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August 12, 2017 18:08

How does Majewski faucet and how to use it


  • 1 composition and operation of the crane
  • 2 How to release the air from the heating system
  • 3 Tips manual bleed screw

bleed screw - this is a device that is used forrelease of heating system of air masses, which are harmful to the heat transfer.Open and close it, you can use a screwdriver or special key.Bleed screw, the principle of which is simple to genius, applied in practice for over 80 years.And it is its simplicity earned him the trust of consumers.

According to state standards, this device is referred to as a radiator air needle valve.A crane Majewski - a popular name.

composition and operation of the crane

bleed screw device does not allow to open it each and every time.This is done in reasonable order, because, if you open it you can easily and conveniently, all will be drained from the batteries (especially those living in areas deprived of hot water), and this will cause heat loss.In addition, this design saves from childhood pranks.

Majewski Construction crane consists of:

  • housing;
  • screws in the form of a cone.
Bleed screw with a special pen

bleed screw with a special pen.The figure shows the drain hole.

Both parts are tightly linked.They are often fabricated from brass.This metal does not corrode, allowing the device to be long.Bleeding the air mass occurs through a hole in the side of body 2 mm.When the valve opens, the air comes out.

Obviously, due to the extremely small diameter of the hole for the air outlet, it is a weak point in the tap, as it can become clogged, but it is made easy cleaning.It needs to open the valve and release holes from clogging with a conventional needle.

Majewski Cranes can be opened in different ways - special wrench, screwdriver, wrench, or all of these simultaneously.There are also taps that open special pen without any devices.

Bleed screw by a screwdriver and wrench

Majewski Crane under a screwdriver or wrench mounted in the radiator

There are more automatic bleed screw and principle of operation is similar to them.Only automatically opens itself when the air appears in the coolant.The device responds by separating the inside of it with a float made of plastic.When the chamber is filled with air, the float with the help of the spring design opens the air outlet.When air is not present, the float closes the valve.Automatic

embodiment suitable in cases where the heating system is installed in remote places, or when required to release the coolant from the air frequently.

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According to the laws of physics, the air in the pipes tends upward.The installation of the crane Majewski must be made on the upper floors and on the top of the radiator.Otherwise, the effect of it will not.

Automatic bleed screw

two position automatic crane Majewski - open and closed.

How to release the air from the heating system

Simple design implies ease of use, but before you use the bleed screw, you need to take care of the procedure clean - not to flood the neighbors and not to spoil the floor, you need to prepare a bucket.

to flush air out of the radiator should be:

  • bucket to put under the drain hole, so that in case of water leakage, it does not hit the floor.
  • using a special key, screwdriver or gacheny key, turn the valve counter-clockwise one turn.
  • After that, you should see the characteristic hissing sound, which indicates the release of air from the pipes.
  • then go drop of water.Once the water begins to trickle, the valve should leak tighten by turning clockwise.

It must be remembered that the later close the bleed screw, the more water will flow from the heating system.This threatens flooding and poor efficiency of the coolant.Therefore, the withdrawal of air from the pipe, it should be all the time to be around.

Tips manual bleed screw

  • If the heating system has accumulated a lot of air, then to accelerate the process can not turn the tap 1 and 1.5-2 turns.

If you unscrew the tapered portion completely, then it would be difficult to insert into place due to the water pressure.So do not overdo it.

  • If the heating system works with a pump that turns the heat transfer fluid is forced through the pipes before, how to use the bleed screw , you must disable it.Starting procedure is possible only through about 5 minutes after that.Otherwise not be able to remove the air masses efficiently.
  • Automatic bleed screw is recommended in terms of contaminated coolant.He will often become clogged and have to be cleaned.
  • central heating, use bleed screw OMEC domestic or MS-140.They are able to withstand the overload force up to 15 atmospheres, which are frequent in such systems.And they can be used on old cast iron radiators.