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August 12, 2017 18:08

Furniture board : selection and use

wood, from which made furniture board

timber, including boards and bars made from virtually all existing wood, therefore, to choose the one that is suitable for your purpose, it is necessary at least to some extent dealin the characteristics of the wood.It is also important to know the reliability and durability of each breed.

For instance, for garden furniture are totally unacceptable Timber Birch, but the furniture made of pine boards almost universal table from it will be as reliable as the log house.Furniture made of spruce, if it is not lacquered, always will delight you with a pleasant aroma, though, it has one major drawback - knotty.However, fir boards and beams are very soft and perfectly treatable, including furniture turns a light and bright.

Some wood after sawing can change their color, in particular, in the summer of felled pine often turn blue, alder turns red and the oak in contact with moisture starts to get dark, stained oak, lain in the water for a long time, almost black in color.

Oak timber is very hard, heavy and difficult to drill and the rasp, but a cabinet or table made of this wood will, though almost unsupportable, but solid and virtually eternal.It is important to know that when only felled oak, moisture content of up to 70%, after 6 months of natural drying wood humidity will be around 43%, in a year - 38, and a half - 27%.

But for furniture lumber humidity should not exceed 18%, therefore, it is necessary to choose the oak boards of two years of natural drying.The wood of birch and aspen absolutely not tolerate dampness, so the furniture from these species is desirable to cover the several layers of lacquer.

How to process lumber for furniture?

very first treatment is drying boards and boards after sawing logs.If you are harvesting lumber own or purchased them directly on the raw mill, do not forget that as the drying of the board can begin to warp, domestic year layers dry more slowly and the external surface of the material can be curved arc in cross section.

avoid warping place near the lumber drying buckets with water .To board went dry faster otstrogat them better, if possible, immediately make a blank for the furniture, the percentage of moisture in them will be less rapidly than if it's whole board.

Any tool to remove chips from the lumber is called the plow, and consists of a body, a knife, wedge, handles and stops behind the knife.Planed timber should always be on the fibers and in any case not against them, if you do not want to make notches on the smooth surface.The knife should be positioned at an angle of 45 degrees, resulting in a smaller angle Trimming fibers, and more - to a scraped.Sawing wood should be a special saw, hacksaw or Luchkova.

saw teeth may be oriented to longitudinal, transverse sawing or at an angle to the fibers .Many people use for these purposes the same saw mixed sawing with the teeth in the form of a right triangle.For the longitudinal cutting teeth should be oblique shape with a bias in the direction of blade movement, that is up to you.Peel, whose teeth are shaped like an isosceles triangle, is intended only for sawing peppered.

How own produce furniture panels?

once to get a large wooden panel array, take a log and hewing it as long until it turns thick shield of the desired size, and not only that of the waste left most of the wood, the width of an element depend only on the trunk thickness.Today you can get a plate of any width and length, because it is made of interconnected ribs boards.

In other words, if you take 10 boards and 15 centimeters in width, will shield the width of which is half a meter.The length of the bar corresponds to the length of the boards.

need to manufacture a few large clamps, such devices are called vajmy and jointer with a long strip, which we process the boards edge to perfect smoothness.We determine the direction of the annual rings on all boards, which must be arranged with the same orientation direction of the fibers.This is done in case of a possible deformation of the shield under the influence of various factors, which will be held for all the boards in the same direction.

coat with all the side edge parts glue and connect with each other so that the ends lie on the same line.Hold the extreme verge of clamps, thus tightly interconnected boards (they should form a flat surface).

spoke Remove the excess adhesive from joints until it is dry, then there is a risk otherwise blunt jointer.When the glue hardens completely, the panel will need more time to process fugankom, this time on planes, in order to make the joints as unobtrusively as possible.