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August 12, 2017 18:08

Sandwich panels PVC - characteristics and features of assembly

sendvichnye PVC panel: structure

This material consists of three layers.For facing the two sides used: 1) special rigid PVC sheets for sandwich panels, 2) PVC foam sheet, 3) laminate. If we consider the first option, the sheet thickness of 1 mm, and the size 3000h1500 mm.If you use the second option - foamed PVC sheets - provides additional insulation and low density, as this material has a porous structure.They are made by extrusion.

A third method for lining PVC panels - the use of the laminate.Produce it by impregnating resins "stack of paper."Namely, a decorative overlay and kraft paper.Then all this is compressed under the weight of 90-110 kg / cm2.So it turns out the most reliable and durable material for lining.

for the internal filling of PVC extruded polystyrene panels are used, the surface of which grooves are made.They contribute to the air outlet and support the bonding process.The thickness of the entire panel can be 10 or 24 mm.

Sandwich panels PVC: the technical characteristics and properties

It is because of this closed-system insulation sendvichnye PVC panels have the following properties:

  • have low thermal conductivity, which is only 0.041 W / m2K.
  • High resistance to atmospheric agents and UV radiation, can withstand sudden changes in temperature.
  • slight moisture absorption, only 0.51% for the entire amount within 24 hours.
  • excellent strength characteristics (compressive strength of 0.27 MPa and 0.96 MPa in bending).
  • not form a favorable environment for microorganisms.
  • provides good sound insulation.
  • resistance to burning and spread of flame, as in the added special ingredient - a flame retardant.
  • material is easy to process and easy fit.

PVC sandwich panels for the slopes: the way

mounting As has been said, are the size of PVC sandwich panels: 3000h1500 mm.The thickness of the material for the slopes is better to choose 10 mm.Hue can be any: wood, matt, gloss, white, etc.Installation of the panels is best done after the installation of plastic windows.

Slope, cut to size, is inserted into the starting profile, which then have to snap the window to the profile.In this case it is secured by means of screws with dowels.A recessed cap close sendvichnye PVC panels, which are glued on top.

In the case where the wall is badly damaged, use brackets.That is, one of them is attached to the slope, and the other - to the wall.Used to connect conventional mounting tape can POLI-MOUNT 385 or 390 .Between the brackets are fastened with screws.

In some cases, used and second adhesive, for example, COSMOFEN CA 12 (when the bend is maintained at a flat shelf).At the final stage sealed with sealant gap that remained between the sill and the profile slope.Most suited white part (the color of the windows and panels themselves).For its application a special gun is used.

as a sealant can be used COSMOFEN 345 ​​, which is something of a putty-glue.They are buried cracks 3 mm.It is excellent for joining PVC to concrete and wood, not turning black from dust and yellowing from UV rays.