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August 12, 2017 18:06

Spa pool spa: the benefits , contraindications , types .Inflatable spa pool

Pool Whirlpool
  • Useful properties hydromassage
  • Contraindications
  • Species
  • design
  • Inflatable spa-pool
  • main differences pools of hot tubs
  • Selection Rules

Ability to install pools in theircountry house or dacha attracts many people, but the usual pool can be made more functional, adding to its hydromassage system.This water is taken from the basin of the pump bowl, and then through a special nozzle under pressure is fed back.

nozzles Jacuzzi and varieties were examined in detail by us in another article.

Useful properties hydromassage

With hydromassage jets of water on the body immersed in the Pool.If you talk about whirlpool, then we have in mind is the influence of water, not including the effects of air bubbles.This procedure has a therapeutic and relaxing effect.

If along with the water in the stream of tiny air bubbles are present, the procedure is called aeromassazhem. Both of these types of massage can help in case of complaints of the musculoskeletal system and the nervous system (its peripheral).

Hydromassage pool house

hydromassage procedure perfectly relaxes muscles, improves blood circulation, stimulates the disposal of excess fluid in the tissues. As the water stress on the spine and joints is reduced, hydro is useful for problems with them.The result is a more rapid recovery.The procedures recommended by poor sleep, chronic stress and fatigue, immune disorders, gastrointestinal diseases, poor circulation.

Spa pool in the apartment
Hydro massage pool SPA
hydromassage pool

course of whirlpool treatments can relieve arthritis attacks, removing the pain and help in the restoration of joint function.Also sessions contribute to the elasticity of the ligaments and muscles, get rid of cellulite, increase efficiency and improve the mood.

Use of hydromassage


Like any procedure, in the whirlpool in the pool there are contraindications. procedure is prohibited during exacerbation of any disease and acute infectious pathologies. jetted tubs are not performed if the patient has a skin disease.It is impossible to massage in the water and oncological diseases in the presence of kidney stones, angina and hypertension.Also, the procedure is prohibited in the aftermath of heart attacks or strokes.

Body position in the spa pool


Massage treatments in the spa pool
Overflow hot tub
Inflatable hot tub to give

According to its type pool in a country house and at my cottage house, equipped with the option of hydromassage,It may be:

  • inflatable pool;
  • finished bath;
  • stationary swimming pool;
  • collapsible frame structure.

filtration system installed in the spa pool, shared by all of their classes at skimernye and overflow pools.

Considering the material, which is decorated with a swimming pool, all models are:

  • film;
  • mosaic;
  • fiberglass;
  • tiled;
  • wooden
  • polypropylene.

also a hot tub can be public or private.

Wooden spa pool
Public spa pool
Swimming pool with hydromassage

most popular such installations for hydromassage:

Anatomic aeromassazhny

It is a lager with perforation, the air which is suppliedby a compressor, thereby creating a set of bubbles;

Anatomic aeromassazhny

wall hydromassage

presents several kinds of differing power and water flow characteristics of nozzles.One of these walls (air) can have four nozzles at different depths, and the result of its work is a soft stream of water with air bubbles.Another wall (turbo) the creation of different water flows considerable force.The presence of a third type of wall (counter) will help create a counter for the water to exercise at sea;

Hydromassage pool for swimming

waterfall cascaded

In addition to this there is a waterfall massage is also a decorative function - water cascade is not only good massages the body and revitalize the territory;

Water cascade

Water "gunĀ»

Set on the edge and creates a strong water jet, allowing intensive massaging the neck and shoulders;

Swimming pool with a water " gun "

geyser at the bottom

through nozzles installed at the bottom of the pool air is supplied, allowing to carry out a soft air massage.

Geyser in the bottom of the pool

Dimensions jacuzzi can be very different.Limit you can only budget and the size of the premises.


pool with whirlpool function is a built-in or stand alone.In the second version of its design has a decorative finish on the outside and a ladder to facilitate input.The housing of the pool made of plastic or wood and a heat insulating material is mounted between it and the cup.

In a bowl pool has jets and a waterfall, as well as depending on the model, there is air massage option, ozonation system, aromatherapy function, the presence of counter-audio system, which does not get water, as well as other added manufacturers every year new models.

