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August 12, 2017 18:08

Finishes , leveling plasterboard walls with his own hands , video


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Alignment walls gypsum boards with his hands photo

Learning to align the walls of plasterboard sheets correctly.

During the construction of private homes or major repairs of apartments with their own hands, there is always a problem of how to quickly and economically align the wall, from the ideal state in which the future will depend on the quality of the painting or papering vertical surfaces.And if there is no plaster skills that will be economically feasible lining the walls plasterboard.At the same time, it won the alignment, to create an absolutely smooth surface for painting, there is a place for inside wall wiring and heating systems, embody design ideas for the implementation of niches, arches and walls.If, however, provide for more use of vapor barrier films, it can be safely added to warm the room in the "eaten" plasterboard space.Last, the fact that such an alignment wall plasterboard with their hands, steals a few centimeters of living space, a small disadvantage of this technology.In this manual, as always, presents examples of photos and video tutorial to better understand the material.Recall we have already told how to make plasterboard with their hands with the video and photo instruction.

Today there are two basic, but radically different technologies (methods) leveling walls plasterboard: first, the usual installation of sheets on a metal or wooden frame, is fixed along the walls, and, second, gluing sheets directly on the surface of the walls with the help of "lepuh" (special glue).The second method, though economical and does not steal centimeters, but not for too curves and damp walls, and if the height exceeds 3 meters.Therefore, following a detailed look classic way of leveling the wall plasterboard on metal frame.

The maximum load on the photo drywall bedroom Before embarking on self-installation of drywall, it should be noted that he does not like haste and negligence, and if you do not carry sheets fixing basic requirements to the ground, then over time this wall will begin to "play" and let a wallpaper of this can beand do not see it necessarily will cobweb of cracks on the painted surface.Also, it is necessary to determine in advance that will hang on the wall, ie,provide the maximum load on the drywall, which technically can not withstand the weight of a bookshelf or a huge picture.Therefore, guided on a predetermined design project, should provide additional mortgages from the boards, so they took over the bulk of the wall to hang things.Another time, in areas where humidity is excessive (toilet, bath, kitchen), it is desirable to decorate the walls of a special moisture-resistant gypsum board, further treated with waterproofing material.Though he is more expensive, but it will be glued to it tile.Agree, perfectly smooth and water-resistant surface is very useful for the future of tile work.

Mounting wall plasterboard with their hands

UD, CD profiles, U-shaped brackets photos so.First, define the required number of sheets of plasterboard and metal profiles (and we definitely need UD and CD profiles, photo left) to align the walls of the room.We believe that the size of the wall plate is (height x width x thickness) mm 2500h1200h12,5;UD-profile is used as a starter (length 3 m or 4) and is fastened to the floor and the ceiling, and therefore it is equal to twice the number of the meter perimeter of the premises;CD-profile used to fill the base (length 3 or 4 meters) and its expenditure rate per square meter of wall is about two meters.It should also be obtained at: U-shaped brackets (on the basis of 1 unit per 1 m2, pictured left.), Dowel-nails (2.2 pieces per 1 m2.), Black screws on metal (13 pcs per 1 m2.) And fleas(2.5 pcs. on 1 m2).And of the tools you need: a drill, screwdriver (preferably a battery), roulette, building level and plumb.Getting

.Initially plumb check irregularities of the walls, and on the roulette using long walls to considering all Extension (usually no more than 10 cm), with the help of the frame to hide them.That is, if one wall we turned in measuring 3.00 m, and the opposite - 3.05 m, then start counting from the lower walls - plus keeping track.As a result possible to achieve ideal angles.Simply check the diagonals of course room, the length of which must be the same, and once you achieve a match, it will be possible to assert that the angles of the room directly.These measurements will help to draw on the floor under a draft outline of a future framework.Retreat from the wall at 5 cm and hold the main line parallel roughing.Then, omit from the ceiling plumb so that the edge of the load coincides with the line of the lower circuit - put a mark on the ceiling;and so on every corner.Connect the ceiling point lines.As a result, we have achieved a perfect verticality of the walls of the future.

Now cladding plasterboard with their hands moves to the next stage, on the perimeter of the marked lines on the floor and the ceiling using dowels securely fasten starter UD-profile.Then, starting at the corners in the profile insert and fasten using beetles guide CD-profile, which in turn fix to the wall U-shaped bracket.

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Tip: Before fitting the guide in advance to be on the wall in a vertical line to fix the dowels brackets (every 50 cm), making it easier consolidation CD-profile.Now a brief photo instructions and videos under the article.

Sheathing Plasterboard

Fixing to the floor guide profile photo

Leveling profile on the guide , 60 cm each and fasten with screws to the suspensions photo

Fasten sheets of drywall to the metal frame , fill insulation or sound insulation materials , if necessary, photos

Gruntuem surface and close up the seams serpyanku photo

Apply the plaster on the joints and on the attachment points of screws photo

Now Tell me more.To frame is not turned concave, or curved, horizontal stretch the corners of at least two strings that will control the vertical plane.Next fill CD-wall profile in increments of 60 cm on the technology as described above.Typically, the filling frame does not cause problems, and the result is always happy.In short, after a few hours the frame (base) for fixing plasterboard sheets ready.

If you decide to fill the space between the main wall insulation and drywall, then this is perfect for mineral wool, it has excellent characteristics (insulation from the inside is considered not quite right, because of the likely occurrence of condensation on the walls in the winter time, becausedew point falls on the surface of the gypsum board), be sure to use the vapor-proof film, which is attached directly to the frame, and so on top of it gypsum plasterboard.So as you see the types of sound-insulating material in order to determine which one to choose.

Now you can safely attach drywall to the prepared base.To do this, cut the required length (if the ceiling is lower than 2.5 m) sheet and fix it with screws on metal (25 mm in length) to each CD-profile with a pitch of not more than 30 cm. heads of screws, be sure to drown one millimeter in sheet.Plasterboard sheets are cut ordinary office knife, you just do strictly on the lines cut - and make an effort with their own hands, the sheet easily break in two.

Gradually fill in all the metal base plasterboard: first, as far as possible a single sheet to plasterboard joints were only on the metal profile, and then cut to the size of the pieces.Tip: If the wall height is over 2.5 m and to have "doshivat" a piece of the desired length, it must be docked in the Extension for each subsequent installation of the sheet, which will reduce the likelihood of cracking after plastering work.In the area of ​​window and door openings docking is not permitted: only whole pieces of sheets.Also, do not forget to attach the junction horizontal intermediate CD-profile.

all, as a result should get a perfect horizontal surface which will only proshpaklevat.Well, then, it can either be painted or pasted wallpaper.Now, watch the video tutorial how to do it hands masterov.Uznat how much material you need help building a free calculator Drywall, you will learn what you need to konichestvo Profile, screws and plates needed.

Sheathing, alignment walls plasterboard video

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