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August 12, 2017 18:06

Cleaning the carpet at home

presence in the room warm and pleasant to touch the floor of the material creates a special atmosphere and comfort.As it is not only pleasant to walk, but to sit on it, and even lie.This enjoyment can give soft ground carpet, which is popular for several decades. Its main advantages are the diversity of design, durability and reasonable price.The correct and timely cleaning of the carpet will retain his original appeal and durability.On peculiarities of care and how.How to clean the carpet, today will tell the "House of Dreams" in this publication.

carpet cleaning

Cleaning of carpet

What you should know before you start cleaning the carpet

If after a couple of days after the harvest seems to you that the cover is still perfectly clear, this is not so.Practically the only negative carpet - the ability to quickly attract dust and pollutants.For this reason, many people worried about how to clean the carpet, without removing from the floor.

kovrolinovoy surface of Care produced by a conventional detergent and cleaner as well as a special cleaning household chemicals.

than clean the carpet at home

The clean carpet at home

method of cleansing carpeting is chosen depending on the type of material from which it is made - synthetic or natural.In most cases, home coating is selected from synthetic fibers because of its high durability, reasonable cost, hygiene and ease of maintenance.

first step to a floor covering as carpet, constantly surprised by its novelty, its purity must be constantly maintained by pylesoshivaniya as dust accumulation prevents completely get rid of the more serious pollution.

To clean dust natural carpet very first assistant - a vacuum cleaner with a rotating brush that combs well nap and retains its structure.Perform cleaning using detergent cleaner can not be as bad fluff dry and ventilated.

Keep in mind that you will need a vacuum cleaner every time you clean the carpet in any way.

correct approach to cleansing the carpet is not only high-quality and timely disposal of its dirt, but in the careful use of household chemicals.Before using the chosen cleaning agent, it is necessary to test on an inconspicuous area to prevent unwanted reaction: color change or damage the pile.

working with chemicals for cleaning carpet, you need to take care of their health and to ensure access to fresh air room.Also, after the cleansing process of a mild base, a prerequisite is a 30-minute airing.

Carpet cleaners

Cleaning carpet

Use of detergents for cleaning carpet

Detergents for floors presented in a huge range, so long to find than clean carpet at home, you do not have.

Chemicals that are intended for cleaning of carpet, in addition to being removed stains and dirt, destroy odors, bacteria and mites.

1. Dry cleaning Dry cleaning

powder formulation acceptable for the material of synthetic and natural fibers.It should be one every two months, which will get rid of dirt and refresh the surface.Dry cleaning is to apply powder on the surface of the carpet at the time specified in the instructions.The operating principle of powders is the ability of its particles absorb dirt.After time "contact" carpet powder with a surface, it should be collected with a vacuum cleaner.

means for dry cleaning of carpet

Means for dry cleaning of carpet

2. Wet cleaning

to wet carpet cleaning is permissible to resort no more frequently than every six months, or as needed.Soap solution is applied to the surface of the coating, it is maintained for 10-15 minutes and removed, again using the vacuum cleaner

products made of natural fibers with long fibers or jute-based wet cleaning is contraindicated.After wet cleaning of other types of carpet must also be sure not to leave a wet place.Contact with large amounts of water can cause odor and rottenness.To get rid of them, the surface is first treated with anti-mold agent, followed by ozone or ultraviolet light.

Wet carpet cleaning at home

wet carpet cleaning at home

3. Cleaning foam

carpet cleaning using the foam is one of the most gentle and practical ways.It will not hurt and a natural coating.First, the foam carpet spread on the surface, then rubbed with a brush or sponge.When the foam solution has dried, it is removed together with the impurities conventional vacuum cleaner.The foam does not get wet floor covering, cleans and leaves a pleasant smell.

how to clean without removing the carpet from the floor

How to clean carpet without removing the floor

How to deal with stains on the carpet

putting stain, it should be removed by "hot" pursuit, to prevent deep penetration into the pile.Any spot is removed gentle movements, from the edges toward the center.

Before applying stain remover, stained portion necessarily eliminate the dust.

Stain removers are selected on the basis of the origin of the spots.One of the drawbacks in their use - the probability to spoil the color and structure of the villi.To avoid such troubles, you need to use a simple and all known rule - check the chemical agent response to hidden from the eyes of the surface coating.Also, do not deviate from the instructions requirements: not to increase the means of concentration and time of exposure.

how to clean stains from carpet

How to clean stains from carpet

When the hand is not magazine-stain remover, a question arises, how to clean stains from carpet without a trace, and it does not damage the material?From fresh stains on the carpet can be removed by a simple and accessible folk methods.Here are some proven and effective methods:

  • using liquid soap or dishwashing detergent can remove stains from any low-fat food;
  • ammonia copes with grease spots, as well as traces of juices and wines;
  • stains from tea, coffee and sweets are well cleaned three percent hydrogen peroxide or sodium thiosulfate, which, moreover, are safe for any carpeted surface.

As you can see, carpet cleaning is not particularly difficult, but in order that the floor is constantly pleased its view, appropriate to address pollution measures should be taken in a timely manner and deliberately.

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