Locate the insulating material so that the side directed to the air intake grille has been protected.

Winter is coming : to insulate an apartment and a car

How warm the battery in the car, we understand.But how to make the house warm?

Weather in the house

How to insulate a cold apartment, when the street will soon be minus 20?

insulate cold or old apartment in two ways:

  • internally;
  • topically (externally).

Kinds of warming cold apartment

External insulation involves a series of actions and nuances.In this kind of warming your walls do not sweat (this is a significant plus), you avoid dampness.Thermal protection depends on the thickness of the walls and thermal conductivity.Vsepoglaschenie material plays an important role in thermal protection.Building materials, whether we like it or not, form pores in which the moisture is going and it provokes rotting materials.Moisture reduces the thermal insulation of the walls.So, how to insulate an apartment?

Winter is coming : to insulate an apartment and a car

Separate 3 variants of placing the insulating insulation:

  • first way - is easily performed at any time of the year.Used different advanced technologies, exterior trim maintained.From negative: reduced room area, increasing humidity insulation (moisture is retained in the walls).
  • second way - laminated insulation.Placed on the outside with bricks.Often used for new buildings and for old houses is problematic, as it requires intervention in the foundation.
  • The third way - again the outer insulation.It lies in the fact that all the allocated pair of walls and condensation do not interfere with insulation material, and therefore, increases service life and reduces the moisture load-bearing wall.The walls are protected from thawing and racks at atmospheric fluctuations.From negative: insulating material is inevitably wetted by atmospheric moisture.

Winter is coming : to insulate an apartment and a car

The warm cold walls in the apartment?

most common insulation is mineral wool which has a number of advantages and disadvantages.Made of fiberglass, which is obtained from the processing of minerals silicate composition during the processing of iron and steel enterprises.

Laynrok - is also a good material for insulation made of rock wool.It allows you to save half the money spent on heating.This material is secured and steel reinforcement.Stacked in three layers and is used for insulation of foundations, basements and underground rooms.Winter is coming : to insulate an apartment and a car

How to install insulation?

Whatever seemed attractive external insulation of apartment, it should be noted that its experts do not advise.Firstly, most of the materials breathe and produces a ready-made home air and moisture exchange with the environment, and the insulating material completely block the air flow through the pores.In this case, it is better to mount additional ventilation system to maintain a healthy environment.Secondly, there may be danger of frost on the outside of the home, especially true for regions with high humidity.Above these work outs many engineers, however, as to insulate the apartment from the outside and avoid these problems, it has not yet been decided.

internal insulation, of course, steal some space, but it will avoid many of the associated problems.

Finally, I want to wish you luck in your work and do not be offended winter frost!