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August 12, 2017 18:08

The act of a power failure

making the act of a power outage

When the house lost electricity, the first step is to determine the cause.If you are a law-abiding citizen who pays the bills in a timely manner, then do not worry.Most likely, there was a breakdown or technical fault occurred.In this case, in the near future, there will be light again.

First of all, you need to call emergency dispatch service.During a call, you have to leave an oral statement that in your house lost electricity.Manager, in turn, is obliged to specify the reason for disconnection, give your name and application number.Act disable email

If this is not installed, you will be sent an electrician who will inspect the room and make the act, which will include the reasons for power outages.If you disagree with this act, you will be directed to a representative of the housing inspection.You, together with it, compose a new act, which may require the restoration of power supply.

completely different situation with those who are not paying bills for a long time.Before disconnecting the electricity, you must send an authorized person who removes the last reading from the meter.Based on these data, it will be calculated and the amount of debt on your address to send a letter with a warning about disabling.If within the specified time (about 30 days), you do not pay off your debt, energy saving may stop the supply of electricity.

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What to do when the electricity cut off illegally.

By "legitimate blackout" understand the above case, when a person considerable time did not pay for the services and the use of electricity, before disconnecting it, he was notified by the company, which signed a contract.When this procedure was not followed and deliveries stopped without any warning, disconnection is illegal.In this case, you have the right to file a claim, based on the laws on consumer protection.However, keep in mind that the judicial red tape could cost you more than a simple payment of a debt and a new connection.This event will take away a lot of energy and finance, plus everything you can lose the case.Act disable email

addition off for non-payment, saving the company the right to stop delivery if it was found:

  • failure of the seals on the meter or willful damage;
  • plundering of electricity;
  • connection to the network illegally.

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