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August 12, 2017 18:06

Washers European assembly : Bosch, Siemens, Whirlpool, Electrolux, Candy, ASKO, Indesit, Hotpoint-Ariston, AEG from Europe

European washing machine
  • European brands of washing machines
    • Bosch
    • Siemens
    • Whirlpool
    • Electrolux
    • Candy
    • ASKO
    • Indesit
    • Hotpoint-Ariston
    • AEG
  • How to placewashing machine assembly?

Although domestic manufacturers offer many models of washing machines, range and quality of foreign vehicles predominate.Assembled in Europe, the washing machines are the most popular among our countrymen.The most common in our country, buying Italian and German models, but also other European brands also enjoyed considerable demand.

The assembly of washing machines in the European plant

European brands of washing machines


Clippers this German brand known for its high quality and precision assembly, thereby enjoying considerable popularity.Such devices are reliable and durable, have extensive functional, minimalist design, and can easily cope with the work in our country.

company produces a model with front-loading, and cars, in which the vertical loading.Both sets of users attracted a large list of programs and a variety of functions.Bosch accommodates cars from 3 to 10 kg of laundry.

Bosch Washing Machine
Bosch Washing Machine

Deficiencies in these machines almost does not occur, except pretty decent value.Also one of the minuses can be called the fact that in our country there are Bosch phones not only German, but also Polish assembly.And some people say that these models differ in their quality.

Bosch Washing Machine


high quality vehicles from this German manufacturer for a long time at the hearing, which causes relatively high cost of such equipment. However, instead of the user receives a high-quality build, good functionality, ease of operation and a large range of additional functions.

Machines from Siemens can accommodate from 3 to 9 kg of laundry.In some models, there is the drying function.Break these cars is quite rare, so the demand for such equipment consistently high.

Washing machine Siemens
Washing machine Siemens


quality machines of the brand at the height, but Mr. Lavna benefits from Whirlpool models can be called easy operation and economical energy consumption. The line of machines from Whirlpool have models that belong to the class A +++ energy consumption.For those who do not like the abundance of knobs and buttons, devices of this brand will be the most suitable option.

Clippers this manufacturer are presented as stand-alone devices with different types of loading and recessed models.Accommodates these machines to 11 kg of laundry, so they are appreciated by customers who need roomy units.

Washing machine Whirlpool
Washing machine Whirlpool


Clippers this manufacturer from Sweden can not be called cheap, but in return the user gets a high-quality assembly machine that will last for many years. The advantages of models from Electrolux also include and ease of management. In addition, the brand is in demand from the owners of small apartments, as offers a range of compact machines.

Washing machine Electrolux
Washing machine Electrolux


assortment of machines of this Italian brand is very wide , so users can choose the right device based on their preferences and budget.Capacity models from Kandy up to 10 kg of laundry.The line can be found devices with small size, which is very interested in the apartment owners with a compact bathroom.

Washing machine Candy
Washing machine Candy


Technique of Scandinavian manufacturer pleases consumers high quality for decades. Machines from Asko is a functional model with an attractive design. special feature of this technique is the absence of a rubber sleeve - instead in ASKO machines used special design doors, in which there is a sealing ring.

in the machine of the brand sensors are installed to regulate the water level and amount of laundry, so that the user gets excellent washing results.The range of present and freestanding machines, and models, which are built.They can accommodate up to 11 kg of laundry and energy are in class A +++.

ASKO washer dryer
Washing Machine ASKO


Under this brand produced some of the best European washing machines.Their Italian quality assessed more than one thousand of our compatriots.Among the products Indesit special demand different intellectual models that can save electricity, water and even washing powder.

Machines manufacturer of love and intuitive control, as the machine can cope with even one who is very far from the equipment.Another advantage, for causing a positive attitude to technology Indesit - a combination of fairly good Italian quality with an affordable price.

Washing machine Indesit


this technique is considered to be the Italian manufacturer of high-quality and highly functional. in the machine from Ariston can wash off any dirt, and their family will appreciate the spaciousness of people (there are models with loading up to 11 kg).In addition, these machines are very reliable and economical.

Some models spin takes place at speeds up to 1600 rpm, and additional features significantly improve the quality of washing.Owners of small bathrooms attracts narrow range of machines from this manufacturer.Yes, and the price range of appliances from Hotpoint-Ariston can be called affordable and enjoyable.

Washing machine Hotpoint-Ariston
Washing machines and dryers Hotpoint-Ariston


Machines from this producer, and attract those who like to save (range includes appliances with power consumption A +++), and those whoneeded capacity (in the lineup have devices with the ability to load up to 10 kg of laundry).Many typewriters AEG is an inverter motor has many advantages.

build quality machines from this manufacturer is very high, and the functionality will please any consumer. As for cons, then the models from AEG, only one flaw and it presented a relatively high cost of this technology for European brand.

AEG washing machines and dryers
Washing machine AEG

How to determine the place of assembly of the washing machine?

Learn where collected the washing machine, which you intend to buy, quite simply.To do this, ask the seller to show documentation that is offered for this technique. The passport machine, you will see where it is released and collected.

Washers European assembly

not need to trust the barcode on the product, as it indicates only the country in which the company is a major center.This assembly can be performed in other states.