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August 12, 2017 18:06

Frameless Glass

Since ancient times, people use glasses with frames, as it allows you to build a solid structure that protects the room from cold exposure.For centuries, the frames were made of wood.Today she comes to replace plastic and aluminum.However, in some cases, you can do even without the use of frames.In the first place it is permissible where there is no need to comply with the thermal regime.This could include the balconies and loggias.But why should frameless glazing, if much easier to insert the window frames?The whole secret is that this procedure gives more sets and creates a panoramic view that quite nicely, and it looks great from the outside.

Loggia , glazed frameless way , looks much more interesting

Loggia, glazed frameless way, looks much more interesting

What is the meaning of frameless glazing

Any frame make the interior more difficult, not to say that the spoils vernal view balconies from the street.Frameless glazing technology was invented in Finland, which is also quite harsh winters.They are not intended to insulate a balcony and only try to protect it from the effects of wind and rain.In addition, these rooms are filled with the most daylight.Even such a glazing is able to create a vestibule between the apartment and the street, which largely maintains comfort.

We have the basic meaning is the increase in the balcony glazing heated area small apartments, which undoubtedly is some skew in mind.For the sake of increasing the living space we sacrifice the possibility of outdoor recreation.If you use frameless glazing, the balcony or loggia can be easily converted into a great recreational area near his apartment.Furthermore, if the windows open, the flap will not be seen and, in such constructions are usually sliding or folded in an accordion.

Often the frameless glazing technology used during the construction of verandas and terraces

often frameless glazing technology used during the construction of verandas and terraces

Frameless glazing looks great on any of balconies and loggias, though old, though the new, on the elegant and bulky.This is not the traditional form of windows with frames.Their use has to drive the design of the project very carefully to preserve the appeal.Among other things, frameless glazing found its application in the construction of terraces, porches, gazebos and other similar objects.

Lack frames forced engineers to smash his head over how to fix the window openings so that they were held there is no worse than them.As a result, it was devised following a constructive solution:

  • Special Working profile of aluminum is attached to the upper balcony slab with anchor bolts.This is done with an accuracy of 2 mm on the outer border of the balcony.
  • on railing fastened guide profile, which does not carry the load.
  • only toughened glass is used for the purposes of frameless glazing.On it before reinstalling all glued fittings.For glass and other requirements imposed: at the height of the sheet less than 2 m, it is possible to use the 6-millimeter glass, ate up, it already will need 8-millimeter.The width of the flaps varies from 60 to 80 cm. Glass tempering does not allow him to break from accidental impact or wind gust.Moving the glass along the profile by means of special racks with plastic wheels.To prevent clattering and stick coming off all the details of construction polyurethane glue.
  • always installed between glass panes acrylic sealer to protect against precipitation between the panes.And sash profile is also not directly in contact, as there is a rubber gasket between them.
  • To have an idea of ​​frameless window construction, can draw attention to how the mechanism works in a sleeping compartment door cabinets.
The design of sliding windows , in -compartment cabinets

design sliding windows, as in the coupe closets

  • only reliable durable material is used to create designs that are not afraid of corrosion and sealants of polyurethane, a trough not susceptible to light.
  • From the outside set polyester or plastisol flow.

happens and a different way of opening the valves - means "book".In this case all the shutters not only attracts the guides, but also widen.This design resembles an accordion.

Glazing with wings , spread and shift as the "accordion"

glazing with shutters, sofa and slide as "accordion»

Advantages and disadvantages of frameless glass

To better assess the possibility of glazing the balcony of his apartment frameless way, you need to become familiar with all the ins and outs of this design:

  • absence of frames to create a panoramic view.This is especially in demand in those places where a beautiful landscape.And to get rid of unusual sensations of sight for all "at a glance", it is possible to apply the tinted glass.
  • In rooms where there is a gazebo outside, usually twilight reigns.If frameless glazing to make, in this room there is an abundance of light, like the balcony and did not.
  • technology frameless glass balcony is suitable for any type.Exceptions are vintage round with elaborate curved railing.
  • looks good glazing and is in direct and angular designs.Even rounded balconies can be glazed special glass resembling a door in the shower.
  • Frameless glazing can reduce noise by about 10 decibels, which corresponds to 15% of street noise background.This is facilitated by the presence of the seals and sealants, which delay sound
  • sash of such windows take up very little space, thanks to its design.
  • ventilated balcony is very good, that does not settle on the glass condensate.
  • access to the balcony, you can completely open all the windows and breathe fresh air.
  • Opening and closing the windows is very easy in the case of installation quality fittings.
  • Cleaning windows from dirt does not cause any problems, especially those that are able to be folded in a book.

have frameless glass and some disadvantages.

  • Use only balcony in the warm season, as the winter's cold in much the same way as on the street.
  • For frameless windows can not attach mosquito net.Therefore, no escape from the mosquitoes there.
  • On tempered glass are dirty streaks, which catch the eye.Therefore, such a structure requires constant care.
  • On the lower floors of frameless glazing can cause discomfort that it feels as if you are considering the aquarium.
  • Frameless Glass can not provide even a part of the noise insulation, which is available for double-glazed windows.

However, tempered glass has such undeniable quality as its strength and safety.Quenching produces on the glass surface compression stress, which ensures high durability.Even a fairly strong impacts are not able to destroy its integrity.The only way to break the glass, is to strike at his butt.However, even in this case, the web is divided into small cubical pieces, poses no danger.

Thus, if you want a beautiful, stylish and modern balcony, just order frameless glazing.But he can not perform the function of an additional warm room into the cold season.