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August 12, 2017 18:08

Sanding the parquet with his own hands


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Sanding the parquet with his hands photo Hand scraping of the old parquet

Loved by many parquet floor betrays designany room a special charm and chic.But over time, he's old, wears paint, wood shrinks more and it comes time to repair.The best solution in this case - to invite professional artists with all necessary tools and equipment, as different wood species and require a different approach to the repair of parquet.But if you are confused by how much is a "pleasure" or not to invite the master for other reasons, it is possible to repair the flooring and with his own hands.If it is very old, there were chips, cracks, bumps, of course, first of all it is necessary to eliminate these defects.Recall, a complete version of this repair coating is described in the previous article, the repair of the old parquet with his own hands, and steps painted varnish.Be sure to read it after this article.

sanding old parquet

cranky parketiny fixed scoring nail for most hat (and even some buried it in the timber) in a small drilled hole.

creaking floorboards are fastened together with wooden pins, blurred carpentry or PVA glue and hammered in a hole drilled at an angle of about 45 ○.After drying glue neatly cut off the pin.

All defects, as well as the place where the nails are hammered or inserted pins, carefully shpaklyuyut mixture of sawdust and varnish, which will continue to cover the parquet.

Apply spackling paste to a photo of the parquet.parquet sanding gaps between parquet boards can be repaired with a special paste.Experts recommend to avoid "conflict" of the materials used to apply the paste putty, primer and paint, produced by the same manufacturer.In order to save paste and sealing of cracks in the effort it makes sense to use a stencil, which will protect yourself from getting the floorboards putty.Depending on the temperature and humidity in the room is dry pasta through half an hour.Then leveled seat must be sanded using sandpaper number 100, to remove the resulting dust with a vacuum cleaner if necessary to remove all traces of putty on the wood with sandpaper № 120.

must now decide whether it is possible in principle to expose your floor sanding.If the thickness you laid floorboard 15 mm it can be processed by hand five times thinner 8mm - no more than three times.

If scrape old parquet can not or do not want to do that, the darkened part of the need to handle large sandpaper to light layers.To remove small particles of lacquer treated surface wipe with acetone, reveal glue BF-6 and again treat with acetone.

parquet If you can scrape, then at the slightest opportunity better to entrust this difficult process professionals, the more that the cost of such work is quite accessible.You can, of course, buy an electric car to simplify the process, but their price is quite high, and it will have to use very rarely.Better, in extreme cases, to rent a car.This will greatly save your time and effort.

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Cycle Manual photo

But if, nevertheless, you like scraping the parquet with his own hands, and you are not afraid of dust, the length of the process and the next significant physical efforts, get in the store buildingfinished materials cycle.She has to work on a lot more comfortable than any homemade devices.At the same time it should be noted that the work cycle with a handle shorter, somewhat more difficult, but far more effective - treatment result is better quality.

removes the top layer of wood, uniformly pressing cycle and moving it along the wood fibers.In this case, the old flooring is planing trim and smooth surface.At the same time we should not forget from time to time to sharpen the cutting surface of the cycle.

Hand scraping parquet

Hand scraping parquet photo The processed section of the floor sprinkled or moistened with water to a parquet scraping was less tiring yourself.Some advise to iron treatment site through a damp cloth with a hot iron.To begin the process necessary since the middle of the room and keep the strip to the wall.Processed strips must overlap, they have to pass continuously from beginning to end.Tsiklyuya old parquet floor, each band performed in the forward and backward direction.

No matter how time-consuming and tedious process of hand-sanding floors, but it is only the next stage of preparation of the floor to the coating varnish.The next stage - grinding.In order to rest the hands, have worked long enough in the previous process can be adapted for polishing electric polisher, having fixed on the brush sandpaper on a fabric basis.If the polisher is not present, the sandpaper will have to move the foot, which can be harder to press the paper to the floor and speed up the process.A layer of rubber cement on the reverse side of sandpaper it will ensure a better grip with shoes.

After that you only discover all lacquer look this stage the link earlier in this article.At the same time it should be noted that the blackened sections of wood that could not remove sanding may remain visible after varnishing the old parquet.Several neutralize the difference in the color of light and dark areas enables more matte water-based lacquer.See also how to start repairing the apartment, if you want to make a major overhaul of one-bedroom apartment, but the thoughts run away, then this article will help.

How much is planing parquet

The average variation in prices ranging from 100 to 300 rubles per square meter.The price depends on the region where you live and the level of professionalism of the masters.Although, you can search the Internet and private professionals with the necessary equipment, they can fix your floor "turnkey".It is advisable to see a photo of the executed works of such masters.But they can get much cheaper (even cheaper with their hands of course), the choice is yours.Good luck!

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