Design hot tub

design hot tub must include filters (one or more) designed for water purification.If quality filters, the water can be replaced after a few months.It is desirable that the device was a pool ozone generator.It not only improves the water quality, but also prolongs the service structure.Usually filtration system has a circulation pump, which has a special filter for the delay of large particles before they reach the main filter.

A free-standing hot tub
Bowl of hot tub
Spa pool

Inflatable spa-pool

Due to this embodiment pools with hydro-massage you can without Attendance spa-salons keep the body in good shape and improve theirhealth.After purchasing and installing this type of pool pleasure of hydromassage will be available for you every day.

This pool is a portable design, which can be disassembled and assembled by setting anywhere. The main difference from the usual pool for swimming in this model is the presence of an inflatable pool whirlpool, not only helps to relax the body, but also to treat some diseases.

Inflatable pool is an independent structure in which there is a special water filter, cleaning it during the operation of the pool.This drained the contaminated water and refill the pool with clean water are not required.

A whirlpool spa pool
An inflatable hot tub
Large inflatable spa pool

For the production of this type of pool are the latest high-quality materials, including composite fibers, coating the inside pool.As the outer cover is often a kind of laminated PVC. high-strength materials, therefore some adults may simultaneously be in an air pool, and thus the product will not be deformed.

Because inflatable hot tub has a control panel, you can choose a massage mode and control the pressure of the air jets.The device is complemented by a system to soften water, because the salt on the walls of almost postponed.Besides, softened water has beneficial effects on the skin.

All inflatable pools are in the construction of a pump for water pumping and filtration system. hlorgeneriruyuschaya system is used for disinfection of water in inflatable spa-pools. Through the use of salt water in the pool can be a real sea water, which is also good for bathing.

Spa Pool with hot water
Spa Pool with hot water
Filter Spa pool

Water heating in the swimming pool is also programmable, so different weather temperatures for bathing can be chosen the most optimal.Also, the control panel controls the spa-work system.The result of such adjustment will air jets, turned to a relaxing massage.For the air supply jets meet, and their number is different in different models (it can be up to 120 pieces).

Since inflatable pool has a special substrate, it can safely be installed directly on the ground.When the warm season ended and the pool clean for the winter, it does not need to wash.

If a desire, installation of such a model is possible and within the home.Especially if it's oversized mini-model.The advantage is the fact that the installation does not require special skills - the product is required to decompose, after inflating to connect to the grid, and then pour water into it.Many models are equipped with comfortable handles that allow to transfer the pool to the desired location.

Large inflatable hot tub
An inflatable hot tub
Inflatable swimming pool with hydromassage

main differences from the pools whirlpools

The main difference lies in the hydromassage system. Both types of equipment have a special system that allows you to get a massage, however, that in the spa pool water volume is much more it allows you to install it in a more powerful system.As a result, the impact of massage in the pool will be much more efficient and more extensive than in the bath.

pool is different and more ergonomic, because it can simultaneously receive several people procedure (10).The hot tub can simultaneously stay 1-3 people.

Differences between the bathroom and the swimming pool is also in their operation.Swimming pool with hydro-massage does not require connection to a piped water supply.The water after swimming in a pool merge is not necessary because it is effectively disinfected and cleaned.And the presence of the built-in filtration system also applies to differ materially from the poolside hot tub.

Massaging in spa pool
Large hot tub
Hydro massage pool SPA

Selection Rules

assessed the positive properties of the hot tub, many dare to buy it, or with a hydromassage installation existing in the country or a country in the yardhome swimming pool.

In choosing the more attention is paid to the manufacturer.It is better if your purchase will be made proven reliable company.So you will get high quality and hot tub, and the ability to care for him or warranty repair.

choosing the appropriate option in advance decide where the pool will be installed - under the open sky in the courtyard of the house, inside a building or in the gazebo. depends on it, whether you need a model with a cover to protect it from rain and leaves, or need a pool with additional insulated cup for use in winter.

Indoor hot tub
Swimming pool at the spa center
Spa pool with illumination

Depending on your needs, in many places you can buy a compact swimming pool for two people, and a hot tub for 8-10 wishingan aqueous process. In some basins there is a special light, which is useful in the evening and making a hot tub, and a noisy party.

If you are offered to conduct the test swim, do not give up such a service, it is so you can on your experience to evaluate the efficiency and ergonomics of the device.